On the Road Again

On the Road Again   ÂÂ

Brent was happy to finally get the chance to be away for a few days.  His wife had certainly changed over the last few
years.  She used to be sexually adventurous but no more…. Straight ‘slam bam thank you ma’am’ and that was even
more and more rare lately.  He missed the pure sexual passion he enjoyed with a woman when he was single or even
newly married.  He had decided that he would risk an affair if the opportunity presented itself in the next few days. If
he resided in a bigger center he probably already would have.  Living as he did in a town of 1500 people didn’t really
offer the opportunity for secret liaisons.  Everyone knew everything about everyone.  He even had to take special
precautions when he went online to play with women on the internet.  People where he lived are prone to just show up
at other people’s homes unannounced. It would appear ‘curious’ if Brent answered the door all flushed with a major
hard on…..  Today though, was a chance to get away alone for 3 days.ÂÂ


He was going to a city about 200 miles away to take some training for work, with any luck one of the women he had
been playing online with would get a chance to come to his hotel room…he had brought his laptop to chat when he got
there….there were three women who had offered to come and visit when he asked, surely one of them would come
through, they all seemed to be as horny as he was.  The only concern was the weather, it was the worst part of the
winter, he hoped that he wouldn’t get snowed in – alone that is.

Nothing it seemed could take the joy out of Brent’s heart or the excitement out of his loins. He was due into the city at
about 5:30pm.  He’d have a shower and go online and see who was willing to come and play for real.  He was excited
and had a difficult time keeping speed down, staying just over the speed limit when ‘BANG’ a horrible sound came out
of the engine.  His car drifted to a stop with steam pouring out from under the hood.

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Brent’s heart sank. “Damn, I can’t believe it.” He muttered.

His first thought was not of the car but the time he was going to miss in the city.  He wasn’t even going to try to see
what he could do about the car.  It was still under warranty so he pulled out his cell phone and called AMA right away.ÂÂ
He told them approximately where he was and reminded them that where he was would be about 50 miles from
nowhere, and that it was very cold out.  They appreciated his predicament but informed him the closest tow truck was
over an hour away.  He said that he would do his best to stay warm while he waited.

Brent put on his coat and settled in for a long cold wait.  Almost no traffic was out on this secondary road today,
probably because of the cold.  A few cars went by but nobody even slowed down when they went sailing by him,
rocking his car with the wash as they whined by.ÂÂ

He had been there only about 15 minutes when he started to feel the temperature.  His feet were the first to get cold,
and his toes were already starting to ache.  He knew he’d be completely frozen in the hour plus that he was told it
would take the tow truck to get to him.  He decided that he’d have to get a passing vehicle to stop and wait with him or
give him a ride to the city.

Brent zipped his coat up tighter, opened the door and stepped out into the frigid air.  He opened his hood  -  the
universal trouble signal and stood beside his car waiting for someone to come down the road.  It was less than five
minutes later that he saw a semi truck coming down the road.  He raised both his hands as a signal and as the truck
went by he saw the brake lights on as the truck moved to the side of the road.  It took about 60 yards for the truck to
stop.  Brent ran up to it stepped up to the passenger door and opened it.

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 The warmth of the cab was welcome as he quickly climbed in to the heat.  He then took his first look at the driver of
the truck.  He was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a woman.  A beautiful woman at that.  She was wearing a
loose fitting button up shirt, jeans and running shoes.  Her long hair fell down her back in a shower.ÂÂ

She smiled at him, “Trouble?”

“Yes, damn cold out there I’ll tell you.  My car died about 45 minutes ago and I’m about numb.”

“I would think so”

“I’ve called for a tow truck and it won’t be here for at least a half hour.  Can I get a ride to the city, or have you got
time to wait until the tuck gets here?”

“Well I do have a schedule to keep.  I can give you a lift though.  Do you know where they are taking your car?”

“Yeah, they told me the dealership it was going to”

“Ok good, let’s roll then”, she replied as she slipped the truck into gear and started to move ahead.  She was soon up to
highway speed.

Once she had finished shifting gears, she turned to Brent, reached out her hand and said, “I’m Kris by the way.”

Brent took her hand, and answered, “Nice to meet you Kris, I’m Brent.”

“Oh, you’re hands are freezing!” she said. “I’ve got the heat turned as high as it will go in this thing; I hope you’re
warming up.”

“Yes, it’s great, thanks.  I thought I was going to freeze to death. I’m ok now except my hands and feet.”

“Well take your shoes off, the heat will get to them sooner.”

“Ok, thanks” Brent replied as he slipped of his shoes and slid his feet into the heat from the blower.

“No problem, make yourself comfortable, we have about an hour and a half to get to the city.”  Kris responded.   To be
honest it’s nice to have some company for a change.  I haven’t had anyone to talk to except waitresses for six days.ÂÂ
I’ve never picked up a hitchhiker before actually.  I’ve been warned against it, there’s lots of freaks out there.  You’re
not a serial killer or pervert are you?” she giggled.

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“Not a serial killer for sure……define pervert” Brent answered with a chuckle.

“Ha ha….. I see”, she smiled to herself.  “So Brent the pervert is it?”

“Not lately”, Brent answered.  For some reason he felt comfortable with this easygoing friendly woman. As they
chatted he proceeded to tell her all about his passionless marriage and that this trip was to provide the opportunity for
him to experience passion again.  She in turn told him about her present lack of involvement due to her work.  She
spent twenty five days a month away from home.  Most nights were spent in her rig, which she explained was her ‘true’

“Well it looks comfortable,” Brent noted as he turned to look into the sleeper behind them.ÂÂ

“It is…go ahead and take a look if you want.”

“Ok”  Brent replied as he slipped out of his seat and through the entrance of the sleeper.  He felt a real transition as he
moved from the mechanical cab with all its buttons and dials, into this space which was defiantly a woman’s bedroom.ÂÂ
The blankets were a soft pink and the pictures fastened to the walls were defiantly feminine.  There was a small
TV/VCR built into the storage rack at the foot of the bed that he imagined she watched chick flicks on.  He saw a
woman’s magazine laying on the nightstand, and then was slightly intrigued when he saw a pair of panties carelessly
tossed on the floor.  A strange woman’s panties would interest any man.  Wait, they weren’t panties but on closer
inspection – a thong.  He immediately imagined this beautiful woman in a thong…the thought aroused him.

“So, what do you think?’ Kris asked.

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