My younger brother with his friend

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Hi readers!
Love to say that I am a lady having a character of whore as well as unpaid to stretch my legs in public if any macho men or guy incite me for sex in a public place but never got the chance of doing it, may be never will get chance .I am a married lady in last thirties as my younger brother Jeet is 4_5 years younger to me and we both have enjoyed great sex in last three years,even I lost my precious virginity to him and his friend Sunny have also enjoyed my company too many times.Its a sunny morning as we both brother and sister have planned our day’s ,at 10:45 am after a nice breakfast we both left home as I have told my mom about my day with my friends but our hidden plan was to move towards sunny’s outhouse.I am well dressed in a skirt as well as kurti with a high heel sandle,now Jeet is riding bike in a great speed as I am sitting on back seat with my one arm on his waist as my one hand is on his shoulder,my one breast is brushing his back as he is now in the outskirts of town with me as our journey completed in 20 minutes and we both are in his outhouse.
Sunny greet us with his smile as we both are sitting on sofa in his dinning hall.a maid is here with bottle of wine and glasses with soda,she put it on the table and left us as sunny moved towards door to close we three started drinking wine as I am sitting in between my brother and his friend Sunny, sunny is moving his hand on my shoulder as we three are in closest I turned my face towards sunny and sit on his laps with my legs wide and in his waist,he is kissing me and rubbing my back.I started brushing my breasts on his chest as he took my lips in his mouth to suck and I can see my brother Jeet removing his clothes,he is in his brief only as I pushed my long tongue in sunny’s mouth,he is sucking it with his palm giving me soft touch on my back.after a while sunny left my tongue and we both are sitting on sofa as Jeet started kissing my face and reddish lips while pressing my breast hard.two guys are making me love as I can see sunny removing his clothes and Jeet is sucking my lips hardly,later on I pushed my tongue in Jeet mouth as he is sucking it while sunny is sitting on floor and started removing my my skirt is out of my hot body as I took out my tongue from Jeet mouth,Jeet put his hand on my waist and lifted the kurti up to my neck and I am now in my undergarments only.I can see both guy in his brief only as I can analyse the bulge of penis,now both are sitting to my left and right as sunny started removing my push up brassiere ,now my both breasts are in their hand as they are kissing it’s softer part,Jeet put my breast in his mouth to suck as sunny hold it and licking my nipple with tongue but he also took it in mouth to suck,my breasts are in mouths as my vagina is in fire.
I put my hand on jeets brief as I pulled it down to make his long cock nude,now I am masturbating it slowly as sunny removed his undies and took my hand to his red hot zone to hold his dick,a lucky lady can hold two dicks at a time and later on they left my Jeet is on floor as he unhooked my G string and my bum is on the corner of sofa,now my legs are wide stretched as Jeet put his face in between my thighs and sunny is standing in front of my face,now Jeet is kissing my vagina as I am holding sunny’s penis to kiss it,my lips are moving on it and than its glans is moving on my softer face and lips ,as I can feel Jeet putting his fingers on the labias of my vagina and my widened hole have took his long tongue,now I took sunny penis in my mouth to suck as Jeet is licking my cunt fastly,I am in heaven as I am sucking a long thick penis while my brother is licking my vagina.I took out his(sunny)penis and started licking it with my tongue as Jeet took both labias in his mouth to suck,now looking at me,sunny…….”in a year you

have changed a lot
(Bina)oh but I can’t see the change
(Sunny)it’s our duty to see it.” As sunny pushed his cock in my mouth and started fucking my mouth while holding my hairs tightly and Jeet moved away.I am getting the deep throat fuck from sunny as his glans touches the throat,later on he left me.
I moved to washroom to pee and than we three nude are on sofa as they are drinking wine I moved to floor and took my brothers penis in my mouth,I love sucking cock as I am in hurry to get fucked.later on things changed as I am standing while both are making me like a four legged animal,now Jeet is infront of my face as I hold his waist to bend my upper portion and sunny is standing infront of my big sunny pushed his long cock in my glory hole and I took my brother’s penis in my mouth to suck,I can feel a hot iron rod moving in my cunt fastly as sunny is fucking my cunt,Jeet is fucking my mouth with his hand holding my boobs to two guys are busy with me making me love and sunny is pounding me hard,after a while I took out my brother’s dick and started licking it while screaming loudly…..”aaagh uummm oohhhhh sunny I will cum soon fuck me fast you dog.” And he is penetrating my vagina with speed and power, my cunt become wet as sunny took out his penis and started licking it with his tongue and I licked my brother’s sunny is infront of my face as Jeet is standing near my round dome shaped ass, slowly he pushed his penis in my vagina and while holding my waist he is fucking me like a sunny pushed his penis in my mouth and while holding my hairs ,he is fucking my mouth .now I am swinging my ass fastly as I am in fuck for last 15 minutes ,later on sunny shouted…….”oohhhhh Bina you bitch have my cum I will pour soon.” And sunny poured in my mouth and I got the taste of his sperms and Jeet is giving me hard fuck and after a while ,he poured cum in my vagina.our sex session ends for now

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