My sexy neighbour Kusum

Hi this is Bikey . I’m 45 and I live with my wife, a nurse and two son . Im a sexy guy with average dick of 6 inch long and 5 inch thick . I always imagine fucking sexy girls and women are see in my neighborhood . Among the women around my house Kusum was the most sexy . She was Normal in figure around mid thirty in age . He always looks at me full of lust but I was afraid to go forward . She was a good friend to my family and we often visit our respective home . He has a normal ass and big mango shaped boobs . Whenever I’m near her my dick always salute her but I manage to hide it in my jeans . While fucking my wife also I imagine about her and get full satisfaction . I don’t know how many times I have masturbated thinking about her . Even seeing her I get a big hard on .
As I was totally attracted sexily towards her I always keep an eye on her . I feel an erotic smell when I accidentally go near her . A smell of her shampoo , perfume , sweat and pussy juices makes me mad . I know the timetable of her mensuration as she is my wife’s friend . They talk about their period . On one such day I saw her coming out of her house gate with a paper bag in a hand in the early morning . I was still dark and all the neighborhood was fast asleep including my wife . I decided to follow her so I tiptoed after her . She went to the municipal dustbin kept to throw the garbage and threw the bag . I hide at the back of the car parked on the path when she returned . After she enter the gate of her house I came out and saw a clean new bag in the bin . I was amazed why she came out so early just to throw away a small bag . I thought of something and picked the bag and hide it inside my shirt and came to my house . I enter my bathroom and opened the bag . I was happy , surprised and lustful to find her used periods pad there . I looked at them and saw fresh pussy blood . My cock instantly grew hard to its extreme and pre cum started to ooze . I sniffed the pad to smell her pussy . It was so nice . I was licking and smelling the pad and felt her pussy smell and was also masturbating . I licked the fresh blood as if licking her Pussy . I couldn’t control myself and shouted her name Kusum……. and came all over the pad . It was a wonderful feeling and I came a lot .
Now every month I repeated the same thing . Those four days I would be in the seventh sky sniffing her cunt touched pads . One thing I came to know that she was always clean shaved over there as I never found any wrinkled curly or black hair on those pads .
One day I was alone in my house and wanted to have tea . Children were at school and wife was at work . I searched for sugar and couldn’t find so called my wife and she told me that it was finished . She added that I can go to Kusum and ask her some sugar . So I went to her house and as I was attracted towards her I thought to go in without her knowledge. Perhaps I can see her in bra and panty or naked or in something sexy condition . So I slowly tiptoed to her living room as she hasn’t locked the main door . No one was there in the living room . I knew that her bed Room was next to that room so I slowly came to the glass window of her bedroom and peeped in . I was in the seventh sky by seeing the view inside . My sex goddess , slutty Kusum was only in her bra at the top and was naked under there . She was spreading her legs apart with a good access to her pubic area and pussy sitting upon a newspaper. She was shaving her cunt . All the hairs that fall were collected on the paper she was sitting . She was shaving with one hand and stretching her cunt lips with the other to cut the hair easily . Her pink clit and cervice hole made me hard and mad . I took out my dick and started playing with it watching her job . She was almost red and was also seeking sex with a good fuck that time . Lastly see shaved the area between her asshole and pussy . Then she finished her job and twisted her body .
She then moved the paper with cunt hair away from the floor and slept there supporting her back on the bed . I was in a very surprised state . Could not believe my eyes at the sight I saw . She started to play with her cunt . She was fingering and licking her finger as if she was sucking a throbbing dick . Juices started to flow from her cunt . I could see it flowing through her silky white thighs . She removed her bra and the two mangos sprang out of custody . Pink nipples were poking between her brownish ariolas . She was playing with her boobs and rubbing her clit . Her face was red with pleasure and light moans were coming out of her mouth . She increased the speed of fingering and had a great orgasm . I was astonished to hear my name when she get her orgasm . Oh bicky please fuck me … fuck me , she was screaming !
I was also on my extreme , I was in subconscious state and was masturbating furiously . When she leaked her juices and felt relax I suddenly went in and took off my pants and underwear and sat in front of her with my hard dick pointing towards her face .
She was shocked to see me suddenly in front of her . She was now trying to hide her cunt and boobs with her plams and was unsuccessful . I directly hugged her and kissed her lips . My body was rubbing her body . She responded to my kiss and I was now exploring her mouth with our tongue playing with each other . We kissed like this for five minutes and we changed our position to 69 . Oral sex was awesome . I had tasted her cunt before in her mensural pads so was aware about the salty cunt juice of her . I was licking her pussy like a bull and she was giving me a blowjob Which was unforgettable . Soon she came for the second time and within a moment I too spilled my scum all the inside her mouth which she drank with a great taste . She sucked my cock dry and didn’t let it get loosen . It was as hard as a iron rod after coming also .
I placed her on her bed and spread her legs apart . I rammed my hard cock inside her pussy in one stroke and started ramming her furiously . She was screaming and moaning like hell . I was sucking her toungue , playing with her boobs and nipple during the in and out motion of sex . I didn’t know when I put both her legs upon her shoulders and was fucking her . After ten minutes I sprayed all my semen inside her hole . I then kissed both her mouth and pussy and stood apart watching her naked . A white sexy body with mango shaped boobs and clean shaved cunt was lying on her bed closing her eyes . My Semen was slowly coming out of her pink pussy and was making the bed sheet wet .

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