Mom’s sanity depends on son’s potency * Incest * par.3

“Look at me planning, getting ahead of myself. I haven’t, we haven’t even talked about some of the real implications here. It’s all been about the end result, a baby. But there’s a lot to think about before we plunge ahead.”

“Like what, Mom? We talked it all out already about why we’re doing this.”

“Why in this matter is easy. Our motives are pure, but our method is less so. Don’t you realize we would be committing incest? That’s against all the rules. Even places without rules have that as a rule.”

“Mom, nobody has to know. Ever.”

“And another thing, I’m your mother. You might not even be able to, you know. But, I guess I’m used to that. And, as for me, I’ll be so embarrassed I might just die. I mean, I don’t want you to see me … naked.”


“Those are details, Mom. Let’s keep looking at the big picture.”

I would have worried a lot more about the details a month ago. Before my experiences with Auntie Lee and Mrs. Branch. Now, after being with them, I was sure that I would be able to perform my duty with my mother. Plus, I was fired up at the idea of getting rid of this empty feeling I had carried all my life. Looking for my other half and never finding it … her.

“The big picture is that someone else WOULD have to know. And that person is your father.”

“Dad! Why would we tell him? He’s the last guy I would want to know I’m doing this.”

“And, if I get pregnant—”

“When you get pregnant, not if.”

“And when I get pregnant, what do I tell him then? Divine intervention?”

“Sounds good. He would say ‘no’ in a second. You know him. Something like this? Mom, you and I are in this on a whole different level than Dad. It’s almost like he’s on the outside looking in. You’ve felt Michelle is waiting there. I’ve felt like she’s missing. How can we ever explain that these are real feelings to other people who won’t just pass them off as crazy? That’s what Dad would do.”

“You don’t know your dad as well as you think.”

“Dad would never approve of you getting pregnant with another guy, even if it’s me.”

“Well—I shouldn’t tell you this, but, after all our options ran out for artificial insemination, you father suggested I have sex with another man in order to get pregnant.”

“NO … WAY!”

“Yeah, some guy he knew. He even had me meet him. This was before I knew what your father was planning. I cut that plan short as soon as I knew what was going on.”

“Wow. Any other surprises.”

“At some of our therapy sessions, the doctor thought watching some ‘art films’ together may help your father’s dysfunction.”

“By art films you mean porno?”

“Could be.”

“And you did it. Watch I mean?”

“Watched, yes. ‘Did it’—no. They didn’t have any effect. On either of us. The stuff he picked was weird too. Something called cuckold. Made no sense to me and made me sad for the people in them.”

“So, in any way do you think Dad would be okay with me getting you pregnant?”

“Your dad is very concerned about me. He loves me and wants the best for our family. He knows how much I need a child, and he feels terrible that he hasn’t been able to produce another child. And he’ll feel the loss, the emptiness once you’re gone.”

“I think you have more confidence in how he thinks than I do.”

“I know him better than you do. I think you’ll find him very reasonable. He may say ‘no’ but he’ll be reasonable.

“So when do you ask him?”

“When do WE ask him? We’re in this together. If you don’t have the courage to face your father, can I expect you to have the courage to be a parent? Just remember, that’s what you’re bargaining for: parenthood.”

I couldn’t tell her I was already a parent. A father to Auntie Lee’s baby.

“So, We’ll ask together,” I relented. “The other thing is, well … how are YOU going to feel about when we do it? Will you be okay?”

“Finally, you care about your dear old mom. In reality, I’ll be embarrassed like I said, but I don’t have to perform like you do. You really have to produce something, like first an erection, and then—sperm. I have a passive role. I’m the collector. You do your job and mine will be taken care of. I won’t distract you at all; I’ll just be as still and quiet as possible. I’ve had plenty of practice at that with your father.” She laughed a little dejected laugh.


“S’true! Sad, but true. I’ll have my thoughts on bringing my little girl back. That will sustain me, I’m sure.”

“So, ask him tonight?”

“Tonight,” she said.


“Tonight” came too soon for me. I didn’t think I’d be this nervous, but I guess it was to be expected: how often does a boy get to ask his dad if he can have sex with his mother? And, by the way, get her pregnant?

“So what’s this all about?” Dad said as he eased into his recliner. “Make it quick; ball game’s coming on in a little bit. Gonna watch it with me? We won’t have many more nights together. You’ll be all the way across the country in another month. I’ll have to root double hard for both of us.”

“Sure, I’ll watch with you, Dad.” I bet he won’t care about the score after I tell him I want to “score” with Mom.

“So what’s the big news? You want to plan a baby shower for Lee? Right?”

“No,” Mom said. “But it is about a baby. I want to have a baby. You know that.”

“Oh boy,” Dad said. He got a sad look and brought his hand to his forehead and rubbed. I can only imagine that he thought Mom was going to go over the same stuff for the thousandth time, and he was going to feel bad again about not being able to help.

Mom smiled a nervous smile and said, “Well, your son has come up with a plan to make that happen. Tell him, Mike.”

WHAT! Mom was handing the ball to ME?

“What’s this? Something you learned in high school biology? Mike, we’ve seen every expert, doctor, herbalist, practitioner, witch doctor, and therapist this side of the Rockies. And, after all that, after all those hours, after all that money—nothing. There’s nothing, and I mean NOTHING you can say that I haven’t heard a dozen times before.”

“I want to get Mom pregnant, to have sex with her,” I said.

“I stand corrected,” Dad said.

“Now, Gavin, hear us out before you judge,” Mom said. I was happy she piped in.

“Zoey! You okay with this?”

Thankfully, Mom took over and launched into the whole thing: Michelle, destiny, pieces, wholes, sperm, egg, incomplete—everything. Dad sat there, not saying anything. He had a look on his face like he was watching someone backing up near a cliff and not knowing its there.

Mom ended with, “So, I ovulate on Tuesday. You know how regular I am. We’ll be as fully clothed as possible and get it done as quickly and efficiently as we can. It’ll almost be like it was a sperm donation in a doctor’s office. You can go down the club and not even be in the house. It’ll be all over and it’ll seem like it never happened. Except if it works and then we’ll have a new baby to love.”

We waited. Dad’s mouth never not gaped. Not the whole time.

Finally, Dad got up and said, “The part about going down the club sounded good. That’s where I’m going now.”

He left. And left mother and son to look at each other. We had taken a big step, a big risk, and now knew less than we had before.

“What do you think?” Mom asked.

“Went better than I thought,” I joked. Neither of us laughed.

An hour and a half later, the door slammed. I was in my room.

“I’m home!” Dad’s voice sang. “Living room. Now!”

I was kind of shaking inside when I took a seat on the couch. Mom didn’t look in any better state of mind than I did.

Dad smelled of beer.

“Okay,” he began. “I heard some stuff tonight that I never would have thought possible. You two cooked something up that’s illegal, by the way. And may I add, frowned upon by … everybody. And, to top it off, you both believe in some way out theory that this will make everything great about the loss we both had eighteen years ago. To me that’s all mumbo-jumbo. I don’t buy a word of it.”


“You had your talk, now let me have mine, Zoey. Now, I’m going to tell you what I think. And these are facts, not wild theories. Zoey, I know for a fact you’ve been a great mother and love Mike. And Mike, you’ve been a great son and I’ve been proud of you every single day of your life; and I know you lover your mother and would never want to hurt her.”

He paced back an forth in front of us on the couch before continuing, like he was lining up his thoughts.

“Zoey, nobody knows more than me how much you want another child. There’s a solid fact for you. I want another child—another fact.”

Dad sat down in his chair. He took some breaths.

“You said you’re regular in your schedule; there’s a fact I know, with all the times we tried—and failed. And, I don’t know anything about the fated sperm and the destined egg or anything, but I do know this fact: an eighteen-year-old boy is a the height of his sexual power.”

He got up and paced again. “So, you take your atomic-clock fertility timing and you collide it with some teenaged-potent sperm—and I’d say the chances are real good you’d get pregnant on …?” he looked at Mom.

“Tuesday,” she whispered.

“Tuesday,” he echoed. “So I say … do it. Mike, do your best to get your mother pregnant.” He sat down again and didn’t look at us.

“Dad …” That’s all I could think of to say.

“Gavin, I—”

“I just have two conditions,” Dad said, cutting Mom off.

We waited, but Dad sat there, maybe thinking? maybe reconsidering? He got up:

“Condition number one: you’re both not going to crawl into this—something that will affect us all for the rest of our lives—crawl up to that act of procreation like you’re regretful, guilty, and ashamed. That baby deserves some more honor and respect than that. When you make that baby, you’re not going to be hiding behind your clothes—you’re going to be naked. Like a man and a woman.”


Dad held up his hand and Mom knew from that gesture that it wasn’t up for debate.

“Condition number two: I won’t be down the club yukking it up when MY wife and MY son are conceiving MY baby. I’ll be in the room with you!”

“Again” I thought. This was happening again. Of course it was.

“Gavin, I don’t think—”

“If I’m going to be responsible for this child the rest of my life, I think I have a right to be there when it’s conceived. Seem fair? Does to me. Any questions? No? Good.”

And that was that. Make a calendar entry for Tuesday: Fuck Mom till pregnant.


“Lori isn’t feeling well, Mike,” said Mrs. Branch while shaking her head “no.”

“Sorry to hear that, Mrs. Branch.” I said it in a voice that would carry.

I was supposed to take Lori for an ice cream. It felt more like work than a date now. It was all crashing down with Lori and me.

Mrs. Branch leaned close and said, “She’s really going to meet someone—I don’t know who. Mike, don’t let her make a fool of you. You don’t deserve that.”

I nodded and said in a loud voice to go along with the deception, “Tell her I hope she’s feeling better and to give me a call when she does.” That way I didn’t have to call her.

Mrs. Branch whispered, “I’ve thought about you, thought about what we’ve done.”

I whispered, “I hope in a good way.”

She put the flat of her hand on my chest. “And what was left undone,” she said.

Lori’s shrill voice drifted down the stairs: “He gone?”

I waved and left.


“You’re home early,” Mom said.

“Lori wasn’t feeling well.” The lie was easier than the truth.

“Tomorrow,” Mom said.

“Tomorrow,” I said.

There was an awkward silence.

“Think we should talk?”

“No. Probably be easier than we think,” I said, and then laughed. Mom laughed too.

“Probably not!”

“What could go wrong?” I said, and we laughed some more.

“I can’t believe this is happening. I mean really happening.”

“Me either,” I said.

“And your dad’s ‘conditions.'”

“Yeah, him being in the room is a buzzkill, but I guess he has a right to be there. I’ll do my best to block him out.”

Mom looked thoughtful. “That doesn’t bother me as much as the other.”

“Being naked?”

“Yeah—being naked. I’m very self-conscious. In the past twenty years only your father and a few doctors have seen my naked body. Now I’m going to have my teenaged son, who has teenaged expectations about what a woman’s body is supposed to look like, is going to inspect me head to toe. My naked head to my naked toe. That’s got me very nervous, which I don’t need with the pressure on tomorrow night.”

“No need, Mom. You’ve got a great body. You keep in shape, you watch your diet—you do everything right. I can tell even with your clothes on you’re a knockout. So no problem.”

“I just wish that part were over and done with so I wouldn’t dread that moment tomorrow night.”

“Then, that’s a good idea.”

“What’s a good idea?”

“Let’s get that part over and done with. Let’s get naked right now and then tomorrow night there’s less to go wrong and be nervous about.”

“No way,” she said. “I’d rather put that off as long as possible. Let’s both have milk and a brownie instead.”

We had the milk and a delicious homemade brownie. As Mom was clearing the two plates and glasses she asked in a half-asky voice: “Soooo, you really think that would be a good idea?”

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“If we, you know, saw each other naked first today. No surprises tomorrow.”

“Only if you do.”

“That’s not an answer.”

“You’re the one who’s nervous. I’m all for it. We have enough to think about tomorrow night. Mom, I want to see you naked today. Let’s cross that off.”

“Uhhmm. Well … okay, I’m going to take a shower. When you hear the water stop, give me five more minutes and then meet me in my bedroom. Okay?”

“Got it,” I said.

Mom left the kitchen and her son who was thinking: “I’m going to see my mom absolutely naked!”

The next fifteen minutes seemed like the longest in my life. That water kept running and running.

I had seen Auntie Lee naked and Mrs. Branch naked. That was already a lot more naked mature women than I had ever seen naked before.

And now I was going to add my own mother to the list. Naked. Totally naked.

The water stopped, and I’m not saying I was eager, but I set the timer on my phone for five minutes.

The alarm went off and I headed down to Mom’s (and Dad’s, but he doesn’t count today) bedroom. I knocked.

“C’mon in.”

Mom was standing in front of her full-length oval mirror that tilted. I think she called it a Cheval. She was brushing her long, black, wet hair.

“There,” she said. She was wearing a white terrycloth robe. “Sure we want to do this?” she asked with a nervous giggle.

I pulled off my t-shirt in response. That left me with just my black running shorts.

“You’ll be kind, right?” she asked. Her hands were at the sash holding the robe closed.

I took hold of the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down and kicked them to the corner. Mom untied the sash, opened the robe and let it slip to the floor.

Her eyes never left my crotch. I had a raging hardon.

Mom’s body was gorgeous. Taller than either Auntie Lee or Mrs. Branch, she had long, full curves that were more femininely womanly than either of them.

She was fit and lean, but not skinny. She had muscle smoothed over with just the right amount of padding to give her contours that anybody in the world would call “sexy.”

Her breasts were large—bigger than I expected, but thinking back, she always wore clothes that kind of camouflaged her chest. They were bigger than Auntie Lee’s, and probably a little bigger than Mrs. Branch’s, although they didn’t quite look it because Mom was so much taller.

Thin blue veins tributaried all over Mom’s boobs, showing through the pale skin.

They stood higher than Mrs. Branch’s and Mom’s areolae were light brown of a bigger diameter than Joan’s. Mom’s nipples jutted out from the surface like big rounded half cherries, and with a reddish-pink color. They looked delicious.

“I breastfed you, you know.”

“Can I suck one now?”

“Michael, no. This is to make things easier, to become accustomed to each other. Remember the purpose of this all. It’s to make a baby, not to have sex. Sex is just the vehicle that will allow the miracle to happen.”

“I only asked for a little suck on your nipple.”

“Tomorrow night you MUST get excited. For it to happen, for you to ejaculate, that as to happen. It won’t for me. I’ll be overjoyed though, knowing we’re trying to bring a new life in the world.

“Just a … aw, never mind.”

“Maybe tomorrow, if all goes well, you can suckle a little. Okay?”

If all goes well?

Between Mom’s legs rested a dark tangle of completely black curly pubic hair. It wasn’t nearly as well-manicured as the others. Maybe she didn’t think anyone would ever see it. I was seeing it and loving the wild quality it gave off.

In the mirror behind Mom, I could see her tapered, muscular back and her killer ass.

“Well?” she said expectantly.

“Mom, you’re gorgeous. I can’t believe my own mom has so beautiful a body. Your tits and ass are out of sight!”

“Not YOUR sight, obviously.” She pointed vaguely in the direction of my erect penis.

“I can’t help it. Look what you do for me. I mean, anyone would get a hardon if …” Then I thought that not everyone would.

“Except your dad,” she added.

“Obviously it’s HIM, not you, Mom! You’re so damned sexy, I can’t believe it.”

“How you talk about your own mother.”

“My naked, sexy, hot mother. Can you turn around for me?”

She turned one-eighty and stopped, giving me a few seconds to ogle her naked buns. I stepped closer, within reach, but didn’t touch her.

She turned back to face me, then looked down, down at my cock pointing in her direction.

“Obviously, you’ve been growing while I haven’t been watching. I haven’t seen your penis since you were eight or nine—half your life. I can’t believe …”

“You make me really hard, Mom. Want to feel it?”

“No! We should get dressed. We did what we set out to do. Now I’ll feel better about tomorrow night.”

“Mom, this,” I pointed to the shaft of my thick cock, “is going inside you tomorrow night. Wouldn’t you feel better if you at least felt it. You’re going to have to eventually.”


“Feel it. Then you can gage how you’ll handle it tomorrow.”

“Let’s save that for then,” my naked mother said. But her eyes were on my pulsing dick.

“Feel it.”

“No. I shouldn’t.”

“If this were a normal circumstance, you’d be right. We’re trying to do something that’s out of the normal. Here … feel how hard your amazing body makes me.”

I gently took her wrist and guided it forward until her finger brushed against my penis. She opened her hand and grasped my cock.

My mom had her hand on my cock.

“I can’t believe it. It’s so big. And so thick. And so hard. Your father never—”

She caught herself before she would say anything more about Dad.

Of course, I couldn’t let it go: “Am I bigger than Dad?”

“Michael, I’m not going to go down that route.”

“Okay, but I’m just thinking about tomorrow. If you’re saying you’re used to something as big as me, that’s fine then.”

“You’re bigger. Lots bigger. And thicker. There, I said it.”

Mom’s hand was making micro-movements, pulling north, then south—then repeating the motion. Precum started to pour, right on schedule.

“How is that going to feel inside you, Mom?”

“Oh my God! I don’t know if I can handle that. Especially since we haven’t, I mean your dad and I …”

“You haven’t had sex in a long time. I understand, Mom. We’ll figure it out as we go. I’ll be gentle. Don’t worry.”

“I’ll have to use lots of lubricant. I hadn’t even thought of that. This is good. Something good came out of this. I’ll be better prepared.”

A door slammed in the driveway.

“Your father! Quick—run, run, run!”

I ran out of her bedroom, my big motherfucker wagging between my legs. I didn’t want to be caught naked with my mother by my dad who was going to allow me to fuck said mother in about twenty-seven hours.


“Can I come in?”

“Come on in, Dad.”

I was reading on my bed. Dad sat on my desk chair.

“Gonna be funny not having you in here to boss around you know. Come next month.”

“You’ll hardly notice because I ignored all your orders anyway.” We laughed.

“Your mother’s almost ready. She’s a little nervous, so be patient. Okay?”

“Yeah, I understand. I think everything will go okay.”

“I have to hand it to you, you’re handling this really well.”

I wasn’t about to tell Dad that I had already done this exact thing for Uncle Zack and Auntie Lee. Or that I had gotten Mrs. Branch to let me finger her, eat her pussy, and cum in her mouth. All that gave me some confidence I might not have had just weeks ago.

And, unexpectedly, seeing Mom naked really made me want to fuck her for real. Besides wanting to get her pregnant, I wanted to fuck my own mother and cum hard inside her—just because she was so sexy.

Dad said, “I want to thank you for doing this. You don’t know how embarrassed I am that I can’t perform my own duties as a husband and—”

“Dad, if you had a broken arm, I would help. If you had a broken leg, I would help. All because I was able to, and because I love you. You’ve been the best Dad ever, and looking back I never told you enough because I was a jerk all wrapped up in my own world without stopping for a second to say I appreciated the millions of things you did without ever wanting or expecting one word of thanks.”

“I really needed that tonight. I was feeling kind of helpless.”

“I’m filling in tonight, Dad. That’s all. Filling in for the greatest guy I know. If I knew that there was anything that would heal this part of you and it would be you instead of me tonight, I would do that. Anything. But, as it is, it’s me and mom. It’ll be fine.”

“So, you okay with me being there? In the room.”

“You deserve to be there like you explained last night. It’s your child too, for its whole life. Just make one promise.”

“What’s that?”

“No coaching!”

“Deal!” We both laughed.

He got up. “I think it’s time. Let’s go.”

That turned out to be the longest walk from my bedroom to Mom’s in history. It seemed like we would never get there.

Dad opened the door and we walked in. Mom was sitting at her dressing table. Dad walked over to the bed and sat in a chair next to it.

She got up and I noticed she had her black high heels on. This made her taller than me. She also had a robe on, but not the terrycloth one. This was her dark blue satin robe. You could see the outlines of her nipples pressed against it.

“Here we are,” she said.

“Here we are,” I said.

She stepped out of her shoes and came towards me. She took my t-shirt and brought it over my head. She whispered, “Your father’s idea—a little drama I guess.”

I got the picture. Dad wanted a show of sorts.

Mom got to her knees in front of me and dragged my running shorts down. I wasn’t hard yet. I hoped I wouldn’t have a repeat of my “trouble” with Uncle Zack.

She stood up and she gave me wide eyes. It cued me that I was supposed to do my part. I stepped forward and untied Mom’s robe, then made a big show of pulling the sash all the way through the belt loops. I threw the belt to the floor. Then I took the lapels and slowly peeled the robe wide and slid it over her shoulders and dropped it to the floor.

Mother and son stood naked in front of husband and father.

Mom took me by the hand and led me to the bed. Before she got on, she took hold of my now semi-rigid penis and slowly pumped it to fully loaded. Maybe if we hadn’t done a dry run yesterday, that part may not have happened.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed Dad looking at my cock. Surprise Dad! That’s what Mom is going to be skewered by in a minute.

There was no talking and I could hear the clock making its forever ticking. I would probably be hearing the clock the whole time because I was going to make sure not to say anything and I knew mom wouldn’t say anything—and I hoped Dad wouldn’t say anything.

Mom got on the bed lay flat and rested her head on the one pillow. She bent her knees and planted her feet on the bed. She parted her thighs—wide.

She had done some work on her bush. It was trimmed back, but still extra full. You could see she had indeed used lub. Her vaginal slit was loosened and her vagina was pink and shiny. I was looking at my mother’s most intimate part, the part I had emerged from eighteen years before, the part into which I was about to enter, to be inside of again. This time, not as the son, but the lover.

I got up on the bed and crawled between Mom’s legs. She was looking into my eyes. I mouthed voicelessly “I love you” and she nodded.

I got close and reached down and ran my cock up and down Mom’s vagina and slit. That first contact with her pussy almost made me cum right there.

My cock had touched my mother’s pussy!

I felt Mom’s hand and I bent forward over her. I looked over and Dad wasn’t there. In the oval Cheval mirror to the side, I could see his reflection. He was crouched low at the foot of the bed.

Dad was watching intently as Mom fitted my cock to the entrance of her vagina.

“Okay, easy,” she said.

I pushed a little and she breathed out with intention.

I pulled back and went in about three inches.

“Nnnaaa,” she said.

Out and halfway. “Easy,” she gasped and put a hand on my chest. I waited until she took her hand away.

Out and in farther, but not all the way. She grimaced but didn’t say anything.

On the last plunge, I took it all the way to the hilt. “All the way in, Mom,” I whispered.

“Okay, okay,” she said. There was sweat on her face.

A quick glance told me Dad was back in his seat. He was looking at Mom’s face.

Now I started a slow pumping, in and out—nothing fast and nothing fancy (not that I knew anything fancy).

This was going along fine. I would be cumming in another minute or two and that would be it. All that cum inside Mom would be sure to get her pregnant. Wouldn’t it?

Then something happened. I felt it first in Mom’s hips. There was a shudder, then a vibration, then a thrust, then a little buck. It was if she were coming out of hibernation.

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Her arms went from flat on the bed to my sides, and then around my back. She rubbed my back with her hands, increasing the pressure.

Her hips began to meet my thrusts perfectly, jamming herself up against me.

“Aaaahh!” she breathed.

Then, “Ooooohhh!”

“Mom,” I said.

“Oh, Michael,” she replied.

More of my mundane fucking. But, it wasn’t be interpreted as mundane by Mom. She was getting more vocal and more active all the time.

“OH!” she groaned. “OOOHH!”

I increased my speed now, her voice, her increasing physical hunger calling some part of me that wasn’t her son, but just pure maleness. A woman calling out to a man while they mated.

“That’s it,” she chanted again and again.

“AAAAAHHH! followed by a low groan “AAAWWWW!”

That’s when her long, lean legs reached up and wrapped themselves around my waist and she ground with all her strength against me.

I reacted with all the fury in my Oedipal body. I was fucking my mother and loving it. Loving it more than any fuck I could imagine—because it was my mother!

“MICHAEL!” she yelled. There was no hearing the clock above that.


MOM!” I yelled and then it happened: I was gushing my sperm and semen deep inside my mother—into the very womb where I had been conceived so many years before. “AAAHH! AAAHH!” I repeated with each ejaculation of that baby-making potion. “MOM!”


Her head thrashed to the left and to the right again and again and then she screamed:


It was some loud gruff low alien voice coming out of her.

She held herself stiff for a few seconds and she collapsed motionless. I continued pumping and by chance looked at Dad. His hand was furiously working at his crotch and there was a big wet stain seeping through his pants. I turned my head and gave a few final thrusts before losing all my strength and coming to rest on my cum-filled mother.

I knew I had to stay engaged for a while to allow “settling.” There was no place I had to go, and there was no place I’d rather be than inside my mom’s pussy at that point.

After a few minutes, I opened my eyes. I leaned up and saw Mom was comatose still. I also saw one of her delicious nipples. I sucked it into my mouth and put pressure on it with my tongue. I sucked hard and Mom said, “What are you doing?”

“You said if all went well I could suckle. I figured all went well.”

“Suck away,” she laughed.

I did and switched to the other one (equally tasty and responsive). Mom’s hand went to the back of my head, a combination of caress and feeding of her breast into her son’s mouth.

“I think you can get off now. I think we’ve given it enough time.”

“I can, but I don’t want to. Mom, I want to stay inside of your forever.”

“Okay, as long as the definition of forever is about thirty seconds. I have to get a pillow under me and raise my butt up. We have to make the most of this and ensure as much as possible that this will work.”

I pulled out and got my mom her pillow.

“Where’d your dad go?”

“I saw him sneak out when we finished,” I said.

“Probably to give us some privacy,” she said.


Mom and Dad left me pretty much to myself the rest of the night. The few times we interacted, it was about small stuff. Not the “big stuff” that really happened.

I couldn’t sleep and was reading. Not really reading, but looking at the same page while thinking. That doesn’t count as reading I guess (but it does count as “studying” when in school).

Mom knocked on the door. “Anybody home?” and she slipped in. “Your dad’s sleeping. I couldn’t.”

“Me neither,” I said.

We sat in silence, but a good silence. Not like you have to say anything, but it’s all right because just having the other person there is enough.

“I surprised myself,” Mom said.

“In a good way, I hope.”

“In the best way. I thought for years I was past my prime, worn down, worn out. But, tonight I felt my spark. Now I know it’s there. Makes me happy. Gives me confidence to do other things I didn’t think I could do.”

“I’m glad for you, Mom. But I thought you could do anything all my life. I always saw your spark.”

“That’s my loving boy. My son. I hope you’re still my son. I mean like we were before. I know what we did can be confusing. I know I am—confused, that is.”

“I think that we have what we had, but we added to it. And it may take some time to put both parts in their right places. Like I think of you as my mom, just like always. But, since I saw you naked yesterday, I think of you as a woman, a beautiful sexy woman that I want to do things to.”

“Such as …” she smiled.

“You really want to know?”

Mom nodded.

“Okay, so since I saw you yesterday and saw your pussy, I’ve wanted to give you oral. I want to eat your pussy so bad. That’s all I could think of.”

“That’s funny,” she said.

“Aww, Mom, don’t laugh at me. I was being honest.”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean funny funny, I meant coincidentally funny. Because ever since I touched you yesterday, I’ve wanted to have my mouth on you. I’ve wanted to make you excited enough to cum in my mouth.”

“Oh—that kind of funny. I guess we both have that oral gene.”

“So, we’re good for now. I don’t expect us to realize all the implications and repercussions of what we’ve done all at once. It will take time. But, with love and patience, we’ll get through this.”

“I’m glad I made you cum.”

“That was NOT a surprise. That was a SHOCKER. When I started feeling that building, my mind went blank. I woke up on the other side of Oz. That’s how amazing it was. By far the biggest, most wonderful, most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. And it was all caused by you.”

“By us. You know what else makes me happy?”


“It makes me happy to look at you here and know my sperm is alive inside your body and trying right now to make a baby.”

“Alive now inside me,” she said and slipped out the door.


It was the third morning later, and I woke up and stayed in bed like I usually do (unless I have to take a piss real bad, but this wasn’t one of those mornings so I just lay there).

And something was different. I had a different feeling. I didn’t know what it was. I felt different. Better somehow. Better … and suddenly I knew how.

I tore out of bed and ran out in the hall. “MOM! MOM!”

“Kitchen!” came Mom’s voice.

“MOM!” I rounded the corner.

She was standing there. Just standing there. “I’ve been waiting for you to get up. Hoping …”

“Mom! I feel … I feel. I mean I don’t feel alone!”

Mom put her face into her hands and cried. And cried for a long time. “I knew … I knew … I knew!”

“You feel it too?”

“Michael, I feel it too. It’s happened. I knew the moment I woke up it happened. It’s three days and it’ll take three weeks to confirm it—but I know as sure as you’re my son that I have conceived another child. I know it. I was waiting for you to wake up. If you didn’t feel the same thing I would have just passed it off as my imagination.”

“But it isn’t our imagination, is it? This is the first time in my life I’ve felt like this.”

“We know it’s true, but we’ll wait until the drug store test to tell your dad, okay? He would think it’s mumbo-jumbo anyway.”

“I understand, Mom.” I took my mom in my arms and I gave her a long kiss on the lips. I kissed my mother and the mother of my baby on the lips.


“Living room!” dad’s voice called out.

That was his way of telling us a family meeting was happening.

Mom and I migrated from other parts of the house.

“I’ve got something to say. About the other day.”


“I’ve got a confession to make. I tainted the other day.”

“Gavin, what are you talking about? Tainted.”

“You two were trying to do a beautiful thing. Zoey, you trying to have a baby after all these years. And you, Mike, you standing in for your dad. And I had to ruin it by getting carried away. I’ve just been so guilty about it all week.”

“Gavin, what are you guilty about?”

“I can’t even bring myself to admit it in front of you two.”

“Dad. There’s nothing wrong with what you did. I saw it and didn’t think twice about it.

“Mike, what is your dad trying to say—or not say.”

“During what we were doing, Dad got excited and had an orgasm. He came in his pants.”

“What? How? We went to a hundred doctors and watched those dreadful videos. How could this be?”

“That’s why I’m a bad person. The only thing that excites me is watching my son make love to his mother. You two did it for a reason. I’m just sick. You two must hate me.”

Mom went over to him and hugged him. “Hate? Gavin, I love you. You don’t hate me for getting excited, do you? I had an orgasm too. Given to me by my son. I hope you don’t think that’s sick. And Mike here—he had an orgasm caused by his mother. You still love him don’t you?”

Leave it to mom to see right through a problem.

“In fact, this is a good thing. It proves you can still function normally. You just needed the right situation. The right stimulation.”

“Yeah, Dad. Too bad we didn’t record it and you could watch it while I’m away when you and Mom want to … yanno.”

“Mike … that’s brilliant,” Mom said. “I’ll do it!”

“Do what?” Dad still looked stressed and bewildered.

“Make a tape for you.”

I’m sure Mom didn’t want some VHS thing. She meant video. But even I didn’t suspect what she was suggesting.

“A tape of you? You and …?”

“Me and Mike, that is if he’s willing?” She looked in my direction. I was slow in coming up to speed on this.

“Mike, if dad writes down what would make him, let’s say ‘happy,’ would you be willing to make a tape of us two together? For Dad. To help him and me have a chance at some normal relations in the future.”

I’m sure I wasn’t the first son to have his mother propose making a sex video, but I guessed it was pretty rare. It took me by surprise, and I sat silent for a second.

Dad had perked up. Mom had piqued his kink: he liked mom/son stuff—especially his own son and his own wife. He had found the key that picked the lock to his dysfunction. I sure didn’t want to stand in the way of that.

“Yeah, sure. I’m in.” I didn’t sound all that enthusiastic. Even after the bizarre month I’d had, this was kind of strange.

Dad leaned forward and got on the edge of his chair. “I could be there, record it all. Figure the angles—”

“No.” Mom said. “We’ll film it without you. If you see the real thing, the tape will always be of less importance. If you see the tape only, then that will always be where the bar is set. Its own high standard. Understand?”

Dad looked a little dejected, but nodded.

“You put your thoughts down on paper. Things you want to see, like your high heels suggestion the other night. You write them down and Mike and I will make the tape when you’re away on business this Thursday and Friday. Agreed?” She looked at Dad and then at me.

Dad nodded. He looked a little more enthusiastic, I guess because he was thinking of scenarios. I nodded because it occurred to me I was going to make love to Mom again.

We were going to “film” a sex “tape”—all digitally, I assure you.


Dad worked on his list. He even added little pieces of dialogue he wanted to hear us say. I guess if you have the opportunity to have your favorite porno made to order for you, you go for it.

Right up to the last minute, Dad was excitingly pointing out to Mom things on his handwritten pieces of paper. They didn’t show them to me, but, when I’d walk by, Mom would secretly roll her eyes at me and suppress a laugh.

Finally, he left and gave us two days together. We paced ourselves and set up Dad’s video camera on a tripod in different places, or held it in our hands if that was the best way to grab all the action.

Mom and I told each other what a noble thing we were doing for Dad and then admitted that we were glad we had an excuse to fuck each others’ brains out before I had to leave.

One theme that Dad seemed to like was that one person wanted to have sex and had to convince or seduce the other. The other always came around eventually. It was just a general thing.

We had lots of sex and lots of laughs. Rolling around naked with your beautiful mother for two days—what’s not to like about that?

We followed lots of Dad’s directions. After all, we both wanted this to be a potent cock cure that would definitely work when he used it. Other things we decide not to do. I thought to myself that if this ever got leaked I would be more embarrassed by the dialogue than the fact I was having sex with my mother!

Another thought I had was about when this actually worked for Dad. I felt jealous that he would get to fuck Mom. Crazy, huh? I mean, that was what he was supposed to do. And that was what she was supposed to do. But after holding her soft body and tasting every part of her and shooting my cum deep inside her—the thought of another man, even if it was my own father—

Sex stories:   LUST ON MOM “MALLIKA”

But, all I could do was do my best and enjoy the moment. I made a list of some of the scenes we recorded:

1. Making out: Mom and I just sitting there kissing. Starting slow and increasing as we get hornier. The vibe is that she’s resisting and trying to stop and I keep kissing her and them rubbing her boobs until she really into it and French kissing me back. Then I unbutton her blouse and lift off her bra and suck on her tits. Lots of “No! Don’t” from Mom.

2. Blowjob: We had to do this one before any of the others because I needed a full load. We both had our clothes on and I told Mom “Get down on your knees!” and at every step she’s resisting. Then I tell her to pull my pants down and then I said “Suck it!” And finally I cum in her mouth and I say “Show it to me!” and Mom opens her mouth (and this is why I needed a full load) and her mouth is almost overflowing with my spermy gelatin. Then I say “Swallow it!” and she shakes her head “no” but then closes her mouth and makes a big, obvious swallow, then sticks out her tongue to show it’s all gone. Gone to be digested.

3. Cunnilingus: We were both naked on the bed and Mom was holding the camera, shooting down between her legs. She said “You’ve been a bad boy now come lick Mommy’s pussy” and of course I begged not to but finally did. We decided to fake the ending, but Mom got into it and I really made her cum.

4. Missionary—feet on shoulders: This took a couple setups with the camera, which is a pain, but that’s what Dad wanted. I fucked Mom missionary style with the camera from the side, then I lifted her legs and hooked her heels on my shoulders, I bent her double for a few seconds, pumping into her, then I got up and took hold of her ankles with my hands. That’s when I changed the camera angle to the head of the bed so it shot my face and Mom’s feet. Dad wanted me to kiss her feet, then lick between her toes, then suck on her toes, then make a face like I was cumming. Mission (or missionary!) accomplished.

5. 69 position: This started with Mom facesitting me, facing my feet. I’m eating out her pussy and she keeps saying stuff like “Why are you doing this to me? I’m your mother!” and I keep eating her pussy and she keeps getting weaker until she’s so horny that she leans down and take my cock into her mouth and is giving me a blowjob while I’m eating her. A forced 69 with mother and son.

6. Cowgirl position: Not much to say about this one. Mom got on top of me and here we fucked for real. I grabbed at and kissed and sucked her tits as she rode me, rode me hard for real. Auntie Lee may have more perfect buns, but when my hands were full of my Mom’s ass, a thrill went all the way through me. We both came, Mom screaming at the ceiling and me sending my cum as deep as I could inside her.

That was the first day. We were tired, but had a great time. We talked about it and laughed about it and planned the next day.

7. Rape scene: Mom put on some clothes she didn’t care about. We talked about what we were going to do a few times and then we began with me saying “You teased me long enough” you get the idea and then I started kissing her hard and she was fighting me off and then I tore open her blouse, sending buttons flying everywhere and I lifted her bra off her tits and squeezed and sucked on them—all the time she’s screaming “NO! YOU’RE MY SON!” but of course I wouldn’t stop and I tore down her blue shorts to her feet, leaving her with some lacy panties on. Then I grabbed them and tore her panties right off her and then fingered my mother—all the while she’s yelling. I threw her on the bed and spread her legs wide and with one brutal thrust entered her vagina. She screamed for real then. Then I fucked her hard and within a minute, Mom was yelling hoarsely at the ceiling—no acting here— “I’M CUMMING! FUCK! OH GOD! I’M CUMMING! that made me send the first load of the day deep into that snug, black-haired pussy. We both collapsed and after panting in each others’ faces for a few minutes, laughed at how hot that scene made us. Really made us. We had to take a rest after that.

8. Doggie style: Here’s another one that doesn’t take much explanation. We both enjoyed this for real. We took it slow. Mom got up on her hands and knees and I got behind her. I leaned forward and kissed her neck and then eased into her. It felt sooo good, even after all we’d done before. We just slowly fucked and enjoyed it. I loved watching Mom’s big tits sway under her as I thrust away, nice and slow. I reached down and cupped them and squeezed. Mom said in a quiet, relaxed voice, “Michael, Mommy’s gonna cum. You’re making Mommy cum!” and then she gave out a long gruff “AAAAWWWWWW!” Her pussy squeezed hard on my cock and I came too. I don’t know how much cum I had left at that point, but sure didn’t secretly hold any back, and transferred it all to the dark depths of my mom’s vagina.

There was one item left on the list. Mom pointed to it and said, “Nope. Never have, never will.”

I said, “Up to you, Mom. Remember, this is for Dad.”


Two weeks had gone by since we made the video. I edited out the dead spots and bloopers and gave the “tape” to Mom (each scene a separate file on a thumb drive). She wasn’t going to give it to Dad until I left for college. I thought it should work fine because it gave me a super boner each time I watched it. Mom said she needed time until she took a look at it.

We were sitting on the edge of the tub, waiting to take a look at what was waiting on the sink.

“I don’t even have to look to know,” she said. “You know I know and I know you know already. We don’t even need this.”

I made a big show of getting up. “Then I might as well just throw it out without looking!”

“Get back here!” She pulled me down roughly.

We waited a few more minutes, long minutes and then Mom said: “Okay, we’ll look together.” We got up and she counted: “One, two, three—look!”

The white plastic pregnancy test had a word on it: “Pregnant”

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” Mom burst into tears and I held her. Her back got hot and sweaty with the emotional release.

“We did it, Mom. We did it!”

We both had known that first week, but there was something reassuring and peace-inducing about seeing something concrete and official.

A half hour later we were celebrating at the kitchen table with freshly-baked cookies and milk.

“To us!” Mom said. “The three of us.” She patted her tummy.

“To Michelle,” I said while raising my glass.

Mom got serious. “I’ve been thinking. What if it’s not Michelle? What if just having another baby made me feel like this. And you, how do we know that having a baby for the first time might have taken that ‘alone’ feeling away from you?”

“This is different. This is Michelle for sure. I know because if it was just having a baby that changed it, I would have felt it when Auntie Lee and I—” And, at that moment I knew I had screwed up. Screwed up big time.

Mom put her milk down. Slowly put her milk down. “Auntie Lee? Your Auntie Lee?”

“Mom, listen—”

“I knew there was something up. Zack! Damned Zack! First of all, does he know the truth?”

“He should, he was right there,” I said. There was no use lying or denying. Mom was the best at wringing the smallest of details out of you while putting her human lie detector super power to work.

“When were you going to tell me? That I had a grandchild?”

“Never. That was the bargain. That forever everybody would think Uncle Zack was the father. You know him. You gotta promise me you won’t tell.”

“I don’t have to promise anything! But, I DO know Zack. Know his temperament. So I won’t tell. But that doesn’t make me any less concerned.”

“Let’s not spoil what we found out today. In fact, now that you know that Auntie Lee’s baby didn’t take my loneliness away, but ours DID—that proves that this is Michelle we’re having. Proves it.”

“Hhhmm,” she hummed thoughtfully. “I knew that anyway.” Then she gave me a smile.

Today was too happy to have any cloud hang over it for long. We ate more cookies. Then Mom said:

“Auntie Lee. Your beautiful Auntie Lee.”

I didn’t say anything.

“Your red-haired Auntie Lee. My brother’s wife? You fucked her? Fucked her naked?”

When I answered, I wasn’t counting the first time: “Yeah.”

“And, how was THAT?”

“Not as good as you, Mom. Not by a long shot.”


“The things Lori collected for you are on the table in a box,” Mrs. Branch said.

Lori and I had finally broken up. A relief that the inevitable had finally taken place. She had called and said: “Come get your junk!”

That junk, I assumed were all the things I had lent her that she never, ever bothered to return. And some mementos too.

“Thanks Mrs. … Joan.”

“I’m sorry it ended like that for you, Mike.”

“She’s not here?”

“She’s … let’s just say she’s out for the whole afternoon.”

Joan’s hair was wet. She must have just been in the shower.

“I hope she meets the right guy, which definitely wasn’t me. I saw something good in Lori, though. I wouldn’t have stayed with her a whole year if I didn’t.”

“Lori has some, shall we say, rough edges,” Joan laughed.

“Another good thing is that I got to meet her mother. Her real mother, not just the dance instructor I had known.”

I hugged Joan. When I stopped, she said, “Next week I’m going to a concert with Mr. Benson from down at the bank. He’s been asking me out for years, but … Mr. Branch and all. I never would accept. Now, well now I’ve changed. I didn’t think I ever would. But, I want you to know that you played a big part in letting me get to know myself again.”

“I’m glad you feel like that. I wouldn’t want to think I did anything that made you regret what we did. I know there’s some lucky guy in your future.”

“I think … I know you’re right. And I’ll be lucky not to be alone any more.”

“I guess this is the last time I’ll be seeing you for a while. I’m leaving for college on Wednesday.”

Joan took my hand and said, “I know only good things are in store for you. But, before you go, can I ask you for something?”

“Sure. Anything.”

She hugged me close and whispered, “Make love to me. Please. I want you to take my midlife virginity. And I would hate to lose it to some fumbling old man.”

Her bedroom was surprisingly feminine, color-wise and with lace and decorative pillows and everything. Nothing like I had pictured because of the personality she had projected.

I shed my clothes and then undressed her. We stood embracing, naked. Me and a woman three times my age.

On the bed she guided me onto my back and kissed my lips and then trailed down to my penis. She licked and sucked on it, little sounds of satisfaction coming from around her stretched lips.

We traded places at my direction, and she said, “You don’t have to do that.”

“But, I want to,” I said. I did. I wasn’t lying, but my real reason was I knew she wouldn’t have any lubricant in that fancy nightstand, so I ate her pussy, but was leaving lots of slippery saliva down there. I wanted this to be as easy as possible for her.

I climbed between her legs. “I can’t believe this is happening. After all these years. In my whole life … you’re the only other man.”

I brushed up and down that soaked mass of gray hair, coating my cock. I placed the tip at the hole that had expelled Lori and pushed. Little-by-little I fed my entire penis into Joan. She sweat and writhed and breathed—but took the whole thing.

“Oh God—I’m a whole woman again,” she gasped.

She was surprisingly responsive and full of unused energy. We did a dance that was not taught in her studio. The dance of a man and a woman trying to become one.

She clamped down on me with a remarkable squeeze and I yelled “JOAN!” and let go with all I had in my balls. Gobs of my sperm were sent deep where they would still be living when I was all the way across the country in my new school.

She stiffened, and remembered what to say: “MIKE! YEESS! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!”

I looked at her face then and I thought she was beautiful.

Maybe at that ultimate moment, all women are.





I fathered three children that summer (no—not one with Mrs. Branch!).

Uncle Zack and Auntie Lee had identical twins: Lily and Lyle!

Mom had a beautiful girl (who doctors all assured had a remarkably strong and healthy heart). We named her Michelle. And I consider her my sister, my daughter, and my twin. My true and honest soul twin.

And, before I left for college that summer I owned a certain tight, pink asshole. I took Auntie Lee’s anal virginity. But she didn’t take mine—I lost that when I entered Mom’s bottom. And I got the “tape” to prove it if you’d like to see!

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