Mom and Uncle and Dad and Aunty

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read Mothers Mesmerizing Fuck In Marriage before starting this.

This is about the sexual relationship between my mom and uncle and my dad and aunty. It happened during when my mom and dad and my mother sister and uncle got newly married. My mom and dad married first and mother sister and uncle married after one year. My mom was pregnent when this was happened.

My uncle is a business man. He will be moving to many places on business purposes. He stays very less at the home. My uncle MS stays and sleeps alone in the night. She is newly married and she is having many sexual desires. My stayed for few days at home and had sex with her in all the days when he is at home. Now she is mastrubating and relaxing her sexual desires.

During that time MS is staying at my grandmother house. My mom went to my grandmother house for pregnancy.
My dad used come every week and looks after my mom and going back to his work. One day my mom noticed MS is moaning a lot by mastrubating in room.
Next morning she went to MS and asked and came to know that she is having a lot of sexual desires but her husband is going for business related things. When this discussion is going on my dad came. After sometime MS came to my mom and asked whether her husband can help her with her sexual desires. Mom didn’t accepted and became anger on MS. She requested my mom for longtime and finally she was convinced. But they didn’t understand how to ask my dad.

Within the time my dad asked for breakfast. My mom sent MS to serve breakfast to my dad. My dad is sitting on the floor and MS brought food to serve him. When serving food she is bending a lot in front of him. He can see her cleavage very clearly. He starred at her boobs for a minute and started to eat food. Next time when he asked for some more food this time MS loosen her blouse and came to serve food. This time he can see her boobs along with nipples. He drank water by seeing her boobs. My mom is watching everything by hiding from my dad. He ate food and went to mom room. Mom came to room and sat beside him.

Dad: I need to tell you something about your sister.
Mom: I too want to tell you something about my sister.
Dad: She wantedly shown her boobs to me while serving food.
Mom: She asked me to convince you to fullfill her sexual desires.
Within in the time MS came into the room by removing her saree on the top and showing her boobs cleavage clearly through her blouse. She also came and sat beside my dad.
Mom: Please help her to fullfill her sexual desires.
Dad: What are you accepting for this to happen?
Aunty: Yes, please fuck me in front of your wife.

By saying that mom is requesting dad and aunty leaning on dad and touching her soft boobs and body to his body. Dad is getting into mood but he is resisting himself.

Aunty: I saw you starred at my boobs when you are having breakfast. Please open up yourself. Your wife also accepted to fuck me.
Mom: Yes, please fuck her.
Dad: What about your husband? What if he knows?
Aunty: He went on business works. He won’t come now. Even we won’t tell to him. Then how he will know?
Dad: What about your parents? They are outside.
Mom: They will go to crop fields after sometime and they will comeback in the evening.
Dad: Oh, you both planned everything. Then why I need to stop myself.
He immediately pulled aunty towards him by holding her waist and given a tight liplock to her. My mom stood up and covered them with her saree to not seen by anyone and said wait untill my parents went to crop fields. My dad and aunty had a tight kiss and moved away untill their parents went to crop fields. After sometime their parents went to crop fields. Then aunty came to my dad and hugged him and asked him shall we start now. Mom stood outside door to safeguard them if anyone comes.

Dad and aunty had a tight liplock for 5 mins and moved on to bed. Dad removed aunty saree and her blouse is poking out her nipples. He started to kiss her on the neck and slowly to her boobs and started to smooch them. He removed her blouse. Her sexy boobs came out. He squeezing them very hard. She is moaning and shouting in the pain. He moved to her navel part she is moving all her body while he is kissing and smooching her navel. She kept her hand on his dick over clothes and took it out. He pulled her petticoat till thighs and started to rub her pussy. She is moaning Aah,Aah… It is already and he inserted his fingers inside her pussy. She is moaning and shaking her body. He is doing to and fro in her pussy and she is moaning loudly. He removed her petticoat and she turned into doggy style and asked to fuck. He is holding her waist tight and started to fuck her. She is moaning very loudly. Her moans are creating echo in the home. Mom is watching them through the window and enjoying their fucking. Unexpectedly uncle came to home. Mom closed the windows and asked him sit in the other room. He is listening moans very clearly and asked what are those sounds and moved towards door. He got doubts that moans are like his wife. Mom tried to stop him but he pushed her away and opened the door. Dad and aunty are fucking inside the room. He got shocked by seeing them and when he is going to stop them my mom hugged him from back. He tried to move her away by turning towards her. She again hugged him from front side and started to give liplock to him. He is trying to push her. Why trying to push her he is placing his hands on her boobs. They slowly moved towards bed and fell on bed. Mom is still not leaving him and continuously kissing him. He is also trying to push her away by placing his hands on her boobs. He slowly started to squeeze them instead of pushing her and responding back to her kiss. They kissed for almost 10 mins. Dad and aunty are fucking without paying attention to them.

Uncle: Why your husband is fucking my wife.
Aunty: Because you didn’t fucked your wife regularly. You are going on business things and not looking over your wife. Your wife is feeling horny.
He went to aunty and said
Uncle: Sorry, I am busy with business related works.
Aunty: I am busy in fucking.
Uncle: Then I will fuck your sister.
Mom: I am pregnant. You shouldn’t fuck me.
Uncle: Then to whom I have to fuck. Now I am feeling horny.

Aunty pulled him towards her face and given liplock to him and said to fuck her after my dad fucking her. Dad fucked her for 20 mins and released sperm in her pussy. Then uncle started to fuck her and they fucked for 30 mins and released cum in her pussy. It continued for like that till I born. After I born mom and dad came to city. After few months when we went to village my aunt is pregnant and this time my uncle started to peep at my mom while she is bathing and changing her clothes. Mom noticed him and in the night she called him to her room. Dad and uncle fucked mom all the days in the village. They fucked mom in front of aunty as well whenever we went to village. After few months aunty given birth to my sister. After that when ever we went to village mom and dad and uncle and aunty used to fuck them by swapping them.

I used to sleep beside my sister without dress by kissing her and keeping my hands in on her pussy in the same cradle. She also used to laugh and respond back by keeping her hands on my dick. Most of the time we used to sleep in the same cradle without clothes.

One day we are sleeping in the cradle without dress and mom and uncle and dad and aunty are fucking inside room. Suddenly grand parents came to home early from crop fields. They caught mom and dad and uncle and aunty. They caught them and scolded. Mom and dad and me went back to home. After few years grand parents passed away. Uncle and aunty given birth to another girl. I used to go village whenever I got holidays and used to play with them and many times we used to bath at a time and sleep naked on the bed. Whenever mom and dad came to village mom and dad and uncle and aunty used to fuck each others by swapping them. After that we shifted to nearby town and mom and dad reduced visiting village frequently due to busy lifestyle. I used to go village home whenever I got holidays.

If any girls, aunties and women from Chennai are intrested to have sex you can mail me to [email protected] 100% privacy will be maintained.

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