Mom and me

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There is no love like a mother’s love my story starts when I was young I love my mother and trusted her dearly and growing up we talked openly and honest about most things. When I became a teenager I was sent off to boarding school which I hated when it came time to leave school got a job at home working as a tree doctor apprentice the money was bad but there was a real future in it once i got qualified.

So I had to live with mum and dad in my old room that is all I could afford was to pay board and try to get on my feet, my mum was in her mid 30’s when they made me so they were quite elderly parents my dad played golf a lot and drank so he would go off with his friends every weekend he could to do that. My mum on the other hand stayed at home and looked after the house she really didn’t like his friends she would always say they are all egotistical late age males who all thought they were young and handsome just because they had money.

Even at 18 years old I was still a virgin I always felt awkward and out of place with woman and girls my age to be honest I always felt that my penis was too small and I could never satisfy a woman as my older brothers used make fun of me when I was little right up into my teens so that’s stuck in my head so i was to chicken to even go there encase i was put down or made fun of.

After coming home from work one Friday night and smelling like pine trees I walked in the house and mum was drinking wine getting dinner ready she got up and gave me a big hug as she was tipsy and a kiss on the cheek told me she loved the smell of pine trees she could just eat me up I instantly got an erection and headed to the shower to clean up for dinner and to take care of my cock I just got in the shower and the door open mum called out its just me I just need to use your bathroom I wont make it to my toilet up stairs she said as there was a curtain I didn’t see the problem so I carried on washing myself and rubbing my cock faster knowing she was in the room.

Then it happen as she got up mum flushed the toilet without thinking and the shower water suddenly was hot and I jumped out of the shower to stop myself from been burnt now I was in front of my mum naked with a hard on quickly covered up she said oh son I am so so sorry and handed me towel she then gave me a big hug and said are you okay I said yes no harm mum she said so just go and finish your shower then you can dry yourself in front of the fire its too cold in your room and I’ll finish off making our dinner you see my dad was away for the weekend again on a golfing trip so was just mum an i for the whole weekend. After my shower I went to the lounge dry myself while Mum was talking with me in from the kitchen.

After I got changed we had dinner and after some small talk about her day mum asked again about had i got burnt from the hot water and how sorry she was mum then she started asking me about girls and why she had not seen me with a girl or a girlfriend I said nothing just looked down at my dinner but she asked again so i had to answer her you see like said before mum and I always had an open relationship and we can ask each other any think it’s just how our family is so she asked me why not I told her that I am ready awkward around woman and so shy she kept asking me why I told you I don’t know why but she kept pressing so in the end told the truth about my cock and what brother told me she just grab my hands and smiled thanks for being honest your not small you are normal size from what i saw i just put my head down not believing her at all so we just had our dinner and she drank her wine she carried on with small talk about my day at work and what was on tv tonight.

Than after we cleaned up dinner stuff we started watching TV nothing much was said then mum disappeared and went to have a shower and to my surprise she walked back into the lounge with just a towel and started drying herself in front of the fire I did not know where to look as I had never seen a naked woman except in a magazine or on a video I had one eye on the TV one eye on her and a cushion on my lap then she said son look at me I was so excited I could barely think and looked at her she gave me a big smile at stood there completely naked its only fair you see me naked as i saw you and then after a few seconds she put on her nightdress she took her towel to the laundry and came back and sat on the couch and we just started watching TV again I could not even think my cock was so hard it hurt.

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