Me becoming a hotwife – Part 5

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This is the fifth part of my story; I would recommend reading the earlier parts first to understand and enjoy this.
Me becoming a hotwife – Part 4

Continuation …

He told me that sex is never to be done in public, but as slutty as I am, he will not follow that rule.
He told me that anal sex is not meant to be done in the Muslim community because it could be harmful, and we are not meant to harm any women for pleasure or anything, but I was different, so he will not follow this rule.

And there were plenty of rules and stuff he told me, but he said it didn’t matter because I wasn’t a Muslim and I wasn’t his wife either. I was just a fucktoy or a slave to him, so he will do whatever he wants and create rules for me by himself as he likes.
After that small talk about rules was over, me and my bull went in the bedroom, and my husband washed the dishes while we were having sex.

After we were done, he took the condom off and fed me the comb. He said whenever we have sex, I have to take the condom and eat the cum out of it every time. And if I forget or fail to do it, I will be punished.

My husband slept on the couch, and we were in the bedroom.

The next day, he went to his flat, and we did our daily routine. We prayed, and my husband went to his office. He was more happy now, and it was very good. He was going to his work happy, and seeing him happy was making me more happy. I was given permission to masturbate my husband, so when he returned home, I made him sit on the couch and masturbate for him, and I was all wet by seeing his face.
He was extremely horny. He hadn’t touched himself in the last few days, he said. He shot his cum, and it all went on my dress. I said it’s ok.
I sat beside him, and we talked. I asked him if he really used to finger his ass, and he said yes. I asked him about it, and he said that he used to masturbate his ass with his fingers, and then he used to fuck himself with a pencil or pen, and as soon as he inserted the pencil, he used to cum hard. He told me that he once came very close to getting his ass fucked by a man when he was working at a company.

daydayday……. It was just admiration and respect for them, and he wanted to please them by giving them his ass.
It was an interesting talk. I felt like he was gay. And I searched some terms on Google to see if he has any symptoms of illness or is gay. I showed him what a sissy is. He said it was him basically, but he was not that into wearing a female dress. He was a sissy. That’s why his dick was so small, I thought, but he corrected me and said everyone has a different penis length. And having a small penis is not less masculine. I asked him then why he was a sissy. He said that he liked and wanted to be a woman and fuck with Muslim men, but he is a man. And he doesn’t like being gay. He said he was different.

I wasn’t understanding anything, so I dropped the topic and complained to him.
So after this incident, everything was just like this.

My bull used to come to our house every Saturday for the aarti. Then he used to come in the evening or in the afternoon whenever he was free and wanted to come fuck me or take his stress out on me. or even take his anger out on me. He used to slap me and spank me for everything I did, and he used to make me wear sexy outfits and take me out somewhere and fuck me anywhere he wanted. So basically, I was living my life like a whore for Muslim dick. And it was enjoyable; I was loving it; I didn’t feel like I needed my husband for sexual intercourse or even like a husband. He was more like a roommate to me now. But he was my husband, and he was actually enjoying it too. He used to watch us have sex and masturbate every day, then he used to even kiss me after I was done giving a blowjob. It was very fun.

daydayday…… I wasn’t even able to get down to my home after that session, and I have fallen a couple of times while going.
My bull used to take care of me by being clean, eating healthy food, and everything else. He said he doesn’t really disrespect my faith; he just likes Hindu women and likes to fuck them. And I, too, respect his faith. He was kind and rich enough, but I didn’t need anything, so it wasn’t a plus for me, but he used to take me out for dinners and date nights; my husband used to come with us, but he didn’t sit with us. We used to go to the theater once every two months or whenever we were in a mood.

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