Me and veena tried group in an unexpected way

Hi we are back with our story. After having threesome, we never had opportunity to have sex. And finally we did it that in last month. Now I will take you straightly to story. Me and veena decided have wild sex because we didn’t do it for last 3month. So we decided to go for a weekend party in one of the star hotel in Chennai. Veena never drinked before that but this time she wants to give a try. So we book a room in that hotel itself. The day came, me and veena with sets of dress went to that hotel and took rest until the party time arrives. The pleasant Saturday evening finally arrived, I was in my jean and white tshirt, as this is veena’s 1st party she wore a seductive dress. She wore a party wear blue saree and a semi transparent white blouse. The blouse is lace type only one lace cover her back and gave big cleavage to her boobs. She wore it in very low hip that I just above her public hair and covered her boobs with single fleet semi transparent saree. Right side the fleet will always below her breast by exposing one side breast and clevage.

When we entered party all eyes were on us, we ignored everyone and started to dance. Her fleet started to fall numerous time. Another couple next to us also danced sexually, so we ignored everyone and danced. I touched all her navel, her back and even inserted my hands inside her blouse and danced like party animal. And we decided to hava drink. Veena took 3 shots of Bacardi and I had numerous shots of tequila . and with in an hour we too were very high. I doesn’t saw anything properly. She too out of control and dancing without bothering anything.
We decided to go to room and walked out of party all. But I was about fall and veena started to bend over the table and not wishing to move. The another couple ( Shal call them as Vivek and Rhesmi) who dance with us saw this anc came to help us. I said my room number they said they were next to our room, they take us and go to room. I am waking some how but veena couldn’t so they 2 hold veena on both side and walked to room. While holding her, Vivek put his arm around her back and his hands were just below her right breast some times he touched her boobs.
They left us in home and they gave some juice and food to reduce and booze and left our room by saying will come and check after some time. When we both came to conscious we washed our face and chaged our clothes. I was in my Bermuda and Venna was in short white slip and short boxer without bra and panty. We were talking and laughing about what happened in party hall. I wass saying everyone wants veen today in part hall, she said I too know so only she danced like exposing herself. By speaking we started to kiss. I inserted my hands inside back of her slip and pinching her back. By this time vivek and Rhesmi came inside. They were surprised and laughed and ask us to have some hot soup which they ordered.

We four sat, that me, veena, Vivek, reshmi in Circle. And startd talking about the party how they seduced others and how we did like that. And soup and juice came we started to have the food. While taking juice vivek came back of veena and too the juice which is between me and veena, by doing so, he slipped some juice over veena. That spill over her left boobs and white slip gave a clear view of her nipples. Vivek said what a boobs I would have eat this all my life. by saying this he pushed my head towards veenas breast and say enjoy dude. With the word and exotic atmosphere I started to bite her nipple over slip.

Then i removed one side slip and started to lick her, they two started to shout ehhhhh, njoy like that and they started kissing. I removed vena slip completely and starting sucking both her boobs. Veena was lying in floor and moaning like anything. Vivek said remove her panty like this and he removed Rhesma’s pant and panty. So I removed veena’s panty, she was nude in front of us. Vivek signalled Reshma to remove my Bermuda and she does in flash. My seeing my pennis she shouted how big it is and started to suck my pennis. Veena opend her eyes and say this and smiled and again closed her eye by pulling me closer to her.

Vivek went and licked Reshma’s pussy, she sucked my cock and I sicked veena’s pussy. This is how it started. Later veena get up and came near to my pennis and started to lick my balls. The two girls licking my cock. Now vivek came to veena and he licked her pussy and I started licking rehsma. It continued so long. We got very high that is we forget that we exchanging our gfs. We both cum on our opposte pairs. We lied for sometime and after that vivek came and started to suck my cock. I ever did a gay but that time I didn’t say anything. After that he inserted in my back I inserted in veena’s pussy. And we changed our pattern like everyone getting chance for everyone. We continued till 3 am. We all slpt nude and after that they went to their room.
This is how we had our 1st group sex. Please do share your comments. Will upload my next story when we did again.

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