Hubby’s replacement : part-03

As day two passes with my replaced hubby Jeet ,even neighbourhood guy Raj joined us and made me a whore (read “Two guys made me whore),and our sexual meets ends at 05:20 pm ,as Raj left my home ,we both brother and sister slept on bed nudely like a hot couple and we slept as we are too eyes opened as mobile started ringing and I received the call………..

“Hi Anish ,how are you ?
(Anish)fine ,miss you here
(Bina)oh I see but if you have given me chance to have a nice tour with you
(Anish)you have felt alone here ,as your brother Jeet is there
(Bina)sure ,he is here till you come.”


And I walked nudely in washroom as I took refreshment and moved nudely to kitchen to prepare cups of coffee and than walked inside bedroom with it as I put it on a table……..

“Jeet now leave your bed ,it’s 07:45 pm.”

And he left the bed as he walked inside washroom,after coming back ,we both are drinking it while sitting on bed I can see jeet’s dick in semi erection,my mouth started watering as to have to suck but Jeet put empty cup on table and asked……

“Bina will you love to have bath together
(Bina)why not? You have made my organs feel dirty so have to clean it.”

And we both walked inside washroom with pair of towel ,now my legs are in bit pain as my vagina is feeling the sperms inside .we both stand under cascade as Jeet opened it’s tap and water started flowing on our body ,we are making our body wet and than Jeet took a bottle of body he closed the tap and started putting shampoo on my boobs to waist ,now his hand is pressing my boobs hard as it’s covered with upper parts are covered with shampoo as he turned my back and started putting shampoo on my back but it’s upper portion only covered with shampoo either my body’s front portion or back portion as his palm is rubbing it on my soft he knelt infront of me as he widend my legs and now put his lips on my vagina,his kisses are on my vaginal surface as it’s hairless and than as I put my fingers on it to widend its hole ,Jeet put his tongue in my vagina as he is licking it with his hand on my sexy ass.later on ,he kissed my thighs as he started putting shampoo on my vagina,thighs to legs as he turned n my back and put his lips on my sexy ass ,kissing it while making my ass parts apart to put his tongue in it ,he started licking my anus hole as he have widend it ,my ass hole getting his mouth love is making me horny as I want to have sex one more time at Jeet put shampoo on my back and stand infront of me as I can see his cock in more erection,I hold it and kissed his lips…..

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“Jeet will you fuck my ass at night ?
(Jeet)no not at all ,I will be in rest for night.”

As feeling horny ,I started putting shampoo on his chest to tummy and turned his back ,now knelt in front of his ass ,as I started kissing his ass wildly while holding his it’s my tongue licking my brother’s ass hole as I know that licking of ass will make his cock more erected.I am licking his anus hole as I am slowly masturbating his cock and than put shampoo on his back ,from upper parts to legs via ass and than Jeet turned his his cock is near my face ,I put my lips and started kissing it while holding jeet’s waist and lastly ,put his cock in my mouth just feeling like a hard rubber in my mouth ,not fully erected as I am sucking it with my mouth closed,he have hold my hairs and “oohh uumm Bina suck it hard ” as I sucked his penis for 3-4 minutes and than licked it ,now his cock is partially erected as I put shampoo on it with legs and on thighs also.we both are covered in body shampoo as we both are standing on washroom’s floor and Jeet hold me in his arms as my boobs are brushing on his chest.He is rubbing my soft ass and now he put his lips on my lips as I pushed my tongue to his mouth and he is sucking it wildely ,but I opened the tap of cascade as we both are having bath together.Its a nice bath as Jeet put his long finger in my vagina from my back and while fingering it fastly ,he left my tongue.we both are under cascade as water is flowing on our body and we have our bath ,as our sexual organs have been cleaned and both walked in bedroom nudely but after rubbing our body with towels.
I am bit horny as Jeet walked to dinning space and sit on sofa as I followed him ,now looking at him ,I asked……..

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“Jeet will you prefer meals from local food plaza or I will have to prepare it
(Jeet)as you wish darling.”

And I took my mobile as I ordered meals to deliver it at 10:00 pm.we are sitting together as Jeet asked……..”need some energy
(Bina)wine or chilled beer
(Jeet)beer will be good for us.”

And I walked towards refrigerator as I took out a bottle and than put two glasses on table.Jeet is putting it in glasses as I lit the cigarette to smoke and both started drinking beer ,Jeet looking at my boobs asked……..

“I have a plan for tonight but if you agree with me
(Bina)ok what’s it?
(Jeet)I think a delivery guy will come with our ordered foods and you can seduce him
(Bina)oh my hubby ,it’s not a public property to be used by others
(Jeet)what’s wrong with it as you want fun tonight ,and I want rest.”

As I showed my anger to him ,my mind is thinking about it and as we both are drunk ,Jeet walked inside bedroom to sleep and I am sitting alone in dinning space.
It’s 09:00 pm as I called food plaza again but to change the delivery time and he assured me of quick service.after 15-20 minutes door bell started ringing as I walked nudely to door ,now looks through a tiny hole on door ,as I opened the door ,I have put myself behind it and service guy moved inside as he is well shocked to see me nude.He put the packet on table as he is standing there for money and I walked nudely to my bedroom as I can see him eyeing my nude body.coming back ,I put money in his hand and he is still standing there……..

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“you have got money ,so leave now
(Guy)madam you are so beautiful ,I have never seen it nudely .”as I put my hand on his waist and kissed his face ,he is well surprised and I hold him in my arms tightly……..”now look my inner beauty for a night
(Guy rubbed my ass)oh I am lucky .”

And I started unbuttoning his shirt while he is removing his trouser in hurry ,as I removed his vest and put my hand on his chest ,he hold my boobs hardly……..

“you guy go inside washroom and have bath.”

And he walked inside as I moved to jeets room as he is sleeping nudely ,I asked……..

“Jeet ,dinner have been served ,so have it
(Jeet)after an hour darling
(Bina)delivery boy is here , so what now ?
(Jeet)enjoy with him till you want
(Bina)ok but join us soon.”

And I walked to dinning space as I took out a bottle of beer from refrigerator ,now put glasses on table and put it in glasses , delivery guy walked to me after having bath.His bulge of penis is clearly making a sign on his undies ,as he sits near me ,I put my one hand on his bulge as I hold it and he took glass full of beer ,while we are drinking beer ,my palm is pressing hard his cock on undies and he pulled it a long thick cock is near me as guy is of 21-22 years ,his strong arms with wider chest is making me my hand have hold his cock and he is massaging my breast hard while we both are drinking beer ,now Jeet walked to us as delivery guy is well shocked and surprised to see him…….

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