How I had fun whilst on holiday with Mike last year

Whilst holidaying abroad last year I had a fantastic experience.

My husband and I had gone on a lovely holiday around the South of France. Just the two of us went for a 10 day break, the kids going away with their grandparents on another family holiday.

As part of the holiday we had signed up for a bus tour for a 4 day period.

Our driver was a middle aged British guy called Alan. The rest of the bus was full of mainly middle aged couples, a couple of families with young children and a few senior citizens.

All very friendly but we didn’t actually get chatting to many of them at all, other than polite conversations.

The tour took us to a few destinations, leaving us at a couple of hotels for a couple of nights before heading back to our main hotel complex.

On stopping at some of the tourist spots on the way we had chatted with Alan who seemed a very friendly and nice guy.

The weather was lovely and hot and so many of the women were wearing either nice summer dresses or miniskirts and summer tops.

On occasions we would also have bikinis on as well.

A couple of the younger women had fantastic figures which I am sure most of the men on the coach enjoyed seeing displayed in the short dresses,skirts and beach wear.

I had noticed that in particular Alan seemed to pay me some attention, and whilst the coach had stopped he would make a bee line for both me and Mike to have a chat.

On these occasions I noted that he always gave me really nice compliments.

Nothing too rude or suggestive to start with, just nice and pleasant comments on my dress or my beach attire.

I had also caught him glancing sideways at me a couple of times, eyeing up my cleavage or my legs and ass, and to be honest this got me thinking and also got me a bit excited at what may happen.

One such occasion was when I was bending over to put something into a bag I was carrying.

I noticed on straightening up that Alan’s eyes had been wandering over my bum. I was wearing a tight pair of denim shorts and a smallish top at the time. I hadn’t bothered with any panties as I didn’t want to have a visible panty line. I could sense someone watching me, and as I straightened up it was obvious he had been looking at my arse.

On the same day, later on, I caught him looking at my tits as well. I hadn’t put a bra on under my tight top and after having come back from a little walk I noticed he was eyeing up my hard, jutting nipples.

The thought of it excited me tremendously and I was beginning to think of ways to let him see a bit more of me.

That afternoon Mike and I had a wonderful fuck in our room and he teased me with some talk about Alan.

As we shagged he turd to me saying, “Take my cock you sexy fucker. Imagine it is Alan fucking you right now. I bet you’d love it!”

I was so turned on I wantonly moaned Alan’s name as we continued fucking, this brought us both to a great crashing climax and on chatting Mike said he wouldn’t mind if I tried to seduce Alan during the holiday.

Our opportunity was to come the next day.

We had arrived at our new hotel for the night and after unpacking our small cases form the coach we had checked in. I decided to change into one of my light summer dresses and again decided to go braless, this time wearing a pair of panties however!

Mike agreed to make himself scarce for a little bit to allow me to have some fun.

He said he would watch from afar to see how I got on.

I wandered out and onto the main seafront area trying to spot Alan. It wasn’t long before I saw him sitting on the beach area.

I approached him, trying my best to make sure I was an appealing site.

I tried my usual flirty wiggle in my wedged high heels and as I was so turned on my nipples were already hard and jutting out. My little mini skirt length summer dress blew in the gentle breeze giving all a good view of my tanned legs.

Mike was watching from a few feet away, hidden in a shop, and said I looked a right cock pleasing site as I made my way over to speak to Alan.

I approached and we made a little small talk, then out of the blue he started to get a bit more playful and flirty. I was doing my best to encourage him, playing with my hair and batting my eyes at him etc.

He asked me where Mike was and I said he had gone off to see a local site I wasn’t interested in.

He quickly responded by saying, “The best site around here is standing right beside me.”

I giggled and thanked him again flirting outrageously and as he asked me if I was enjoying myself,I blurted out, “I would enjoy a good seeing to from you a lot better I bet!”

The surprise on his face was evident and we both laughed. He moved forward and grabbed me closer.

Within seconds we were snogging the face off each other. His hands wandered over my ass and then up to my back as his tongue probed my mouth and I eagerly responded.

Mike said he could see it all from the shop and got an instant hard on as I kissed this man in the sunshine.

We walked hand in hand back to the hotel and up to our room. Once inside he was soon eagerly groping me, making my titties ache and my nipples stiffen even more.

I unbuttoned his shirt feeling his nice hairy chest. We quickly moved to the settee area in the room and continued our heavy petting session. His hands went up my dress feeling my fanny through my panties. I parted my legs to let him get a good feel of me as I began to rub the front of his crotch.

I unzipped my dress and let it fall from me. He began to unbuckle his trousers and we carried on snogging. My face wet with his saliva and my tongue being lashed against his in a grinding sexy snog.

I was now in my panties and my wedge shoes only.

He quickly got to work on my titties giving them a good licking and nibbling. His tongue was flicking against my swollen nipples expertly.

I started to feel his cock as his trousers were now around his ankles. I slowly wanked him up and down and at the same time, with my other hand inside my knickers I slipped a finger onto my hard clit.

Alan encouraged me as I did so and told me finger fuck myself as he watched. He stood up and started to undress completely as I continued playing with my wet cunt.

I eased my panties off as Alan continued to encourage me. His cock was now hard and at full attention. He then got onto the floor in front of me and between my legs.

“Go on Anna. Get your hand up your cunt. Open it up for my fat cock,” he urged me on.

“Oh Christ I am cumming off already,” I said to him. “I’m so fucking turned on, my cunts so hot and wet.”

I had a massive climax, shaking with my orgasm as I dug my wedge high heels into the hotel floor.

He then slowly began to lick me out. Savouring my pussy juice and biting gently on my stiff clit. He slowly lapped at my quim and expertly got me ready for his engorged cock.

He offered me his cock to suck first, standing in front of me. His thick, stubby head filled my mouth as I eagerly tried to swallow his full length.

I bobbed up and down fast and furious and shortly he was basically fucking my mouth with hard long strokes.

“Slow down Anna!” he told me. “Or I’ll spunk too soon and I want to fuck that gorgeous pussy of yours first.”

He then mounted me from in front. I leant back on the settee and he knelt in front entering me easily. His cock pierced my soaking lips like a knife through butter.

“Oh Alan fuck me. Fuck me hard and make me cum again,” I begged.

It was at this point I became aware of being watched. I glanced to the side to see a shadow on the balcony. It was obviously Mike. He must have slipped in as Alan and I made our way to the hotel and was watching from outside.

He had been watching the entire time. I began to beg Alan to fuck me hard from behind and got onto all fours. He fucked me hard and fast and roughly from behind. My arse was facing the balcony so that Alan wouldn’t become aware of Mikes presence.

As he neared his spunking I asked to cum on my face. He pounded away announcing he was about to spunk up.

I quickly span around and took him in my mouth until he started spraying my face with his thick white cream.

He splashed my face and hair with his cum as I loudly urged him to, “Fucking cum all over me!”

Once finished we kissed and cuddled for a bit before he made his excuses and left.

Mike then came out and told me all had seen and heard.

We had a tremendous fuck as he told me how slutty I had behaved and of how turned on he was.

He described in detail my language and my session with Alan.

Alan was all sweetness and light later that evening at the bar area when we bumped into him. He sat with us for a while, chatting away to me and Mike. He was smiling a smile thinking he had gotten one up on Mike and had fucked me unbeknown to my husband.

He continued to flirt for the remaining couple of days getting glimpses of my tits and ass as I teased him some more.

I didn’t fuck him again. The teasing was fun though and him thinking Mike didn’t know anything about our little afternoon fuck and frolics!

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