Helping a Fertile woman on her Honeymoon

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This happened about 5 years ago, in 2015 August, for confidentiality purposes and to protect the people involved I will use fictitious names, I very clearly remember the details of this trip because it was an exciting trip and it is where a lot began.

We are from the tropical Island of Sri Lanka, I occasionally went out with friends to spend some time away, we go to the mountains, jungle or the beach. It was a Friday and my friend Siri called me and said, how about we get off work early and go to a resort down south, spend one night and get back. I said sure, by the way my name is Shawn 32 years old and I am 5’11” with an athletic body and Siri 31 years old and about 5’9” very slightly on the heavy side, he too maintained a fairly good shape. We packed our stuff and decided to go in my car, on the way, we bought some snacks and two bottles of Arrack, this is a local drink that most Sri Lankans drink.

Our minds were made up and we wanted to have a good time. We started off the journey at about 11.00 am and reached our destination at around 12.15 in the afternoon. We were early as the check in time was after 1.00 pm. So we said we will wait. It was a small resort right on the beach with about 30 rooms and a nice pool, beach bar (which was not operational). We had 45 minutes to spare, so we left our bags at the reception and went to take a look around, there were quite a few Europeans basking in the sun around the pool, couples, kids a couple of old people and some good looking girls in bikini’s all chilling and enjoying their holidays. We were happy there we no locals at the hotel, and had our eyes on a couple of single looking girls that we thought we will hit on.

They were smoking hot. We sat around in the shade for a while and it was 1.15. We ran to the reception got our keys and got escorted to the hotel. There were like 4 floors and we were on the 2nd floor room, No.10 it was. We through we need to make the most of the day. Left our bags, opened a bottle of Arrack, had two quick drinks to loosen ourselves a little and went down to the pool, which is almost on the beach. We were in our beach shorts wearing T shirts and sunglasses. We Sri Lankans try to avoid the sun as much as possible as we get sun burnt fast. But we had one day and did not care much. We took a dip in the pool and we were handing around, and before we knew it, it was about 4 pm, the beach bar opened at that time and they started serving cocktails.

I ordered a Mojito and Siri wanted to try a Pina Colada. At about 4.30pm a local looking couple walks towards the pool, we thought oh no, there are some locals. But this woman looked special, she was about 5’6” tall with curves to die for, she was wearing a blue bikini, with a see through beach wrap and also wore a skinny on the top. The guy was a regular guy. To our astonishment, they took up the beach beds right next to us. We pretended not to notice and so did they. That is when, the guy noticed our cocktails and spoke to her in Hindi, I believe, he asked her if she wanted one. We knew they were Indian, so we were comfortable again. When he went to get the drinks, I gave a look at her and said hello, after all they were just next to us. He brought two cocktails and gave one to her.

They chilled and at one point she took off the wrap and got into the pool and the guy was just on his phone. Looking at her gave me an errection. Her ass was rounded and moved as she walked, her belly was flat with a small layer of fat, which made it look really good and her breasts were full. I noticed almost all the guys turned to look except her guy.

This is when my friend Siri said hi to the guy, and he introduced himself as Rahul, a smart well spoken guy, he really enjoyed talking to us. And it was then that we realized, they were on honeymoon, nearly 2 years after their wedding. They were going to stay in the resort for 4 nights. He went on to say that after the wedding they got so busy with work commitments they could not have a honeymoon. And it so happened they picked Sri Lanka.

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