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To cut it short the story is about a lady whom I later discovered to be working in the same IT firm in which I was working. I moved Pune recently and I’m working as an IT Engineer. I met her in Dmart, to all those who are not familiar with DMart, its a Retail store like BIG BAZAAR across Maharashtra where you get everything comparatively
cheaper, so you tend to find all sort of crowd in there.


It was just another day, I was exhausted and got bored with the online training sessions so thought of watching some porn, and in the porn, a random lady was picked up
from the supermarket, seduced and fucked. I don’t know where that idea hit me and I decided to try my luck. I went to the nearby Dmart in Baner and started looking out
for someone, I could hit upon. It was evening around 8 and it was well overcrowded. Pretending that I was here to buy something like others, I started roaming around


with all sorts of random stuff in my cart. Within 15-20 min of boredom, I came across a lady who appears to be in her early 30’s & was shopping alone.

I approached her asking some of the dumbest questions one could ever ask for. All irrelevant question related to spices and dals, which one to buy which one not to. She
even started assisting me as she felt I was amateur into this. We departed and soon I would redirect my cart in the same direction to which she was heading to. She might
have felt something fishy about this, but its fine until she reports it. 😉 Although it was quite a decent approach but I wasn’t sure how she felt. All I decided was to hit on
someone. As I approached her a couple of times she became familiar, later I came to know that she was into the same company that I was currently working with. In the
meantime asked for her name, profile, project etc… I assisted her as she was alone here and had a lot of things to carry. Ab puchna to banta hai, “Shall I drop you”. To which
she denied as her husband was about to pick her up. I waited until her husband came and to my surprise, she introduced me to her husband as an office friend.

My bad luck, I had to return alone, but I was quite happy as it might not be the end!!!

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The very next day in the office, while I was on a break the idea of this lady, passed my mind, and I searched her on SKYPE and dropped her a message, but she didn’t
respond. I waited for a while but lost hope. Within the next couple of hours, I saw a watsapp message from the same lady. “What a luck, I sighed!!!” Maybe she got my no
from the portal.

We started chatting and met a couple of times in the office and later started coming on breaks together. Later on, I discovered that she was a divorcee and that guy was a
friend of her who the other day came to pick her up. As time went by, we came closer and she started sharing her past slowly. We started meeting outside too and all this
has been ongoing for almost a month.

One fine day she called me as she had to shop, apart from shopping we had fun too roaming around. Finally, when I went to drop her to her place, she invited me in for the
dinner to which I agreed. It was a 1BHK apartment on the 10th floor lit up with blue and red rice bulbs, the ambiance has already created the mood for me. I was just
holding onto my horses.

Just to freshen up I asked her if I could use her washroom, while she prepared the tea. To my surprise what I discovered has blown out my senses. Maybe she intentionally
wanted me to see her lingerie. The lingerie made me hard as hell and it was very hard for me to take out the thoughts of her panties from my head, I sniffed her panties
while I was stroked my tool. Although she did ask me as to why did it took so long to freshen up, but maybe she already had the answers, she didn’t insist either.
As we enjoyed the tea sips in the balcony lying on the bean bags starring the full moon, I came closer to her. At times I did touch her intentionally but she didn’t mind. To
break up the silence I whispered, “I like you”. She took a pause and started blushing. She asked if I would like to join her for a dance, It was a WIN-WIN situation for me.
She played some jazz music and pulled me up for a dance. She gave me every single opportunity to feel her, guiding me to her waist and the hips. While I was enjoying the
touch, her warm & heavy breath on my neck was adding up to the excitement. I still wanted to live that moment before I could pound on to her. This went for almost an

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While I was moving my fingers loosely in a circular and a to & fro fashion across her waist and the back to relax her, I pinched her at just the start of her cleavage which gave
her a shiver down the spine. With every minute it was becoming nearly impossible for us to control so without waiting any further I held her face upright pushed my lips
onto hers, and started eating them up. It felt like I was sucking her soul out of her mouth. She was totally in my control now, it seems that I was controlling two souls with a
single body.

Although I locked her lips, but her silent moans kept pushing me more and more into the trance state. Finally, I made her sit on my lap while I continued to kiss her. She
cooperated by wrapping her legs around my waist and started undoing my clothes as well as hers. Now we were just left with the undies covering only the vital organs.
She started becoming more and more aggressive and started biting my neck and the chest while scratching my back as deeply as she could leaving some deep impressions
over my body.

I decided to blindfold her and tied her hands with the handcuffs and started spanking her ass with the leather strap, which was a part of the surprise that I found under the
pillow. I pushed her face into the pillow with her hands cuffed forward so she could stretch fully exposing her panties covering her ass to me. I freed my tool, I was naked
with my dick facing the roof and ready to dig into the vertical lips between her thighs.

I started whacking her ass cheeks with the leather strap I had. With every strike, her moans became louder and deeper. Although she was in deep pain it felt she wanted
more of this. As she encouraged me to go even for more, I did no mercy on her. With every cracking noise, while the leather meets the flesh, the color of her ass became
more saturated and intense making the skin so sensitive that even the slightest touch forced her to shiver. She parted her legs giving me more access to her pussy. I could
see her panty was all drenched in precum. She was getting out of control as she was reaching her climax. She turned her face to me and groaned in a deep voice “FUCK

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I rubbed my dick over her panties a couple of times, tried to push my tool inside while the panties still covered her pussy. The rub over her panties heated up my dick like a
red hot iron rod and it grew so hard and tall that it felt it could even withstand the impact of sledgehammer. I slid the base of her panty to one side without removing it
which exposed her pussy dripping out the viscous fluid. I slowly pushed my dick between her pussy lips while we both gave out a moan….

My eyes started rolling up as I was getting deeper into the mystery hole. The warmth inside was unbearable. It was the ultimate pleasure one could ever have,
although I had sex before but the wild side of her impressed me a lot. She was a big fan of BDSM and hardcore sex, and I was impressed by that.

While she bowed in front, with her head buried in the pillow and the back arching upward towards me, I held her hair as the jockey would hold the horse rein to control
the movement. I clamped her ass between my thighs while I fucked her in doggy…. She was a pro, she even responded back by banging her ass to my dick while I was
fucking her from behind in similar fashion.

I was trying to stay in my senses but it felt her words were controlling my actions now, I increased my pace as she groaned “HARDER – fuckme HARDER”.
The room was filled with echos, cries, moans, screams, spanks….. Between the play, I pulled out quite a few times to prevent early ejaculation. But it was tough to control,
and finally with all my strength left, I gave out a loud moan with my body arching backward I pushed my dick as deep as I could and cummed every single drop of my cum
inside her pussy.

I even fucked her while was in sleep, later that night. As it was one of my fantasy.!!!
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