Cuckold: Conference Sex

Sex stories, cuckold in hotel room, conference sex…

“I’m just saying,” Dan said quietly, “conference sex is a thing.”

“Geez, honey,” Jenn rolled her eyes. “It’s a work conference, not one of your pervy fantasies.”

The airport crowds flowed around the young couple, people drifting in and out of shops and food stands or making their way to the security lines that stood between them and their flights.

“Why can’t it be both?” Dan grinned.

“Perv,” Jenn growled, but she knew wouldn’t have him any other way.

“All I’m saying is…” Dan started.

“… that if some guy tries to pick me up at the hotel bar, you’re ok with me *fucking* him,” Jenn whispered hotly. She couldn’t deny the flutter in her stomach, or perhaps a bit lower down, the thrill at the very idea.

“Well…” Dan flushed.

“You’re a perv,” Jenn replied with an amused grin. “Have fun with the house to yourself. Try not to spend the whole time I’m gone jerking off to porn.”

“No promises,” Dan grinned back.


“You can do this,” Jenn told herself, nervously, tugging at the hemline of the slinky black dress. “You want to do this. It will be fun.”

She was fairly certain buying the little dress in the first place had been Dan’s idea. He’d said she would look hot in it. Considering her reflection in the hotel room mirror, Jenn had to admit he had a point. The dress’s little spaghetti straps left her shoulders bare, showing off her fair skin down to the swell of her breasts – not huge, but not bad, she thought. The dress clung to her curves, emphasizing the tight belly she worked hard to maintain. The hemline was worrying. It was low enough to be decent, but seriously bordered on slutty. Tugging the hem down had helped a little, until she noticed that her tits were now in danger of popping out the top.

With a sign, she gave it up. Grabbing her little clutch purse, she walked out of the hotel room before she changed her mind.

With a grin, she pulled her phone out of her purse. After all, half the point of doing this was to give Dan a thrill, and she couldn’t do that if she didn’t keep him in the loop. As she walked down the hotel hall, she hit speed dial.

“Hi, honey. How’s the conference?” Dan answered.

“Boring seminars, pushy vendors, the usual,” Jenn said breezily.

“Having fun?” Dan sounded amused.

“Oh yeah,” Jenn replied, dripping sarcasm. “I just love it. What are you up to?”

“Oh, you know… wild party, drinking, smoking pot, a bunch of naked coeds in the hot-tub begging to suck my dick,” Dan lied.

Laughing, Jenn rolled her eyes. “You’re bored and watching late-night TV, aren’t you?”

“How did you know?” Dan asked.

“We don’t have a hot-tub,” Jenn pointed out.

“Fair point,” Dan conceded. “What are you up to?”

“Well…” Jenn hesitated, suddenly nervous again.

“What are you doing?” The sound of Dan’s excitement was like ice and fire in her veins.

“I thought I’d go down to the hotel bar,” Jenn replied, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Looking for a guy?” Dan said, teasing.

“Perv,” Jenn laughed, feeling that low-down flutter. “I’m meeting some friends for drinks… but…”

“But what?” Dan said slowly.

“Remember that little black dress you liked?” Jenn replied.


With a wicked grin, Jenn noticed a mirror in the hallway. Striking as sultry a pose as she could, she snapped off pic with her phone and sent it.

“Wow.” His response was breathless.

“I thought you’d get a kick out of that,” Jenn teased, thrilled that his response was everything she’d wanted. She didn’t, however, expect what came next… though in retrospect, she knew she probably should have.

“Are you wearing panties?” Dan asked.

“Yes… perv,” Jenn replied, with a nervous laugh. Admittedly, the little black thong she had on under the dress wasn’t much, but it was there.

“Take ’em off,” Dan said.

“No,” Jenn gasped, shocked.

“Take your panties off,” Dan insisted.

“No,” Jenn replied breathlessly. “You know how short this dress is.”

“Off. Right now.”

“Right… Dan, I’m in a hallway. I can’t.” Jenn laughed shakily. In fact, she’d reached the elevators at the end of the hall. Sure, it was empty now but someone could arrive at any moment. She could see herself reflected in the mirrored surface of the elevators doors, sexy in a slinky dress.

Dan said nothing. He was just waiting, she knew, daring her to do it, to step the game up one more notch. The little low-down flutter had become a full, rolling wave… a sultry, hot, wet wave.

Before she could lose her nerve, she reached up under the little dress and quickly pulled off her thong. Glancing at her reflection, she saw that, in the process, the perilously short hemline of her dress had been pushed from slutty to indecent. Flush with excitement, she pulled her dress up to allow an unobstructed peek at her pussy, snapped a quick pic of her reflection and sent it to Dan.

“Beautiful,” Dan panted over the phone.

“I’ll call you later, perv.” Jenn’s voice was husky to her own ears as she hung up.

A second later the elevator dinged and the doors open.

Jenn stood frozen, feeling sudden empathy for the proverbial deer caught in headlights. Despite her desperate desire to squeak and pull her dress down, she didn’t move.

Two men, plainly attendees at the same conference, stepped from the elevator, glancing at her with polite smiles. Both men froze suddenly. She saw their eyes widen as they took her in, her slinky black dress, her heaving cleavage, her hiked up skirt and the neatly trimmed landing strip of her naked pussy.

Red-faced, one of the men looked quickly away and walked on past. The other man hesitated for a moment, drinking in the sight of her. Under his hot gaze, Jenn felt a surge of unmistakable desire. She made no move to cover herself. She didn’t want to.

“Good evening,” the man said with a grin and then walked past her.

Breathing heavily, Jenn stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for the lobby. It wasn’t until she noticed her reflection the door again that she finally moved to fix her dress.


Like what U C perv? Jenn’s heart was racing as she fired off the text message to Dan, thinking about the picture she’d just sent.

After inadvertently flashing the two men at the elevator, Jenn had been unable to concentrate on hanging out with her friends – really coworkers attending the conference with her. The talk, griping about work, supervisors and spouses, was all the same talk they had back home.

Jenn’s mind had kept wandering back to the elevator, to the looks the two men had given her as she stood there, bottomless. She couldn’t shake the idea that Dan would love to hear about it, would probably ask why she hadn’t fucked one of them. She thought about the second man, the long, hungry look he had given her, and wondered what she would have said, what she would have done, if he’d propositioned her.

Finally, distracted from the banal chatter, she’d gotten up and gone over to the bar. Sitting at a bar stool, she’d felt her slinky black rise wickedly higher, felt the cool air teasing her naked thighs, and wondered how many of the guys were trying to peek up her skirt. That idea had started another wicked thought that grew in her mind until she had finally decided to give into it.

As nonchalantly as possible, she’d taken out her phone, held it down by her knees and spread her legs. A quick click, and she’d taken a picture of her exposed pussy in a bar full of men, a picture which was now on its way to Dan along with her teasing text. She knew he’d love it.

Glancing around the bar, she wondered if anyone had seen.

After a few minutes, Dan hadn’t replied to her text. She was disappointed before she realized the time difference might mean he hadn’t seen it. She fired off another.

JENN: U up? Haha

Still no reply.

“Excuse me, miss.”

Jenn jumped as the man’s voice broke through her distraction.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked, with a friendly smile.

His name was Tim. He was staying at the hotel, attending the same conference she was. They talked for a while about the day’s seminars, their respective workplaces, the hotel in general. Tim was friendly, flirty without being pushy, and Jenn found herself relaxing and enjoying herself. After a while, when Tim turned his attention to the bartender to refresh their drinks, she fired off another text to Dan, teasing that a guy had gotten her a drink.

“Good phone,” Tim said, looking back at her.

“It’s OK,” Jenn shrugged.

“Did the picture come out?” Tim said nonchalantly.

“Picture?” Jenn felt suddenly hot and cold all at once. “What picture?”

The bartender choose that moment to call Tim over, leaving Jenn shivering briefly in shock. She quickly fired off another text to Dan: OMG I think he saw me take that pic!

By the time Tim got back, apologizing and explaining that there had been some error with his credit card, Jenn had managed to regain the appearance of calm, though her heart was pounding.

“So,” she said, trying to sound cool. “You saw me take a picture.”

“Maybe just a peek, really,” Tim admitted with a barely hidden grin.

“Really?” Jenn drawled, teasing.

Tim just grinned, trying unsuccessfully to hide a glance down at her thighs. Jenn fidgeted in her seat.

“So, who was it for?” Tim asked. “The picture. Was it for someone?”

“My guy back home,” Jenn admitted, feeling oddly relaxed about it suddenly. “Dan. He has these fantasies. I thought I’d indulge him a little.”

“Fantasies of you flashing at a bar?” Tim grinned.

“Among other things,” Jenn confessed, blushing.

“Really?” Tim focused on his drink.

Jenn leaned closer to him, speaking more softly. “Dan told me to take off my panties, before I came down to the bar.”

Tim’s eyes flashed back down to her thighs again. “Did he? Had you leave them in your room.”

“No,” Jenn said slowly. “They’re in my purse. He had me take them off in the hallway.”

“He wants you to get seen, does he?” Tim’s gaze rose to lock with Jenn’s eyes. She felt a flush of heat rising in her cheeks and spreading down her neck.

“Well, I did take a picture of my pussy in a bar full of people for him,” she said.

“How far do you want to go?” Tim’s voice was low, husky.

“What did you have in mind?” Jenn felt the blush spreading down her chest.

“Give me your phone,” Tim grinned.

Slowly, Jenn slide it over. Grinning, Tim picked the phone up and took a couple of steps back.

“Give ol’ Dan a thrill,” Tim said.

Heart pounding, Jenn glanced around, looking at the other people around the bar. What the hell, she thought and spread her legs again on the barstool, exposing her bare pussy to Tim’s gaze, and the gaze of anyone else who happened to look over. As Tim raised the phone to snap a pic, Jenn threw caution to the wind. With a quick motion, she grabbed the top of her slinky dress and pulled it down, flashing a naked tit too. Tim clicked the picture and stepped quickly back toward her.

Hastily, Jenn covered herself again. Her heart was racing, and she was sure that blush covered her entire chest. The heat of it seemed to reach down toward the heat rising from her thighs. She wondered if Tim had noticed how wet her pussy was.

Taking her phone back, she looked at the picture and smiled. Quickly, she sent it to Dan. She wondered if he would see it before morning.

“There you go,” Tim said smirking. “That ought to give ol’ Dan what he wants.”

“Not even,” Jenn laughed.

“Really?” Tim looked intrigued. Leaning closer to her, he continued quietly, “You just flashed your tit -very nice tit, by the way – to like half the guys in this bar and at least a few of them will have noticed the ‘no panties’ bit too. What more does your guy want?”

“Well,” Jenn said, leaning closer too, until their faces were almost touching. “He has this fantasy.”

“What fantasy,” Tim breathed.

“He wants me to… fuck… another guy,” Jenn’s breath was coming in shallow gasps. “Like, here, at the conference. For real. Basically, he’s a perv. Crazy, right?”

“Crazy,” Tim agreed.

For a moment they just sat, their faces so close together. Jenn wondered if he was going kiss her.

“What do you think?” Tim asked finally.

“About what?” Jenn was puzzled.

“About his fantasy.”

“I think…” Jenn paused. “I think I like it. I think… maybe I might do it. If I find the right guy.”

“Well,” Tim leaned back suddenly, settling back in his seat. “If you find him, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble convincing him.”

“Really,” Jenn said, looking flatly at him. “Because I think maybe he might not be interested.”

“Not possible,” Tim said. “If a beautiful, intelligent woman like you asked… I bet almost any guy here would jump at the chance.”

“You, sir, are a charmer and a gentleman,” Jenn grinned.

“Well, I try,” Tim admitted with a smirk.

“I am going back to my room now,” Jenn said.

“Well, good night.”

“Really? That’s all? ‘Good night’?”


“I am all alone here. My guy – the perv who wants me to fuck another guy, you recall – is all the way on the other side of the country. I have… no panties on and I am very… very horny. It seems to me that a gentleman would escort me back to my room. After all, anything could happen… anything.”


Jenn’s hands shook as she fumbled to pull her hotel keycard from her purse.

After her sultry almost-invitation in the bar, the ride up in the elevator had been oddly quiet. Tim had been calm, flashing his flirty smile but nothing more. Letting her take the lead, Jenn realized. She couldn’t believe how nervous she felt. After all, she was only inviting a strange man she had just met at a conference up to her hotel room for sex because her guy… ok, she admitted, she could believe how nervous she was. What she couldn’t believe was how excited she was, or how hard it was to take that stupid plastic card out of her purse.

She jumped slightly when Tim’s hand closed gently over her arm.

“You don’t have to do this, you know,” he said softly.

With that, her nervousness vanished as if it had never been. Slowly Jenn turned, her body brushing against Tim’s as she reached up and kissed him. Her lips softly explored his. His arms closed around her, holding her firmly.

“I want to,” she breathed.

His arms tightened around her, pulling her against him, kissing her with growing passion. She could feel his growing hardness pressing against her.

“What do you want?” he said teasingly.

“I want you to fuck me,” Jenn panted.

Tim dragged her mouth back to his, his lips and tongue hungrily exploring hers. His hands roamed over her back, reaching downward to cup her ass. Jenn moaned against him. She felt him pulling up the hem of her slinky little dress, felt his hands squeezing her naked ass, there in the hotel hallway. Her entire body quivered with desire.

Pushing away enough to speak again, Jenn panted, “Let me… oohhh… let me open the door.”

Squirming in Tim’s embrace, she managed to turn enough to face the door again and clawed at her purse for the keycard. Tim’s hands continued to explore her body, squeezing her ass, rubbing along her side and her belly, reaching up to cup her breast. She managed to get the keycard out of her purse around the same time he pulled her dress down to expose her tits. His hard cock ground against her bare ass. She groaned as his fingers flicked over her sensitive nipple.

“If you don’t let me get this door open,” Jenn moaned, “we are going to end up fucking in the hall.”

“Bet ol’ Dan would love that,” Tim muttered as he kissed her neck, his roaming fingers reaching around to brush along the wet folds of her naked pussy.

Jenn groaned in response, forcing the keycard into the door and practically running inside as it finally opened.

“Oh my god. This is so crazy,” Jenn laughed as she heard the door swing close behind her. Unconsciously, her hands slid up her sides, moving to smooth her shirt.

“Don’t you dare,” Tim chuckled.

“What?” Jenn glanced over her shoulder at him, feeling a nervous flutter as she realized she was alone, in her hotel room, with him.

“Don’t fix your dress,” Tim said. “Looks good just the way it is.”

“With my ass hanging out, you mean,” Jenn smiled, her hands sliding down to cup her butt.

“Exactly,” Tim grinned. “You have a very nice ass.”

“You like it?” Jenn asked teasingly. “It’s not too big?”

“Your ass is firm and round. You have a beautiful ass,” Tim replied. “Give me your phone.”

“My phone?” Jenn puzzled at the non-sequitur.

“Well, I could take a picture with mine…” Tim said, reaching into his pocket.

“Oh, no,” Jenn replied, digging into her purse and tossing her phone to him. “That’s how embarrassing pictures end up on the internet.”

“Precisely,” Tim said, snapping a quick pic. “I mean, you wouldn’t want to do anything crazy.”

“Absolutely not,” Jenn laughed, cupping her ass and bending over slightly. “I am a very respectable woman, after all. I would never do anything wild or out of control. You know that, right?” She grinned as she looked back him, spreading her legs a little more.

“Of course not,” Tim nodded seriously. “And, after all, you’re in a committed relationship so clearly you wouldn’t want anyone to think you did anything inappropriate. Now turn around, so I can see your tits.”

Still laughing, Jenn turned, arching her back to show off her breasts. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, standing in her hotel room, her slinky dress bunched up around her waist, letting a strange man snap pictures of her bare ass and tits… and pussy, she realized. Her smile faded as her breath quickened. Her eyes met Tim’s and she saw, behind his joking and grins, a desire that reflected her own.

For a long moment, they just stood there, facing each other across the room. Slowly, her eyes fixed on Tim’s, Jenn slid the slinky dress’s tiny spaghetti straps from her shoulders. She pushed the bunched fabric of the dress down past her hips, letting it slip down her legs to pool around her feet. Finally, she stepped out of her heels and took a step toward him.

“You’re gorgeous,” Tim said huskily, then his teasing grin appeared again as he snapped another pic.

“More pictures?” Jenn shook her head.

“Well, I bet ol’ Dan will get a thrill out of them,” Tim replied lightly.

“All right,” Jenn said, stepping closer, moving quickly to hide her nervousness. “Let’s take some pictures that will give him a real thrill.”

With firm deliberation, before she could chicken out, Jenn grabbed hold of Tim’s slacks, undid the button and dropped to her knees in front of him.

“Take some pictures that will really drive him wild,” she said, forcing down Tim’s zipper and pulling his pants down.

“Oh my god,” she breathed softly as Tim’s cock jumped free of his boxers. Even only semi-erect, it was long, thick and veiny, plainly different from Dan’s dick. So what, Jenn thought to herself as she wrapped quivering fingers around the thickening shaft. She’d seen other dicks. She’d held other dicks, but never a stranger’s cock, and never while she was with another guy.

Above her, Tim groaned in pleasure and that, it seemed, was enough to finally settle her nerves. Smiling, she looked up at him, at his face glazed with desire as she stroked his length. She looked up at the camera lens of her phone. Dan wanted this, she thought. He’d said so often enough. She’d sucked dick plenty of times before, she thought as her lips closed around Tim’s thick cock. This time Tim would get to enjoy her mouth, enjoy her tongue swirling around him, and later Dan would get to enjoy seeing the pictures of his long, thick hard cock as it disappeared between her lips.

“Oh, yes, that’s so good,” Tim moaned.

Jenn quivered with desire. She felt nasty, kneeling there naked, eagerly bobbing her head up and down Tim’s cock while he continued to take occasional pictures.

“So good,” Tim moaned again. “Oh yeah, so good. Fuck.”

“Yes,” Jenn purred, keeping her lips against Tim’s thick cock. “I want you to fuck me. Fuck me, Tim.”

Groaning, Tim pulled his cock from her warm mouth. His strong hands grabbed her shoulders and lifted Jenn to her feet. She shivered with excitement as he pushed her slowly backward toward the bed.

“This what you want?” Tim growled, his eyes intense.

“Yes,” Jenn panted. “I want this.”

“You like sucking my cock?” Tim’s hands firmly cupped Jenn’s heaving tits, squeezing and caressing them. She moaned as he roughly played with her sensitive nipples.

“Yes,” Jenn gasped. “You have such a nice, big cock. I love sucking your cock. Now I want you to fuck me. Fuck me with your nice, big cock, Tim.”

She cried out as Tim pushed her roughly down onto the bed. Like an animal, he pounced over her. She moaned as his mouth latched onto her tits, roughly sucking and nipping at her sensitive mounds.

“Oh, Tim,” Jenn gasped as he kissed and bit down her side. “Hey, not so… oh, wow… oh… oh… Oh. My. God!” She cried out as he buried his face in her pussy. She arched her hips to meet him as his tongue parted her wet lips and lashed furiously against her clit. “Oh my god, oh my god, ohmygod! Yes, there. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Oh. Oooohhhh, myyyy, God!”

Jenn’s whole body arched in pleasure, quivering as her shockingly sudden orgasm ripped through her. She collapsed, panting, onto the bed.

Shivering, she looked up to see Tim looming over her, tossing the last of his clothes away. Out of a staid business suit, he looked powerful, muscular and wild. His long, thick cock stood proudly against his hard abs.

“Tell me,” he growled. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want…” Jenn gasped. “I want you to fuck me. Please, fuck me.”

He pushed closer, holding his cock in one hand as he guided it toward her dripping pussy. In the other hand…

“My phone?” Jenn giggled.

“I want ol’ Dan to see this,” Tim said firmly. “I want your pervy guy to see the moment, the exact moment, my cock… a stranger’s cock… enters his woman. I want the perv to have this to jerk to… his Jenn’s beautiful pussy taking another man’s…. cock!”

Jenn moaned as his tip entered her, parting her lips and stretching her slowly open. She shivered at his words, and at the nasty, wicked feeling of his strange cock inside her. She was doing it, she realized. She was letting a strange man fuck her. Her whole body arched up to meet him as his long shaft slowly filled her.

“Yeah,” Tim groaned. “He’s going to like seeing this.”

“Put the phone down,” Jenn purred. “Put that fucking phone away and fuck me.”

“Is that what you want?” Tim smiled wickedly, lightly tossing Jenn’s phone aside.

“Yes.” She looked at him, thrilling to the hungry look in his eyes. “Yes, I want you to fuck me.”

Tim slowly pulled his cock back, until only the tip rested just within her dripping pussy. “You want a guy you just met to fuck you. A stranger, to fill you up with his cock.”

“Yes.” Jenn writhed under him. “Yes, fuck me now.”

She gasped as Tim grabbed her waist. Her eyes locked on his as her body arched toward him. With a grunt, he thrust into her, filling her up with one swift motion. Their hips rocked together, her wet folds opening to receive him deep inside her.

Jenn’s whole body tingled as he thrust into her again and again, deep, steady, powerful thrusts that filled her over and over. She reveled in the feeling and the unshakable thought of how wicked this was. Wild, carnal pleasure climbed through her, exploding as she came again.

“Oh my god!” she cried out, shaking as her body convulsed around his thrusting member. “Are you… still going?”

“I’m not finished,” Tim grinned, continuing to slide slowly inside her. “Not by a long shot.”

“Oh… my… god…” Jenn moaned, wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling him deeper into her.

She let herself go, moaning and crying out with wild, forbidden pleasure. Throughout, she kept her eyes on him, watching his unfamiliar body moving over hers, staring into his stranger’s face has he grunted and thrust into her. Lust and pleasure climbed, peaked again with her desperate cries, and madly started to climb once more.

Suddenly, Tim paused in his seemly tireless fucking. “What’s that?”

“What?” Jenn panted. It took a moment for her to realize that a new sound had been intruding on the moaning, grunting and slapping of flesh against flesh. A musical, birdlike chiming sound. It took another moment for Jenn to recognize the sound. “Oh, it’s my phone.”

“Seriously?” Tim pushed himself slowly back inside her. “Someone’s calling you now?”

“Text alert,” Jenn gasped. “Probably…. ooohhhh… Dan.”

“Dan? Ol’ Dan!?” Tim laughed.

Jenn groaned as Tim quickly pulled himself from her body. She felt shockingly empty, without him inside her. She was relieved to see that Tim staggered slightly as he stood. She watched, amused at the sight of his thick cock bobbing ahead of him as he fumbled around on the floor, grabbing her phone.

“Hey, we missed a few,” Tim grinned down at her phone. “Text from Dan: ‘Hot pic.”

“Oh my god,” Jenn buried her face in her hands, wondering which of the many naughty pics her guy was talking about.

“‘You naughty tease’,” Tim read out.

“Give it to me.” Jenn reached out for the phone.

“‘Fell asleep. You have fun flashing the bar?’,” Tim read. “Poor guy, he’s missed all the fun. Should I send him some of our new pics?”

“No!” Jenn gasped. “Give me my phone.”

“‘You still up?’,” Tim chuckled. “I certainly am,” he added, flexing his raging hard cock.

“Give it to me!” Jenn reached out for her phone.

“Damn right I will,” Tim grinned, leaping back onto the bed.

Jenn squealed as he flipped her over onto her belly and dropped himself onto her back. She felt his slick, hard cock pressing between her thighs.

“Not what I meant.” Her gasp turned into a groan as he penetrated her again.

“Here,” Tim said into her ear. “You should really answer him.” He started thrusting again, even harder and more passionate than before.

The phone dropped in front of Jenn’s face.

“Go on, answer him.” Tim grunted, pounding into her.

Fumbling, Jenn grabbed her phone and tried to type out a reply.

JENN: CEnt tAlk call pater

Tim was driving fiercely into her now. Her whole body shook from the force of him in her. Tim was going wild, she realized, at the thought of her being on the phone with Dan while he fucked her. That idea, and his powerful thrusts, sent her own pleasure spiraling upward. She was dimly aware of the phone chiming again and again.

DAN: U drunk lol?

DAN: Jenn?

DAN: U ok?


She knew she had to respond with something. Desperately, she tried to cling to the phone long enough to type out a reply.

JENN: C a ‘ll later

JENN: nifht

With that she pushed the phone away and thrust back to meet Tim’s thrusting cock. Another orgasm crashed over her and Tim roared over her, driving his strange cock deep inside her.


Jenn stared at the empty hotel bar.

Other conference attendees moved through the lobby, heading for the morning seminars.

She was sure that Tim was among them, but she didn’t know where. He’d left during the night… after… One part of her mind shied away from the thought, but at the same she felt a tingle across her skin… her nipples… her pussy.

She looked down at her phone. It felt hot in her hand. She hadn’t dared to open the picture folder yet. She had to get it over with. She wondered if she would really dare to say anything when the time came. Her fingers shook as she pressed Dan’s speed dial.

“Hi, honey,” Dan answered brightly.

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