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Hi, My name is Bhagya and I am from Bangalore. I am 34yrs old, married with two lovely children and a loving husband who has his own business. We are an average middle class family.

I really enjoy reading the various encounters posted by women on this site and that encouraged me to share mine too. I am 5-9” in height with a slightly heavy figure of 38C-34-36.

What I am about to tell you happened one night while I was returning from work to home by local BTS bus. You guessed it right this was long before it was renamed to BMTC.

The two main people in my story are Praveen the bus conductor and Somanna the driver. I have been travelling by this bus for many years and both of them are very familiar faces and overtime we became good friends.

Every time I got in the bus I was greeted nicely and Praveen would hold the seat next to him for me. If the bus is too crowded, then Praveen would give up his seat for me.

Praveen is also the one who was more close to me. Since I work till late, I take the last bus home and it is often less crowded. I began to like Praveen because of the kindness and respect he used to give me.

We got off at the last stop and Somanna usually parked the bus near his home after dropping us. Me and Praveen used to continue our chatting for another 45mins and then go to our respective homes.

So coming home between 10.30pm-11pm was normal. On rare occasions the bus would be fully empty and we both used to sit together in the last seat which had lots of legroom chatting about our daily lives.

He was 21 and single and when he got in the mood he became very flirty followed by all the double meaning lines you can think off. I really enjoyed his company and especially his double meaning lines.

I also started talking to him in the same double meaning language soon because it gave me an erotic thrill. I am very good at cooking so whenever I made anything special, I always packed some for him.

He was staying alone here and his parents were in his hometown so I wanted to do my bit taking care of him. This gesture of mine went a long way and we got even more closer.

Now we were chatting like we could not live a single day without each other. We didn’t have cellphones in those days and landlines was a luxury. I have holiday on Sundays and that was all the more frustrating day for me to pass because I could not meet him.

I used to go alone to the local market every Sunday to buy groceries for the week. I got an idea to use this chance to meet him, we fixed a time and location and now my Sundays were in full bloom.

One day when we were both sitting in the last seat of the empty bus, he said he has been dreaming about me in his sleep. We both laughed heartily and unknowingly my head was resting on his shoulders.

My hand was on his thighs and his hand was around my back resting on my right breast. Before I could do anything he kissed my forehead and cheek and gave a tight squeeze to my breast.

I came back to my senses and sat back on my seat looking the other way. My mind was blurred because this breast squeeze felt really terrific like I have never felt before.

This was also the first time in my life that a man other than my husband did it. Many thoughts quickly ran thru my mind like I was doing a sin and how was I going to face my husband after all this.

During this he was still holding me very close apologizing for everything that just transpired between us. I did not answer and kept looking at him while I was still clearing my head.

Praveen was holding me and constantly trying to talk to me. He said many things like how eagerly he waited every day for me to board the bus to see me and spend time with me etc.

Appreciations and flattery can make anyone reconsider so I decided to just let go of all my thoughts and first see how far he will go. I smiled at him without saying a word and rested my head back on his shoulder giving him my green signal.

He hugged me tightly again and his hand was again around my waist, he showered my entire face with kisses except on my lips. Just his kisses on my face were sending pleasurable electric shocks thru my body.

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