A family finds this is not their regularly scheduled program

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Chapter 1: Whatever happened to predictability?

It was a calm and peaceful morning in the Miller household. Outside, birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and somewhere in the distance, a wind chime caught a gentle breeze. This was just the break Scottie Miller needed after the grueling spring semester. This slow, lazy morning was well-earned, as was his overflowing bowl of cereal he richly deserved. And so, wearing his sweatpants and a t-shirt, he sat at the kitchen counter crunching away at an overly sugared spoonful of Cheerios, caring not for the dribble of milk that ran down his chin. He just knew; this was going to be a good day.

He nearly fell off his stool when he heard his sister shouting his name.

“God damnit, Scottie! Get your ass out here and give me a hand!” she shouted while the doorbell repeatedly chimed.

Nearly tripping over himself, Scottie ran to the door and yanked it open. While expecting to find Hannah, he instead was greeted by dozens of brown boxes filling the porch, stacked so poorly that whatever was inside surely wasn’t in one piece anymore. Behind them and holding a box of her own, was his dear, sweet sister Hannah.

“Where the hell have you been!” she asked dropping down her load onto an already beaten and dented box beneath. Though she may not have heard the crinkle of something breaking, Scottie sure did. “Why aren’t you checking your phone?! You were supposed to be helping me three hours ago! I’ve been stuck shucking all these boxes on my own,” she said as she raked her short, dark brown hair back, tucking it under her bandana.

“…Huh?” was all Scottie could muster as Hannah groaned in frustration, turned in a huff and began marching across the lawn toward a large, yellow moving truck.

Scottie ran after her. “What are you talking about? We weren’t going to get started until Friday!”

“No, dumbass, that’s when they have to list it,” she said, barely turning back. “Mom specifically said we had to clear out the Westbrooke house today so it can be re-carpeted tomorrow.”

“What? When did she say that?”

Hannah stopped and looked at him, slightly dumfounded. “She texted me, like, a thousand times last night, like I would forget.”

“She didn’t text me,” Scottie said.

“Well there’s a shocker.” Hannah was never one to be low on sarcasm. Grabbing a handle, she hoisted herself up into the back of the truck, having left its roll-down door open. The interior was chock-full from floor to ceiling with varying shades of cardboard, crammed so tightly together it was as if pieced together by a grand champion of Tetris.

“Holy shit,” Scottie said seeing the work to be done. “You do this all yourself?”

“Fuck no,” Hannah said picking up yet another box. “Turns out there’s a fraternity across the street.” Her cheeky smirk spoke volumes. “Those boys were all too eager to help a young woman. Speaking of which…” she said as she pushed the box into Scottie’s chest. He took it with a grunt.

“Poor guys,” he said as she turned back to the load. He couldn’t help but think, with how she filled those yoga pants and loose tank top, they would have finished the entire renovation just to watch her hips sway. “You sure there’s anything left over there?”

Hannah picked up another box and dropped it on top of his other. He groaned slightly as his chin barely cleared the top.

“Oh yeah,” she said. “The last owner was a hoarder or something.”

She looked him over quickly, noticing for the first time his tank top and baggy sweatpants. “You really need to go change. We got a lot of shit to still do.”

Much to Scottie’s dismay, Hannah’s assessments of the Westbrooke site were pretty damn accurate as the house seemed to hold so many boxes, it could very well have stashed the Ark of the Covenant.

There was little furniture that needed to go. A table, two chairs, pots, pans, and yet no plates or glasses. All the cabinets were completely bare and looked as if they had never even been stocked. There was a single bed, but no mattress. They did have a Television, though it was an old bulky, heavy, 21-inch CRT surrounded by heaps of cables, wires, and various electrical tools.

It took two more runs for the siblings to pack up the site and offload it back home. The Delta-Beta-Kappas across the way did volunteer to help once more, but for some reason, they were less enthusiastic upon seeing Scottie.

It was close to 4pm by the time they were fully wrapped, truck returned, and back home. They loaded as many boxes as they could into the garage, but the rest went into the living room.

Hannah lumbered up to the couch and fell face-first into the soft embrace of the cushions. She let out a groan of satisfaction right into the pillows as she melted into place. Scottie paid her little attention as he opened a cardboard lid and peeked inside finding it full of pink, white, and yellow forms.

“Jeez,” he said, then called out “Hey, Hannah.”

She groaned in response.

Scottie closed the box and opened another. More papers. “I never asked, but why did Mom want the boxes brought here? Don’t they normally go to donate somewhere or the landfill or something?”

With a slight turn of her head, she said “I don’t know. Maybe they want to sell the stuff, or Dad might restore something. She didn’t say.”

“Okay, just seems weird, is all,” Scottie said. “If you think he was a hoarder, shouldn’t we be worried about pests, or something?”

His sister remained motionless as he picked up a folder and looked inside.

“Shit, I think this previous dude had some health issues,” he said.

Hannah mumbled something into the pillows.

“What?” Scottie asked.

“Alzheimer’s” she repeated, louder this time. “He passed away a few months ago so his estate went up for sale or something like that.”

“Oh dang.” He dropped the folder back where he found it, then opened another.

Hearing her brother’s incessant rummaging, she opened one eye.

“Are you gonna keep rifling through his things?”

Scottie shrugged as he peeled back the lid on another box. “Should I not? It’s part and parcel with the place, right?”

“Technically, yeah,” she said as he moved to a new trove. “Find anything good?”

He shook his head. “No, not really. Bunch of medical files and junk so far,” he said as he opened a new box.

“Oh, scratch that! Hey Hannah!” he said turning to her, holding up a large ball of tangled RCA cables. “Look! Goldmine! We can finally start that vintage TV repair business we are always talking about!” He chuckled. Sarcasm was thick with them both.

Still laughing at his own joke, he turned back to the open box, catching sight of something tucked beneath the wires.

“Oh, hold-up,” he said, dropping the bundle and rummaging deep within the container. He pulled out a small device, roughly the size of a hardbound book. Its smooth metal painted a matte black and wrapped in a power cord. Flipping it over, he found a rectangular remote taped to it, simple but crude in design.

Seeing his interest had been piqued, Hannah rolled onto her side to get a better look.

“What’s that?” she asked.

Scottie frowned, turning it over. “I’m… not quite sure,” he said. “I think it’s something for the TV based on these connections, but there is no brand name or anything so I don’t know. Weird that it has a remote, though.”

He flipped the remote over in his hands. The little controller appeared to take the minimalist route. On the front was a small LCD screen and three buttons; Up, Down, and something that had a handwritten “ENTER”. Flipping it over, he saw the bottom had a small copper plate and above that, a little sliding switch with three positions: Off, T, R.

“It’s kinda weird,” Scottie said. “Whatever this is, I think he made it. Ages ago at that. No branding at all, and the remote feels homemade.”

“Sounds exciting,” Hannah said mockingly. “You should probably just-“

“Oh shit! I think I know what this is!”

Hannah raised an eyebrow as her brother smiled, pleased with himself.

“… I think… I think this was a black box!”

“What? For like, airplanes?”

“No-no-no-no.” Scottie was finding it hard to hide his excitement. “This was a thing they used to use back in the day to connect to the TV or Cable box and unlock all the stations. Kinda like pirating TV. I read about it on a forum a while ago.”

His sister rolled her eyes. “Okay, Captain. That is quite a jump to make-“

“I’m gonna try it out!” he said blowing past her and making for the flat screen.

“Well, you have fun with your new toy. I’m gonna go take a shower.”

“Uh-huh,” mumbled Scottie as he tried to slide the big, bulky entertainment center from the wall to get to the cables.

“Try not to screw anything up, please. Mom and Dad should be home in like an hour and you know who they will blame.”

“Yeah-yeah, I’m good.” Scottie was in the zone.

Hannah shook her head and headed upstairs.

* * *

Chapter 2: There is Nothing Wrong With Your Television Set.

Scottie was turning on the TV when Hannah returned, fresh, clean, and in a pajama camisole with matching shorts, tied at the waist.

“You still at it?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he said as he shuffled four different remotes in his hands. “Took me a little longer to get the right cables, connections, and batteries for this little guy,” he said wiggling the new controller. “I think I got it all figured out… and there!”

With a click of the remote, the screen turned black.

The sound of a single person clapping filled the space. Turning around, Scottie found Hannah smirking at him with the world’s slowest applause.

“Oh Captain, my Captain,” she said laughing.

He crumbled. “Shut up. I’m still figuring this out.”

“You put the batteries in the right way?”

“Yes, I put the batteries in the right way,” he mocked as he flipped over the remote. “Oh, maybe this?”

Scottie clicked the slider on the back of the remote from OFF to T.

The television flickered, then changed to a blue screen. White text appeared in the upper right corner reading:


“Holy crap!” Scottie said, turning to his sister with the expectation of unrelenting praise. Instead, Hannah was looking at her phone.

“Mom and Dad are running late. They said we are on our own for dinner.”


She looked up to see Scottie staring at her, then nodding to the TV.


“Oh,” she said. “Good job.” She took a seat on the couch.

Scottie jumped into the seat next to her, watching the screen with pure joy.


The room was silent as both siblings watched the progress ever so slowly increase.

Scottie looked at the remote and noticed the small LCD screen was illuminated. In faint 8-bit letters on a grey screen, the words “SCN%” appeared.

He laughed. “Dang, this thing’s old!”

Hannah looked up. He pointed to the screen.

“Looks like an old cell phone, doesn’t it?” he said, more than asked.

“Sooooo,” Hannah said. “… How exactly do these things work?”

“Never really seen one so I don’t know. The guy who had one online just said that it gives you all the channels in your region.”

“No shit,” she said, nodding her head in thought. It had been eight months since their father discontinued their cable subscription, and both the Miller siblings missed their trashy TV shows and sitcoms.

It took twenty minutes to complete — twenty agonizing minutes. The slow crawl it had taken seemed to drag them along, raising their expectations during the final 5 percent, until finally…



“You got to be fucking kidding me!” Scottie said staring at the screen.

“Here. Gimme the thing,” Hannah said as she snatched the controller from his hands. “It’s probably all zeros-“

“It’s not going to be-“

“We’re in,” she said as she tossed the remote back to her brother.

“Huh,” he said. “Nice job.”

The TV displayed a setup screen; simple and antiquated.




“What language you feel like?” Scottie asked Hannah. Her annoyed stare gave him his answer.

“Okay then,” he said as he selected his choice and moved on.

“Restrictions… on or off?”

“Off,” Hannah said. “I don’t want to get limited from HBO or something like that.”

“Yeah, sure,” he said making the change.

He skipped Reset and selected DONE to complete.

Moments later, the TV flickered again and the news appeared with the word Standard in the upper right corner for a few moments. The tiny screen on the remote read “STANDARD”.

“Hmmm,” Scottie said. “Well the picture is far clearer than I was expecting for the old connections.” He raised the remote and clicked the up arrow.

Drama appeared in the upper right corner of the screen, then faded. The News remained, then cut to commercial.

“Huh,” he said, then clicked again.


“You think it’s broken, or something?” Hannah said as some new movie trailer for a superhero appeared.

“I don’t think so, I don’t really have many options here.”

“Maybe you have to use the regular remote?” Hannah said as she grabbed the Television’s and changed the channel. She clicked her way through their list, all was the same. Just run of the mill, standard broadcasts from their local stations.

“What the hell?” Scottie said as Hannah landed on a local station playing a rerun of the TV show “Friends”.

“You sure you set it up right?” Hannah asked.

“Yeah, pretty sure! It’s not like there were a ton of options.”

“Then what the hell does the remote thing do?”

Scottie kept clicking. “Apparently, not a damn thing!” he said before tossing the remote onto the couch. “I give up,” he said. “What a waste of time.”

Annoyed, he rose and retreated to the kitchen. “Man, sorry Hannah. Didn’t mean to get your hopes up.”

His sister turned around on the couch and watched him, resting her chin on its back as her fingers fiddled and traced the seams in the fabric.

“Honestly, Scottie, it’s no big deal,” she said with a laugh.

“I know,” he replied, opening the fridge. “I just thought it would be cool, and I know you were super pissed when dad cut the cable service…” He pulled out a couple of slightly stained cartons of Chinese Food. “Beef with broccoli or chow mein?”

“How long’s it been in there?”

“Two nights?”

“Chow mein,” she replied.

He continued, “… Cool. So, yeah, I got a little excited as last semester kicked my ass.” He snagged a group couple of chopsticks from a drying rack and handed them to Hannah. “Do you want me to heat it up?”

“No, I’m starving actually,” she said as he handed her the carton. “Thanks, ‘Lil Brother.” She popped open the top.

“Yeah, no problem,” he said. “Look, Dad said he cut the service to save money, yet we still order out like five days a…”

Scottie trailed off as something on the TV caught his attention.

“Hey, you okay?” Hannah asked seeing her brother lose focus.

“… Yeah,” he replied, his eyes locked on the television. “I never really watched this show, but it wasn’t on a family network, was it?”

She nodded, swiveling on the couch to face the screen with a small waterfall of noodles hanging out her mouth. Hannah slurped. “What show? Friends? Yeah, I think so, why?”

“I, uh… I don’t think I’ve seen this episode…”

Scottie set his leftovers down and took a seat back on the couch.

On the screen, all the cast members were in a coffee shop, seated on a couch. They appeared to be in the middle of a conversation with overly exaggerated expressions and gestures as one does in the world of sitcoms. Yet behind them, the extras appeared to be peppered with puppets of bright and whimsical colors.

“Did they ever do a crossover?” Scottie asked.

“… I think so, but this is weird,” Hannah said as they watched as one of the characters, an attractive dark haired man named Joey, approached the counter. Standing there, waiting at the register was another character; a pink, female muppet. Without batting an eye, Joey started chatting with her as if it were a normal thing to speak with a puppet.

“Can you turn up the volume?” Hannah asked.

Scottie found the TV remote and clicked the buttons.

“… So if the juice costs $2, and I have $5, you mean that would give me $3 in change?” Joey asked the fluffy barista.

“That’s right! Isn’t math fun!” she said while turning to the audience, “But remember boys and girls, you should always ask your parents’ permission…”

“What the fuck is this?” Scottie said in utter confusion.

Hannah’s expression matched her brother’s. “I have no idea,” she said, as Joey returned to the couch with a large glass of orange juice.

“Can… Can I see the remote?” Hannah asked without taking her eyes off the screen.

Joey handed her the controller for the TV.

“No, it’s… fuck it, just move,” she said and stretched across Joey before he could respond.

“Hey!” he said as his sister briefly pressed her body onto his.

Hannah pulled back with the new controller in her hands. Brushing a few loose strands of her hair out of her face, she looked at the handheld device, then pressed the “ENTER” button.

Family appeared in the upper right corner.

Both siblings looked at each other.


“You don’t think…”

Hannah aimed the remote at the TV and pressed the UP arrow.

The screen briefly flickered as the word Mystery appeared in the corner. All the puppets were gone, but the same cast remained. What was once a bright and colorful coffeeshop, now was dark and borderline ominous.

Within moments, a scream was heard from off-camera. A woman ran on screen and shouted, “Gunther’s been murdered!” Gasps and cries erupted from the crew, but Phoebe sank in her seat with a wicked grin.

“Holy shit…” both siblings said. Hannah clicked UP again.


Gunther burst in from the back saying “Gotcha!” and everyone laughed.

Hannah clicked again.


A ghostly child rose up from behind Gunther dressed in a dirty white gown, then lunged.


Gunther was in an interview saying why he left his MBA for a coffee shop.

“This is unreal,” Scottie said as Hannah kept clicking.

The screens continued… Sports, Fantasy, Thriller, and on. With each click of the remote, the show flickered and changed as if it had been made for that channel. It was seamless.


Hannah paused.

“No. Fucking. Way,” They said in unison.

It appeared as normal; Joey made a joke and the audience laughed. Ross was awkward with Rachel and they chuckled. But then, Chandler winked at Monica and nodded to the door.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” Monica said. “I have a… thing… to baste. You know, Chef’s stuff. Hey, Chandler? Do you think you can help me?”

Playing up the ignorance. “Oh, me? Cooking isn’t my forte, but I’m expanding my horizons.” Before the two dashed out of the shop.

A guitar riff played showing a New York Skyline as the episode transitioned to a new set.

“Fuck yes! Give me that cock!” Monica screamed, wearing only a bra as she bounced atop a handcuffed, blindfolded, and gagged Chandler. From the waist down she was naked; totally, completely, bare-assed naked. Even more shocking, was that Chandler was as well. He was sporting a raging erection glistening with Monica’s juices as she slid up and down his rigid pole. Hannah and Scottie could see EVERYTHING.

“HOLY SHIT!” both siblings cried in unison as Scottie rose to his feet while Hannah jumped onto the couch.

“How can they-!”

“How is it-!”

“What the FUCK!”

“This is unreal!”

They both kept tripping over their words as they watched the Friends become far more than that.

“Wait a second,” Scottie said as he stood, changing the channel on the TV.

As the genre stayed on Adult, every channel seemed to be in that vein. Newscasters were nude. Commercials were for sex toys. A station was listing the top ten places to masturbate in public. A game show called “Who’s In Me Anyway?”

He clicked again and the image became black and white. On screen was a gothic living room crowed with antique furniture. Large cobwebs clung to the walls and darkened corners. In the center of the space sat a couch, upon which was a rotund man wearing an exquisite tuxedo. His pale skin, thick eyebrows, and widow’s peak suggested he was a vampire, just like the woman kneeling between his legs sucking his bone white cock. Her hair, slick and black with long streaks of white. The hem of her dress flipped over her shapely ass, showing the camera her wet vagina as she rubbed her clit. All this accompanied by the sounds of canned laughter for every moan, groan, and gasp the elderly undead muttered while receiving a killer blowjob.

“This is fucking wild!” Scottie said turning to his sister, right as her eyes went wide.

“Jesus, Scottie! Change it!” Hannah cried.

“What? Why?”

“It’s The Munsters!” she said. “That’s Lily Munster blowing Grandpa! Her Dad!”

“No way,” he said again.

“Oh, fuck it.” Hannah dropped off the couch and grabbed the new remote. Flipping it over, she switched the slider to OFF.

Immediately, the screen flickered and Lily Munster was walking around saying some sort of gibberish, while her father sat on the couch reading the newspaper. It was programing as usual. Normal. Clean.

Scottie blinked his eyes as if breaking a spell.

“Jesus Christ, Scottie. What the fuck did you find?” she whispered.

Scottie shook his head, noticing for the first time his sister. Her skin was slightly flushed, nipples hard and trying to cut tiny holes in her top. He shook his head and averted his eyes upward to her luscious, pouting lips-her lips, her regular, normal, sisterly lips. Fuck, he was horny.

The sound of a deadbolt being turned broke them from their stunned silence.

They shared a look and mouthed “Mom and Dad!” before scrambling onto the couch as the front door opened. Hannah pulled her feet up on the couch and started scarfing down her Chinese food as Scottie pocketed the remote.

“Hey, kids! We’re home,” chimed Angela Miller from the entryway.

“Hey,” they both chimed in unison, nerves high and focusing on the game show.

Scottie turned back as Angela hung her coat on the rack. Perhaps it was his blood already hot, or something that got switched from on from moments ago, but he found his eyes wondering over his mother. Her long dark hair with a natural curl had been recently styled and seemed to be crimped to accentuate its volume. Her frame, was curvy, but not unfit. It seemed similar features to that of Hannah, foreshadowing what his sister would become in twenty years. But for Angela, she wore a tan V-neck jumper with high heels. Based on how low the neckline was, it led Scottie to assume they have been to a showing today.

“Where’s Dad?” Hannah asked.

“He’s on a call, fighting with the contractor-“

“Not fighting. Negotiating!” Dale called in from outside.

Angela looked at Hannah and mouthed “Fighting” with a smile. She looked around the room.

“Oh, good! You got all the boxes out Westbrooke?” she called out to them.

“Yup,” they replied.

“That’s great! Thank you, Scottie!” Angela said as she leaned down and kissed him on the cheek.

Scottie shyly cast an eye to Hannah as she glared at him once more, subtly shaking her head.

“And thank you too, Hannah,” Angela laughed.

“You bet, Mom,” Hannah said, saluting her with her chopsticks.

Angela smiled. “What you watching?”

“Nothing,” they both mumbled.

“Just The Munsters,” Hannah said.

“Oh, fun!” Angela replied. “You know, when I was a kid I wanted to be just like Lily.”

An image of their family in the show popped into Scottie’s mind, but in this one, Scottie sat naked on the couch while his mother was dressed in Lily Munster’s gothic dress, hair dyed black and white, crawling to him with this look of lust. Slowly, she slithered up between his legs, dragging her tongue up his erect…

Scottie started choking on his broccoli.

“Jesus, Scottie,” Hannah said as she kicked him.

“Everything alright, Bud?” Dale called as he entered carrying a large brown bag.

Scottie coughed and coughed but gave a thumbs up.

“Good to hear,” Dale said as he walked behind the couch. Some considered him the perfect example of a man in between generations. He was taller than Angela, and still somewhat fit, but the slightest hint of a gut was starting to show. He kept a short beard, trimmed very short, with slight hints of grey at the temples. Hannah had once told Scottie that the moniker “Silver Fox” would likely someday be applied to their father.

“Wow, kids, you both did all this?” Dale said, looking around at the piles of boxes.

Angela beamed. “They did, indeed.”

Hannah nodded. “Most are in the garage.”

“Good work, you two,” he said, then raising his bag. “Anyone hungry? We picked up some Greek.”

The rest of the evening was mostly uneventful. The siblings shared their success with recruiting the frat boys to help with the move but omitted their findings when curiosity got the best of Scottie. After dinner, Dale and Angela curled up on the couch to finish a movie they had started. The news of this plan brought a big knot in Scottie’s stomach, but luckily, the blue-ray player started without issue.

As Scottie said his goodnights, he found Hannah waiting for him at the top of the stairs.

“We need to talk,” she said and nodded in the direction of her room.

Like conspirators, the two slipped into her sanctuary and Hannah closed the door behind them.

“You have to get rid of it,” she said.

“What? Why?” Scottie was taken aback.

“I shouldn’t have to explain it, but it’s weird and gross, and-“

“First off, that was only with one channel. And second, you were the one who chose unrestricted content.”

Hannah’s voice began to raise. “Yeah! I did! And I didn’t know that it meant we’d-“

“Shhh,” Scottie whispered.

Hannah continued, in a loud whisper. “I didn’t know that meant we were gonna watch the Munsters fuck each other!”

“Well, technically, we didn’t-“

Hannah punched his shoulder. “Fuck off, you know what I mean.”

“I know, I know.”

He took a deep breath as Hannah put her hands on her hips.

“Scottie, it weirds me out. How the hell is it even doing that? It’s like whatever the feed is, it changes the genre. How is that possible?”

“Beats me. This is far from the thing I heard about. I think this dude who made it was either a freaking genius or way off his rocker.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Genius? Really?”

“Absolutely. Think about it. We don’t need cable TV when any station can be turned into whatever we want to see!”

“That doesn’t creep you out at all?”

Scottie shook his head. “No way. It’s not real. It’s just the TV. And you saw how many boxes are down there. I’m sure he wrote up instructions or something. I tell you what, tomorrow’s Saturday. Mom and Dad have an open house all day, so it will be just you and me here. Let me just mess around with it. I’ll leave it off the porno channels, but let me see if I can find out a little more about it. If you still don’t feel comfortable by tomorrow evening, I’ll reset the thing.”

For some strange reason… she said yes.

* * *

Chapter 3: To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before.

For Hannah, the following morning played out in a similar fashion to her brother’s the day prior. It was going to be a relaxed, casual day. Hell, she earned a day of rest after the bullshit morning the day before. If she wants to do nothing, fuck it, she’ll do nothing. If she wants to just wear her baseball shorts and sports bra, then by God she will. However, downstairs, it was a whole other ballgame.

After a lazy morning stretch, Hannah went downstairs and straight to the kitchen, lured by the scent of a pot of coffee. She poured a cup, fancied it up with some cream, then casually sipped it with both hands as she watched her brother in the adjoining room.

The living room looked like it had been turned over during a crime investigation. Papers were scattered, boxes were overturned, and Scottie was like a man possessed pouring over the contents of each item he found. She watched as he would move from box to box, marking the side with a pen and occasionally flipping through pages or rearranging stacks.

“How’s it going,” she asked.

Like a prairie dog, Scottie looked up, spooked by the sudden sound and tried to find the source.

“What? Oh! Hey,” he said. “Yeah, I may be a little over my head.”

“You don’t say.” Hannah chuckled as she blew a stream of air across her coffee. “Any luck finding the instruction manual?”

Resigned, he threw his hands in the air. “Honestly, I think it may be possible that there isn’t one,” he said. “If that guy made it, there might be a journal or something, but otherwise… Who really keeps instruction manuals, right?”

“Right,” she said, then took another slow, slurping sip.

“Right… But! But… I did find this!” he said, tripping over boxes as he made his way back to the couch. Tossing a pile of loose papers aside, he pulled out a college notebook.

“You found his notes?” Hannah asked.

“Oh, no, these are mine.” He flipped through until he came to a page resembling electrical schematics. “So I was doing a little experiment this morning after Mom and Dad left, and it was around the time I was watching Anime Full House, which was better than I expected, I started cataloging all the stations, or channels, or whatever we are calling them. It looks like there are about twenty-six.”

He handed the notebook to Hannah who started reading the list.

“Game show, Sci-Fi, Fantasy…” She looked up. “Home Shopping?”

Scottie shrugged.

She continued on. “What’s with the channels with the stars?”

“Those should be the restricted ones,” he said. “I was able to compare with it turned on and off. So, if I’m right, turning off the restriction will only mean we lose a few channels, like Horror, True Crime, and-“


“Correct. Well, it’s called Adult,” he said.

Hannah handed back the notebook and looked to the TV. The screen was blue once more with text in the upper right corner reading:


“So, what’s it doing now exactly?”

“Ah!” he said, excited once more. “So I think I’ve figured something else out. Yesterday, it didn’t work until I toggled this switch, right?” he said, gesturing to the bottom of the remote. “So I think the T stands for TV, or Television, or something like that.”

Hannah squinted her eyes. “So what does the R stand for?”

“Not really sure. I was just about to test it. I was thinking it means record, or rewind, or something. Whatever it is, the setup for it is much longer than for the TV. It’s been scanning for the last several hours.”


Scottie nodded. “Yeah. I thought it was frozen at first but then I saw it move up a tick. It’s probably just because it’s really old technology,” he said, waving the remote. “It’s been on this screen for the last 10 minutes.”

Hannah was about to respond when the screen suddenly went black, then flickered and showed the words:


“Oh, sweet!” Scottie said as he dropped the remote on the couch and grabbed the television’s remote. “What are you in the mood for? There’s a ton of soap operas on that I think we can turn into a music video or something… I believe I have that queued up,” he said as he was clicking through the basic channels on the TV.

As Scottie remained focused on the TV, Hannah’s eyes were drawn to the black box remote. Setting down her coffee, she reached across the couch and picked it up carefully. She looked at the small LCD screen seeing it was illuminated. In small, 8-bit letters, it read ADULT.

“Scottie,” Hannah said, holding the new controller. “When you set it up again, did you allow restricted content?”

“Ummmmm” Scottie said, slightly turning to look back. “I don’t know, I might have.” He was a terrible liar.

“Uh-huh,” Hannah smiled.

Scottie landed on a re-run of Baywatch. “Oh, well I guess… maybe this could work,” he said as he turned back to Hannah.

Hannah stared at him, feeling smug and having no reason to hide it.

“So, little brother,” she teased. “What station were we going to test again?”

“Music?” he said slowly, somehow adding syllables to a normally two-syllabled word.

“Oh really?” Her smile widened. “So, all I have to do is click this button here, and it will turn on?”

With hesitancy, Scottie replied. “That… should be it.”

Her smile couldn’t get wider as her eyes narrowed.

Hannah pointed the remote at the TV and said “Why you little Perv-“

She never finished the word. The moment she pressed the button, there was a flicker, not on the television, but with Hannah herself. For a moment, she was there, and the next, Hannah vanished; remote and all.

Scottie blinked, taking a moment to register what he just saw.

“Ha… Hannah?” stuttered Scottie as he looked into the space she was standing mere seconds ago. “Where… Hannah?!”

Tentatively, he reached his hand in her space, or at least where she was. For a moment, there was a brief tingle of static electricity, enough to make the hairs on his arm raise. Then the feeling dissipated.

“What the fuck…” he said, then “Oh shit. Oh, SHIT!”

In a frantic burst of energy, Scottie ran through the house screaming “Hannah! HANNAH! Oh-fuck-oh-fuck-oh-fuck-oh-fuck…” over and over with varying volumes, tears, and expletives.

He tore through her room, looking in the classic hiding places they would use as kids. He checked all around the inside, then outside of the house, trying to keep his calm and appear collected when Widow Anderson waved to him while pruning her roses. He even looked through the boxes, because at this point, there was nowhere else to check.

And so, it was in the living room, twenty panic-filled minutes later, where Scottie was seated. Barely on the edge of the couch, he held his phone out, finger hovering over his mother’s phone number.

“I have to tell them… I have to tell them… What do I tell them?… I can’t tell them… But I have to…” Over and over and over again, when suddenly, he felt an odd… sensation.

It was a sudden shiver or tingle that ran through him, though the room was far from cold. His eyes narrowed as he felt the tiniest of pull on his arms and he watched as the tiny hairs start to raise up as the room started to fill with a strange static energy.

Right as he was about to say something, reality seemed to flicker before him, and suddenly, there stood Hannah.

Her arm was outstretched as she held the remote, her eyes were wide, skin flushed and sweaty, and hair ruffled. She was panting, hard, causing her chest to rise and fall with each breath. She brought a hand up to it, holding her chest as she let out a deep, heavy sigh of relief.

“… Hannah?” croaked Scottie.

As if startled, she looked at her brother, noticing him present for the first time. In the blink of an eye, her expression went from shock to rage.

“You… fucker!” she screamed and slapped him across the face so hard his vision blurred.

Scottie was just able to catch her throwing the remote down on the ground as she ran out of the room and up the stairs.

He started to run after her, feeling a sting on his lip and the metallic taste of blood.

He made it to her door just as it slammed shut in his face. He stopped, pounded on the door, and then the pain caught up with him.

“Hannah! Hannah are you… oh shit!” he said as he clenched his jaw. “What was that for?”

“Shut the fuck up, Scottie!” she said from the other side. “I don’t want to see you, or talk to you, or hear you. Just go the fuck away, please!”

It was such a mix of emotions. For Scottie, there was the pure, unfiltered relief of his sister being back blended with the heavy concern over her obvious emotional distress.

“I’m so sorry, Hannah! Really, I am! I had no idea it would do… whatever it did.”

“Please just go away,” she said. “Just… leave me alone.”

He opened his mouth, but in reality, what more could he really say?

With a heavy heart, all he said was “Sure, Hannah,” and then walked away.

On the other side of the door, safe and secure in the solitude of her room, Hannah could hear him retreat down the hall. She leaned her back against the door and she slid down.

“Oh fuck,” she said, eyes shut as she tried to control her breathing.

Slowly her senses returned as if loading one-by-one. Her body felt hot and sticky as her pulse thundered. Running a hand across her chest, she felt the rock-hard bumps of her nipples, still sensitive and begging to be tweaked. As if by reflex, she squeezed the nub and felt a shiver of pleasure ripple through her. Her fire was still lit as she felt herself get wetter. Even more so when she pulled her hand back finding a thick, viscous fluid still on her bra and now coating her fingers.

Cum. His cum. And the scent was overwhelming.

“Oh fuck,” she said again as she let her head rest against the door, squeezing her thighs together.

Downstairs Scottie was pacing. He was thankful his sister was back, but devastated at the same time. She was obviously afraid and hurt, and it was all because of him. After all, she hit him. She’s never hit before, and she had every right. Who knows what this device truly is or what it can do? He could have put her life in danger. If she never returned, he would never be able to forgive himself. It must have been frightening, whatever she had gone through.

…. What did she go through?

It goes without saying that it was something traumatic. She returned in a state of distress, to some degree. But… she did come back.

Obviously, he never even intended for her to go through that experience. He truly thought the R meant Record or something that didn’t have to do with… whatever the hell happened! He just wanted to record a naughty version of Baywatch. It never should have been her. He was going to test it. He was moments away from even doing it. So if something bad was to happen, it should have been him.

Come to think of it, it should still be him, right? Hannah did come back after all, right? Yes, of course. It wasn’t right that Hannah was to suffer like this alone. She has already demonstrated that it wasn’t life-threatening. So, if Scottie was to have any way to connect with her, he would need to do the same.

He just needed the remote.

It took him a few minutes, but he was finally able to find it under the end table. It was a tight squeeze but with a little stretching, he pulled out the device. He quickly positioned himself in front of the Television, which was still on and showing an infomercial for some allergy medication. With a deep breath, he pointed the remote toward the little black box and clicked the button.

Nothing happened.

He tried again, still nothing.

Confused, he looked at the tiny device in his hand. Looking at the LCD screen, he could see that it read STANDARD in tiny 8-bit letters.

Interesting. When he had it last, it was on ADULT, but she likely changed it back at some point. He clicked the arrows until it was on ADULT once again and hit ENTER.

A sudden pulse of energy rippled across his skin, startling Scottie enough to close his eyes. Then, a second later, it was all gone, with just a slowly diminishing tingle of static electricity. Risking the worst, Scottie slowly opened one eye.

He stood in his living room surrounded by the pile of boxes, opened, and papers were strewn out everywhere, just as it all had been mere moments before.

“I don’t get it,” Scottie said to himself as he turned, looking all around the room. He was still in his house, nothing had changed. The same infomercial was playing, now listing the dozens upon dozens of side effects one may experience. Yup. Normal.

Cautiously, he raised the black box remote and clicked the ENTER button. Nothing happened. Nothing changed at all. When he looked at the remote in his hands, all appeared normal there too.

“Shit,” he said. “Did I break it?” he asked looking around the room. No one responded.

Yet, as his vision passed the mantel, he noted his reflection in a mirror. The hairs on his head were all standing on end.

Scottie slowly approached the reflection, mouth agape as he brushed his hand through the short locks. It was as if an invisible balloon was just above him causing all his follicles to stand upward. Yet, as the seconds ticked by, they fell and the tingle was no more.

For the first time, he saw his red cheek. A very light outline of Hannah’s hand still was visible from her slap. His lip was slightly cut and a small dollop of blood was on his lip. He set the remote on the mantel and touched his lip, wincing at the stinging pain.

“Oh shit, Scottie. I got you good, didn’t I?”

He looked over to the source of the sound and found Hannah at the bottom of the stairs, one hand on the banister and the other on her hip. She had changed back into her leggings and v-neck t-shirt. To Scottie, the pants seemed just a little tighter while the shirt was a little looser, or maybe it was his imagination sexualizing everything in the last twenty-four hours.

“Yeah,” he said trying not to look her all over. There was a slight redness to her cheeks, a slight fidget to her stance. “Are you… How are you feeling?” he asked.

She took a deep breath.

“Better,” she said. “I think. It’s been a weird couple of days, right?”

Scottie laughed, then flinched “Ouch,” he said reflexively bringing his hand to his lip.

“Oh jeez,” Hannah said, walking up to Scottie. Reaching out, she held his chin and turned his head slightly to get a better look.

“Gentle!” Scottie said.

“Quiet, you baby,” she said, smirking. “Mom would never let me hear the end of it if I bruised her favorite boy.”

“Shut up.” Scottie laughed as he pushed her away.

“You know it’s true,” she said. “Okay. Let’s put some ice on it before it starts to swell anymore.”

Minutes later, Scottie was leaning against the fridge holding a frozen bag of peas to his face. Hannah sat on the counter beside him, leaning forward. The collar of her shirt gaped, revealing the flesh of her soft globes. It was like they were calling to him, begging for Scottie to just sneak a peek, but he wouldn’t.

“You’re making it really hard to be brotherly here. You practicing getting out of a speeding ticket?” Scottie said.

“What?” Hannah replied raising an eyebrow.

Scottie gestured to her shirt.

“Oh! Thanks,” she said, pulling up the collar, then peering down beneath her own shirt. “It’s not like you can see anything.”

“I can see that you’re not wearing a bra.”

“Well, that’s true,” she said. “Had to change from earlier.”

“Yeah, about that…” Scottie said, setting the peas on the counter. “… How you doing? You looked real shook up.”

Hannah took a deep breath. “Better… I think.”

“That’s good,” Scottie said. “You feel like talking about it?”

She shrugged, then hopped off the counter. “Not sure what I can talk about. Still don’t really know what happened.”

“Hannah,” he said, “You disappeared.”

“… What?”

Scottie ran his hand through his hair. “Like, I don’t really know how to explain it… It’s like one moment you were here. And the next, you were gone. You just… fizzled out.”

He searched her face, his showing only concern.

“You don’t remember any of this?” Scottie asked.

She looked him in the eyes and shook her head.

“No,” she said, “I can’t remember anything.”

Scottie suddenly felt a vibration in his pocket. He pulled out his phone.

“It’s Mom,” he said to Hannah. “Just a sec.”

He answered the call. “Hey,” he said.

“Hi Baby,” replied the filtered voice of his mother. “We just got a call from the contractor at Westbrooke. They think there is an infestation of some kind…”

“Oh dang,” Scottie said. Hannah tilted her head. He mouthed to her, “Sorry!”

“… Your father’s heading over there now. But just in case, do you think you can move the boxes to the storage center on Chambers Boulevard?”

“Yeah, of course,” Scottie said, peering into the living room to see the daunting pile of labor ahead of them.

“Thank you, Sweetie,” she said. “I know it’s a lot of work, but I will make it up to you, I promise. Maybe you can ask your sister to help?”

“Maybe,” Scottie said making eye contact with Hannah. “Not sure if I can persuade her, but I will try.”

Hannah just rolled her eyes as she leaned against the countertop.

Angela laughed. “I wish you luck. If she gives you any lip, you call me.”

“You bet, Mom,” he replied. With an exchange of “Love you” and “Love you too’s”, Scottie ended the call.

“So,” Hannah said. “What does Mother Dearest require of us?”

Scottie grimaced. “So you remember how I asked about the pest thing and boxes yesterday?”

The daggers in her eyes returned.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

Together, they started making quick work of the mess Scottie made. Hannah was on all fours, scooping up loose papers as her brother started carrying the boxes one-by-one outside. When Hannah had to bend low to snag an evasive sheet under the coffee table, her brother nearly tripped at the sight of her upturned ass facing him.

Next, they were outside on the driveway. Hannah handed Scottie a large box causing him to grimace and groan. She laughed and started tying a handkerchief in her hair, causing her shirt to rise. When Scottie set down the load, he found himself eye level with Hannah’s exposed naval. Her skin looked soft and smooth. His eyes traveled up, over the upturned hills of her breasts, to her face.

“Having fun?” she asked, lip curling up with the hint of a smile.

Scottie blushed, then suddenly looked confused. “Wait…” he said.

They began to load the boxes into a moving truck. It quickly filled.

“Okay, hold on a second,” Scottie said, but was ignored.

Hannah grabbed the handle to the roll down and closed the back of the truck, locked it, and tossed the keys to Scottie. He caught them in one hand. She climbed in the passenger side, pausing to look over her shoulder as her brother watched.

Scottie looked around. “Okay, what the fuck is going on?!”

They rocked out in the truck to Bon Jovi while Scottie drove.

The truck came to a screeching halt directly outside of their storage bin.

Everything was unloaded in half the time to load.

“Is… this a montage?!” Scottie cried out deliriously.

Hannah closed the storage unit.

Both siblings fell onto the couch, exhausted.

Scottie looked around with a look that can only be described as flabbergast.

“What… the fuck… was that?” he asked sitting up.

“What was what?” Hannah responded.

“All… that!” he said, arms gesturing wildly at the now tidy living space. “This! That took like five minutes!”

Hannah leaned forward, cocking her head to the side.

“What are you talking about? That took all afternoon,” she said as she watched her brother start pacing.

“No, we kept jumping forward. It was like we were going from moment to moment. Just like a montage… like what you would see in a…”

Scottie stopped pacing as his eyes went wide.

“No way,” he said to himself.

Leaping to the mantel, he grabbed the remote and held it with both hands. The LCD screen read ADULT.

“… It didn’t break,” he whispered. “I’m… in inside it?”

Scottie grabbed the mantel to keep balance feeling his knees suddenly going weak.

“Scottie? You alright?” Hannah asked, leaning forward again. Her neckline gaping once more giving her brother a view straight down between her supple hanging globes if he dared to look, and he did indeed.

His face grew red. “Oh fuck!” he said looking back at the remote’s screen, then back at Hannah.

“This is a, uh…” He was stammering. This wasn’t possible. “… I… I have to go…”

He darted past Hannah, making a b-line straight for the exit.

“Scottie! Wait-” was all she could say before he was out the door.

The late afternoon was already seeing a few commuters returning to their suburban homes after a long day at work. As Scottie walked down the sidewalk, his inner thoughts kept commenting on how there were a lot more vans and Bentleys than what felt normal.

He sat down on the curb, still unconsciously clutching the remote control. Across the street, he saw a woman standing on the corner typing away on her phone. Short brown hair in a pixie cut. Tight blouse and a jean skirt and laced sandals.

Feeling eyes on her, she looked up and smiled at Scottie.

She waved.

He waved.

As she was about to speak, a van pulled up. Someone in the back seat started talking to her. Must have been who she was waiting for as they soon drove away together.

Immediately after they left, a brown, busted Chevy pulled up where the van just departed. A flickering pizza sign barely clung to the roof. The door opened and out stepped a scrawny, red-headed kid who must be 18 or 19, but was surely missing his weekly board game group for the afternoon shift. Reaching into the back of the car, he retrieved an impressive stack of pizza boxes, then turned and walked up to a house.

Scottie watched as a group of coeds wearing what barely qualified as pajamas answered the door. They cast him puppy dog eyes and duck lips, then yanked the poor guy inside.

As the door slammed shut, a scuffling of feet drew Scottie’s attention to his right. He looked over to see an older man in his 50’s shuffling along, wearing a trench coat and approaching a mail carrier, just walking her route and doing her job.

He mumbled something to her about a package, then opened his coat revealing his saggy nakedness. Apparently, it was her kink as she nodded as if impressed, grabbed his flailing penis and dragged him to the bushes.

Suddenly, everywhere Scottie looked, people where either jacking off, jilling on, kissing, frigging, fucking, sucking, or if not participating, passing on by as if everything was normal. Hell, there was even a coed with a finger up her own ass watching a guy pounding his meat while he watched Old Widow Anderson watering her roses, all in broad daylight!

“Fuck me sideways,” Scottie said to himself. “… everything’s a porno…”

Slowly, a smile formed on his face.

“… and I’m inside it….” his smile grew wider. “… I’m in fucking Porno Land!”

Few can relate to the pure joy, excitement, and even a little fear that one feels when they win the lottery. Scottie felt in that moment as if this was leaps and bounds beyond even that.

He laughed out loud just imagining all the possibilities. His mind was going a mile-a-minute, which would explain why he didn’t hear the police motorcycle pull up.

The all too familiar chirp of a police siren woke Scottie from his horny daydream as he looked over, shielding his eyes with his hands from the setting sun as a figure emerged from the vehicle. Scottie was only able to make out the silhouette of the officer, but judging by the gentle sway in their hips and the curves on their form, he felt a stirring in his nether region.

“What going on here?” a feminine voice asked as she towered over him, casting Scottie in her shadow.

Scottie lowered his hands to see a beautiful woman in a police uniform that appeared to be almost painted onto her buxom curves. She had dark skin and full lips, but a stern expression. Her eyes were hidden behind her aviator glasses and hair beneath her helmet.

Scottie tried to say something but kept tripping over his tongue.

“On your feet, now!” she barked having no room for patience.

Scottie scrambled to his feet. Though he was physically taller than the Officer, her poise and stature seemed to cause him to appear feeble and weak.

“We have been receiving reports of a Peeping Tom around here,” she said looking him up and down. “Adult Male, late teens, maybe early twenties. About 6 feet…” she started to circle him as she spoke. “You know anyone who fits?”

Scottie tried to turn his head to address her.

“That seems-“

“Eyes in front!” She ordered. Scottie quickly turned to look straight ahead.

“Now, answer the question,” she repeated.

Scottie gulped. “… that could apply to a lot of people…”

“That wasn’t my question.” She stood closer behind him. Scottie couldn’t help but feel smaller.

“I asked…” Scottie could feel her stretch up behind him, pressing her chest into his back. “… if you know anyone who might fit?” her warm breath was on his ear.

Scottie gulped. “… Fit?”

He felt her hands on his waist holding him firmly in place, then she thrust her own groin against his backside.

“Could that be you?” she breathed. “Do you think you could… fit?” She nipped at his nape, her lips brushing against the tiny hairs on his neck.

“Or…” she growled, running her hands down his sides, “… do I need to see if you’re packing?”

“Oh god, yes please,” Scottie thought out loud.

“Wait! Candice!” a voice called out.

Scottie, still fearful of turning his head, looked as far to his side as his vision would allow. Just barely, he could make out Hannah running down the sidewalk in his direction.

“Wait!” his sister called again “That’s my brother!”

The officer stepped back. “Don’t move,” she told her perp. Scottie just nodded vigorously.

She walked up to her bike and took off her helmet as Hannah caught up, taking a moment to catch her breath.

“Hannah,” she said through her teeth. “… I’m in uniform.”

“Oh shit,” Hannah panted. “Sorry, Officer Goodbody.”

Candice waved it off. “It’s a little late for that,” she said. “What’s going on?”

“Him,” Hannah said pointing to her brother. “That’s not your guy. That’s my brother, Scottie.”

Scottie piped up. “It’s really okay, Hannah-“

“Shut it!” both women said in unison.

Hannah rolled her eyes at her brother. “He’s not what you’re looking for.”

Candice took off her sunglasses and looked back to Scottie. They locked eyes, Scottie wanted nothing more than to be handcuffed and searched by her, and she knew it.

“You sure?” Candice said, biting her lip. “He just might be-“

“Totally sure,” Hannah cut her off. “But, you might like to know, I did hear of some hooligans loitering at the Five & Dime. I’m sure they could use someone to straighten them out.”

Officer Goodbody looked back to Scottie and sighed.

“Pity,” she said, putting on her shades. She strutted up to Scottie, who still hadn’t moved an inch. Candice stood firm, directly in front of him in that space just inside of one’s personal bubble. She took her baton out of its holster and placed the tip against his inner thigh. Ever so slowly, she dragged it upward.

“Looks like you’re free to go,” she said, yet Scottie didn’t move.

She wet her lips with her tongue.

“Do stay out of trouble for me, will you?” She whispered as she moved inches closer. “Or I might have to come back and put you in cuffs.”

She then tapped her baton directly on his hard-on with more force than was comfortable. “See you, Scottie,” then walked back to her bike.

The poor, horny Scottie Miller watched as she swung her leg up, mounted her motorbike and then nestled herself into her seat. She put on the helmet and arched her back to push out her perfect ass. With a smirk, she revved the engine, then rode off.

Hannah and Scottie watched her go then turned back to each other. Scottie only now remembered to breathe.

“Hey,” Hannah said, waving a hand in front of his face. “… You okay?”

He took a deep breath. “Yeah, I’m fine. Hey, I was totally handling that, by the way.”

Hannah laughed. “Oh, I’m sure you were,” she said. “You probably won’t ever believe me but I just saved your ass. Literally.”

“What?” Scottie said, perplexed as ever.

Hannah was still chuckling. “Candice. Officer Goodbody.” Hannah nodded in the direction their cop drove off. “You ever hear the phrase ‘Who put a stick up their ass?’ Well, it was likely her. But, hey, if that’s what you were into, I’ll get you her number.”

Scottie looked around.

“You know what,” he said. “I think I just wanna head back. This has all been… a lot.”

Hannah nodded. “No sweat, ‘lil Bro. I’ll make dinner.”

* * *

Chapter 4: And They’re Always Glad You Came.

When they entered the house, Scottie found himself naturally heading to the living room and laying on the couch, staring up. Hannah, true to her word, went to the kitchen. Not a thing was spoken between the two. She didn’t ask if he wanted spaghetti but knew he would. She handed him a bowl as he lay on the couch while she ate hers at the counter. When she saw he was done, she did the dishes.

She returned to the living room finding him sitting up and staring at the remote in his hands. She took a seat on the loveseat beside the couch.

“So,” she said. “You going to tell me what’s going on up there?” she asked, pulling her feet up under her on the cushions.

Scottie frowned. “I’m not really sure,” he said. “I feel like I should feel like a kid in a candy store right now, but… I don’t know…” he trailed off, not knowing what words would fit.

“This has to do with the black box?”

Scottie nodded. Looking at his sister, he found himself comforted. She was always there for him whenever he needed her. If this really was a reality where it was effortless to get laid as the world of porn implied, someone like her should have people lining up around the block.

He couldn’t put his finger on any singular factor, nor had he really noticed before, but she was beautiful, and sexy, and had that subtle hint of a wild side. As his eyes traveled across her form, he found himself getting lost. Her pose thrust her chest out just slightly where he could see the soft shape of her breasts with small bumps where her nipples kissed her shirt. He was never good with sizes but wagered they were each more than, what? A Handful? Just large enough where they would swing when she bent over or would allow a perfect bed to nestle his cock between-

Scottie’s face suddenly went red as he looked up, locking eyes with Hannah who held a knowing smile. She raised an eyebrow, he looked away.

“Third time today I caught you. Something I should know?” she asked swiveling her feet from beneath her to the floor, legs together. She scooted herself to the edge of her seat.

He couldn’t help but look down, right at her feet. Tiny, delicate toes with red nail polish. When did she paint her toenails? Her ankles were crossed together. Then his eyes traveled up her smooth, long legs. She used to be on the volleyball team. Pretty good player. He was always excited to see her in her uniform. In those way-too-short shorts that were strangely similar to the ones she wore now. As his eyes crept to her thighs, for a moment, Scottie was certain they parted.

Hannah leaned forward, resting an elbow on her knee and her chin in her hand. She locked onto his eyes, unblinking.

“Sco-tttie,” she sang. “Hey. You in there?”

Scottie blinked, shaking his spell as he turned to look at his sister. She seemed to hold his attention, sitting with patience, love, and radiating sexuality. Her hair wasn’t perfectly styled, just messy enough. Her makeup was light, accentuating her lips and eyes, though Scottie admitted it was unnecessary. Her shorts were just tight enough to define the curves of her hips, thighs, and ass, while her shirt hung so loose, it lured one’s eyes to her flesh hidden beneath.

“I… I need a moment,” he stammered and bolted to the bathroom praying to all the gods she couldn’t see the bulge in his pants.

At the sink, Scottie reached in and splashed cold water across his face, shocking his senses. He braced his hand on the counter, leaning forward and looking into the mirror. His skin glistened from the water as it still dribbled across his face. The redness of his cheek had gone, the cut on his lip almost unnoticeable. Looking himself in the eye, he shook his head.

“Get it together, Scottie,” he said.

His mind was in turmoil. This was Hannah. His sister. His partner in crime when they would sneak extra cookies from the kitchen pantry. His bunkmate when their family was less well off and lived in a meager two-bedroom. And even though their father takes credit for teaching him how to roller skate, it was Hannah who corrected all the bad habits he had learned from Dad. He shouldn’t lust for her of all people. He’s got to get this under control.

Scottie’s just overstimulated right now, that’s all. His sister isn’t oozing 100% pure, uncut sexuality; that’s Scottie projecting his bursting state of horniness on her. That had to be it. He’s never felt these feelings for her before. Technically speaking, those times he would sneak peeks of her in her bikinis shouldn’t count. He was a horny teenager and the sight of exposed female skin was something that would draw the attention of anyone. That’s no different than the time she left the changing room door slightly ajar at the mall. Or the time they were out of bath towels and she ran to her room covering herself with only washcloths. Or when… Turns out there were quite a few instances of near-nakedness, side boobs, booty shorts, yoga pants, and observations of her body stretching, bending, and flexing in various ways that got his blood pumping.

But, that was just because she was a woman, right? A beautiful, curvy, funny, intelligent, sexy woman. And he was her brother, ready to help her in any way she would need as any little brother would. Whether that was laboring over multiple days, or nibbling on her perfect nip-NO! Not that! He’s her brother, and she’s his sister. That wouldn’t be right anywhere in this world…

… But then again… he wasn’t in his world. Technically, that would mean that that isn’t his Hannah. It is Hannah, of course, but not his. So, if something were to happen here, it was, in fact, the world of porn, so wouldn’t it be somewhat acceptable? Just like drinking ages differ in different countries. Maybe morality is different in different realities? It might even be rude to reject an offering. He didn’t want to be rude, not in the least.

Once more, his reflection’s gaze met his own.

Who was he kidding? He knew what was right, and what was wrong, and this was as far into the morally perverse that one could get. And so, with a heavy sigh, Scottie’s mind was set. He would go back to the living room, grab the remote, and head back to his reality.

With a nod to his own reflection, Scottie left the bathroom. He opened his mouth to say something, but the moment he saw Hannah, he stopped.

She had moved from the loveseat to the couch, lying on her back on the opposite end from where her brother walked in. Her head turned to the TV as she clicked on the television’s remote, mindlessly surfing the channels. Her legs were parted, both bent at the knees. One was propped up leaning against the back of the couch, while the other rested on the cushions. Scottie’s view naturally was able to creep up the short leg of her shorts, along the smooth skin of her inner thigh, to then catch the edge of her pink panties molded against her mound.

Change of plans. Scottie was going to fuck his sister.

“Welcome back,” she said as he entered the room. Her eyes remained on the television. Her knees swayed, teasing her brother with tantalizing views. He couldn’t tell whether or not it was deliberate.

Scottie sat at the opposite end of the couch, her feet now inches away. His gaze ran up her legs, then running the inside track of her inner thigh, then sliding back down to the soft juncture of her thigh and pelvis that dipped beneath the hemline of her panties.

“So, I see you moved,” he said.

“Mm-hmm,” she said without looking at him. “Better view from here.”

“That’s for sure,” he said before thinking. Hannah turned her head back to him and raised an eyebrow. Mustering his courage, Scottie spoke.

“Not sure Dad would be too happy with you sitting so unladylike,” he said. “I can almost read the brand of your underwear.”

Hannah set the remote down. Raising up on her elbows, she kept her legs open, exposed.

“You could look away,” she said. Her expression appeared to be more of a challenge.

“Don’t want to miss the show,” Scottie said, doubling down. He marveled at his own bravado.

The faintest hint of a smile crept at the corners of her lips, but she held it back.

“I’m bored,” she said, closing her legs and sitting up, closing the show to the public. “Wanna play a game?”

“Like Parcheesi or…?”

“Hell no,” Hannah said. “How about Truth or Dare?”

The movie buff in Scottie rolled his eyes at the absurdity of the easy game, but his inner horny college boy was winning out. Everything’s gotta have a gimmick. All Scottie had to do was play the role.

“Aren’t we a little old…”

Hannah smirked at him. “Sounds like someone is chickening out.”

Scottie smiled.

“Alright, Sis. Go ahead, ask away.”

She shook her head.

“Uh-uh,” she said. “If you have your way, it will be truth all night long. Gotta make this more of a challenge.” Hannah turned around in the seat and dug deep into the cushions of the couch. Scottie tried to pry his eyes off her ass as it raised in the air, begging to be squeezed.

“Got it!” she said, spinning back around and holding up a quarter.

“Heads, truth.” She flipped the coin showing the back. “Tails, dare. Sound good?”

Scottie furrowed his brow. “So do I call it?”

Hannah smiled and shook her head. “Nope. We just let fate decide.” With that, she flipped the coin to Scottie. “You’re up first.”

Scottie caught the coin and as if by reflex, slapped it against the back of his hand, holding it there. He pulled his hand back.

“Heads,” he said.

Hannah looked at him and cocked her head in thought.

“Why aren’t you dating anyone?”

Of all the questions she would ask, this was not one he expected.

“Dang, Hannah,” he said. “Going deep out of the gate.” He flipped the coin as if in thought. “I want to, I do, but when Shelley and I broke up after winter break, it kinda messed with me a little. She said it was because I couldn’t manage a relationship and try to keep my grades up, which was partially true. That kinda got me to a place where now I’m hesitant to start anything as it took me a good two months to get over her.”

“Really?” Hannah said. “So, no flings then?”

Scottie shook his head. “Not really. I… hold on, that’s another question. You’re gonna have to earn it.” He flipped the coin to his sister. “You’re up.”

She caught it and looked. “Heads.”

“When was the last time you ‘got some’?” he emphasized the last words by raising his eyebrows.

“By got some, you talking ’bout what? Fingering? Oral? Full on hanky-panky?”

Scottie laughed. “Jeez, I’ll let you decide.”

“Well, if fingering counts, this morning, but that was a solo gig.”

Though it was his question, he was in no way prepared for the answer. His face flushed as an image of Hannah tweaking her own nipples with a hand down her panties planted itself in his mind.

Hannah laughed and tossed him the coin. He missed catching it and it landed face-down on the couch.

“That’s a dare, little bro,” she said, kneeling on the couch facing her brother. Her nipples hardened beneath her top.

“… and I dare you to ask me what I was thinking about when I did it.”

Scottie’s mouth opened and the words slowly fell out. “… what.. what were you thinking about?”

She leaned forward resembling more of a predator about to devour its prey.

“I was wondering what your cock looked like,” she said, biting her lower lip. “I was just curious, and it got me pretty hot and worked up as you can see.” She looked down and ran a hand over her clothed breasts, her fingers catching the buds sending a shudder through her body.

Her poor brother sat there, mesmerized by her. So much so that he almost missed her picking up the coin, then dropping it back on the couch. “Looks like a dare for me,” she said.

Scottie gulped.

“I dare you to take your top off.”

Hannah smiled, then pouted as her hands held the bottom of her shirt. “But I’m not wearing a bra. That would mean you would see my titties,” she said.

He grinned, leaning into her game. “Then I dare you to show me your titties.”

Slowly, she lifted the shirt up, keeping her hands close to her body.

“A dare’s a dare,” she said, and lifted up, letting her breasts drop, then quickly tossing the garment to the side.

Scottie was desperate to hold back his drool as he drank in his topless sister. Her breasts were perky, full, and each capped with a hard nipple begging to be fondled.

“Ta-da!” she said, holding her arms as if performing magic. “After all these years, you finally get to see them!” Then, while watching her brother, she cupped each one and jiggled them together.

“Not as big as Mom’s, but I like ’em,” she said then pinched her own nipples which somehow managed to harden even more. “So what do you think?”

Dumbfounded. Scottie was dumbfounded.

Hannah reached out and picked up the coin, dropping it perfectly flat so the tails stayed up.

“Take your clothes off,” she said.

“Aren’t I supposed to flip the-“

“Take. Them. Off.”

Scottie took a beat, then tore his shirt off as Hannah laughed in delight, followed by his shoes and socks with the same level of eagerness.

When his hands went to his belt, she stopped him. His sister slid one hand behind his shoulders and the other to his lap, shooing his hands away.

“Uh-uh” she purred leaning down, her face next to his. “I’ll be the one to unwrap the package; if you dare me to that is…”

“… I do-” he said before Hannah leaned in and placed her lips on his.

Brother and sister kissed, inhaling deeply. Scottie’s left hand naturally found the small of her bare back as the other cupped her dangling tits. Her nipples dug like bullets into his palm as he squeezed. They moaned into each other.

“Oh god,” she breathed. “Do that again!”

And he did, causing her to groan again and snake her tongue into his mouth. His own cry of pleasure met hers as she released his belt, button, and fly. Her hand reached into his boxers and retrieved his engorged penis.

“Holy shit, Scottie!” she said looking down, wickedly surprised. “I’m impressed.”

“Thanks?” her brother managed as her fingers traced his length, caressing the crown.

“Oh my god, that feels good Hannah,” he said, letting go of her breast to grab the arm of the couch.

Dropping his cock, she slowly peeled off him. “You think that’s good?” she said as she stood before him, thumbs slipping into the side of her shorts. “Just wait until you feel my tight, little pussy.”

With her hands still at her hips, she turned around, presenting her ass to her brother and looked at him coyly over her shoulder. Then, ever so slowly, she slipped her shorts and underwear down, leaning over as she went.

Scottie watched as his sister’s treat was revealed. Between these two round globes peeked the wet and parted lips of her sex; dewy, and hungry.

Once at her ankles, she stepped out of them gracefully, imitating a ballerina, then turned, showing off all of her naked splendor.

Scottie’s eyes took her all in. Her taut skin was aching to be touched. Her slender hips were begging to be held. Her breasts and the valley between were calling to him, begging to be explored. And then southward, shrouded in a thin patch of hair, expertly manicured, his sister’s vagina, longing to be loved.

“Hannah,” he said, “You’re fucking gorgeous.”

Now it was her turn to blush.

“Thanks, dweeb,” she said, kneeling between his legs. “Compliments like that deserve a reward.”

“Yeah?” Scottie watched as her hands slid up both his legs.

She nodded, biting her lip once more. “Oh yeah,” she said as she tugged his pants and underwear off. Nestling closer to his body, she raised up between his legs, watching as the head of his throbbing member painted a line of precum from her neck to her collar, until the shaft was wedged between the cleft of her cleavage.

“What kind of reward are you thinking?” he asked as she trailed her fingernails against his thighs.

Hannah shrugged, then wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock.

“Not sure yet,” she said, sliding his dick back and forth across her breasts. “But I think this will do.” Hannah lowered her head, maintaining eye contact with her brother as she took his erect cock into her mouth.

“Oh fuck!” Scottie moaned pushing himself deeper into the cushions and his hips up into his sister’s lips as they devoured his member.

Slowly, almost agonizingly so, she engulfed him, slipping as much of his member into her mouth as possible. He could feel her wet, warm tongue massaging the underside of his shaft, then tickling the crown as she retracted.

Hannah pulled back, then measured the length with licks from her tongue, all while watching Scottie’s face as he writhed in bliss.

Pressing him against her cheek, she let his scent wash over her.

“You have a nice dick, Scottie,” she said, slowly jacking him. “I should have been doing this years ago.”

“Holy shit, Hannah,” he said, panting. “I can’t believe you are sucking my dick.”

“I can’t believe you taste so fucking good,” she replied, then gleefully sucked him into her mouth again.

Hannah giggled, her mouth full of her brother. Scottie chuckled as well as it was a surreal experience, to say the least. His expression changed from laughter to blinding pleasure as she suddenly took him deep, digging her nails into both of his thighs.

“OH FUCK!” he groaned deeply. She was toying with him in ways he had never felt with anyone else.

She pulled off and gasped, pride beaming from her face. “You gonna cum for me soon, little brother?” she asked before inhaling his crown once more, sucking hard as she gently cradled his balls, her other hand slipping lower, rubbing her pussy. “I can’t believe how wet you are making me.”

“God yes, Hannah, I’m getting close.”

“Yeah?” she purred. “I want you to come on my tits, okay?”

All Scottie could do was nod as she pulled off him and sandwiched his pulsing member between her breasts, wet with her saliva.

“Fuck my tits, baby. Cum for me,” she said thrusting her chest up and down on him, feeling his cock nudge her chin with each push.

“Oh god. Oh, Hannah!” Scottie said, feeling his groin tightening up. “I’m gonna’ cum!”

“Do it, Scottie! Cum on your sister’s titties,” she begged, squeezing her tits tighter and watching the glistening head of his cock popping in and out of the cleft.

“Hannah! I’m cumming!” he cried as his body tensed. He felt the eruption fire out of his cock, straight up, catching Hannah in her chin. She squealed in surprise before tilting her head down and opening her mouth just in time to catch the next pulse. Round after round shot out from her brother as she milked each one, holding both tits with her hands and watching his cock slowly ease in and out of the pool of semen, before she let go, watching Scottie and “Little Scottie” go limp.

“Holy. Fuck. Hannah,” he murmured. “My sister made me cum.”

“She did,” Hannah purred, running her fingers through his semen and then smearing it around her chest. “And she’s still a bit horny.” Hannah arched an eyebrow. “Got another round in there?”

Oh this lustful vixen, rubbing her own glistening nipples with her brother’s seed while wearing a come hither stare. His cock flinched. Scottie may have been deflated, but far from defeated.

“I might,” he said.

Slowly she stood. “You know, you made quite a mess on me.”

Scottie sat up a little straighter.

“You kinda’ asked me to,” he said as he watched her rub it into her skin.

She leaned down, placing a hand on his shoulder then kissed him as a lover.

Scottie let his hands hold her hips, feeling her size. He slid one up her back and the other down, dipping from the small of her back over the hump of her ass where he squeezed. She purred into his mouth and bit his lip.

Hannah pulled away, grabbing a pillow from the couch and standing up. She slowly sat down on the coffee table, back straight, chest out. Hooking a finger at her brother, she beckoned him closer as she spread her legs revealing her hungry pussy; lips parted, pink, and swollen.

As if on autopilot, Scottie found himself moving to her, watching her lie back down with the pillow stuffed beneath her ass, lifting her pelvis up in the air to him.

“Scottie,” she said with lust. “Get your dick in me now,” she said.

This time, it was her brother on his knees between her legs, cock now as hard as marble and lining up her womanhood. His tip was seeking her heat as he inched closer until he felt himself slipping into the lips of her vagina.

Hannah groaned, rotating her hips in circles trying to coax his phallus deeper. “Just fuck me, Scottie,” she pleaded. “Push it in. Push it in!… Yesssssssss!”

In one move, he pushed his hips forward, sliding his cock into her warm, naked pussy.

“Oh shit,” he breathed. “Fuck, Hannah. We’re fucking. My dick’s inside you,” he said. His brain trying to rationalize the intensely forbidden yet stimulating imagery he saw below him.

“You’re damn right it is,” she said through gritted teeth as his pelvis pressed against her clit. He was all the way in, bottomed out. “Oh fuck you feel good, little bro. Gimme a second.”

She could have all the time in the world as far as Scottie was concerned. This was in no way his first time being inside a woman, but nothing compared to this experience. They were locked together, entwined, brother sheathed in sister like a taboo sword and scabbard. His hands gripped her hips, holding her firmly against him and himself firmly inside her.

Though his sexual experience was limited, this was far from his first time. However, nothing else compared to the way she made him feel, inside and out. How she writhed in pleasure making sexy little sounds with her sexy little movements. He loved how she wiggled her hips when he slowed his pace, and how she gasped and smiled as his pumping increased in tempo. She stretched her body across the table, arching her back and holding her hips up high so he could bottom out with each thrust. It was so carnal, so primal, so overwhelmingly pleasurable. They were so lost in the moment that they nearly missed the sound of the front door closing.

“Hey, kids! We’re home!” called Dale from the entry way.

Oh, fuck!

In a panic, Scottie attempted to dislodge himself from Hannah. Her legs quickly wrapped around him, trapping him inside her. Fuck she was strong.

“Hannah, let go!” he whispered. “It’s Mom and Dad!”

She only groaned in response as Scottie heard their footsteps approaching.

“Hey!” he heard his father say behind him. In a state of shock, Scottie slowly turned his head seeing his parents staring at him. Their dad, of course, was holding a couple of pizza boxes.

“What in the hell do you think you are doing?!” he said incredulously. “Never on an empty stomach!” He held the boxes up.

“Dale,” Angela said. “Go easy on the boy. We were the same at their age.” She bit her lip as her eyes took in Scottie’s bare ass, framed by Hannah’s ankles. “Besides, your daughter doesn’t seem to be complaining at all.”

“Mm-Mmmmmm” Hannah purred as she started rocking her hips with her brother fully sheathed inside her.

“Alright, alright,” Dale said. “Tell you what; let me get this in the fridge and we’ll join. Sound good, Slugger?”

Scottie’s eyes went wide.


“Sounds good to me,” their mom said as she started unbuttoning her blouse.

“Awesome!” Dale hurried into the kitchen. “Don’t cum in her just yet, Scottie. We can see if she wants to be double-teamed. I just read about this position, what was it, Angela?”

“Air tight? No! Spit roasting!” she said as she folded her blouse and set it on the armrest.

“That’s the one. What do you say, Slugger? You up to try spit roasting Hannah? Or we could try it with your mom-“

“Jesus, Dad! Mom! That’s it!” Scottie said in a burst of panic. With strength unknown to him, he pulled back, disengaging from his sister’s vagina. In a flurry, he grabbed his scattered clothes and ran out of the room, only to return a moment later remembering the black box remote, then scampering back up the stairs. His mother, father, and naked sister watched his bare-assed retreat, each sharing a look of confusion.

In the sanctuary of his room, Scottie sat on the corner of his bed, naked, holding the pile of clothes and the remote. He stared at it, shaking his head.

“What the fuck was I thinking,” he said. It wasn’t a question.

Looking at the remote, the display still read ADULT. Nodding to himself in thought, he knew it was time to return. He tapped the up arrows, watching the screen change until he found STANDARD.

“Shit,” he said. “That’s gotta be it.”

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and pressed ENTER.

A rapid wave of static washed over him, and then as quickly as it started, it fizzled out.

Opening his eyes, he found himself in his room once more.

Scottie chuckled, then laughed. Talk about a wild ride. He stood, tossing the remote up and down in his hand, testing the weight and wondering what could be in store.

“Nice ass,” he heard behind him.

* * *

Chapter 5: Shaking Up The Family Tree.

For the second time in mere minutes, fear washed over him as he heard a voice from behind him. Scottie turned, dropping the remote and his bundles of clothes to reflexively cover his privates with his hands.

Sitting at his computer desk in the corner of the room, patiently, quietly, was Hannah, still wearing her baseball shorts, still in her black sports bra and she still wore that glare that appeared to be reserved for only her brother.

“Where did you zip off to?” she asked. Her tone was dry.

“Hannah! What the fuck?! What are you doing in my room?” Scottie said as he sideways stepped to his bed, then sat quickly.

She strummed her fingernails across his desk.

“I came downstairs to talk but couldn’t find you. After seeing the remote was missing, I figured you used it like I did. So, sooner or later, I knew you would end up here.” She stood, crossed the room and stood in front of him. Crossing her arms, she made no effort to hide looking him up and down in his bare state. “Where did you go?”

“Hannah, please. Do you think I can at least let me put something-“

“No,” she said sternly.

“Can I at least-” he pleaded louder.


“But it’s my-“

“Scottie, no.” She stood like granite, sure and unmoving.

Scottie deflated. “Jeez, Porno-You was much nicer,” he mumbled.

“… What did you say?” she whispered.

His eyes went wide, fearing the ramifications of his slip.

“Nothing,” he said.

“That wasn’t nothing. Say it again!”

Scottie feared looking up to her but somehow found the courage. He saw not a fire in her eyes but a smoldering heat ready to erupt if the breeze was just right.

“… I just said… the other you was nicer, that’s all.”

Hannah leaned in, slowly. She knew what she heard.

“You went there, didn’t you.”

Her brother looked away from her eyes. Hannah knew what this meant. She was the first to go, to experience whatever that place really was. If it was the same for him as it had been for her… That would mean that he found her there, just as she had found him.

Being so close to him, Hannah was suddenly aware of his scent. It washed over her like a wave. Memories of depraved acts flooded her brain as she recalled her own accidental journey into that… place. Her body responding, skin tight with goosebumps. Her nipples hardened remembering his touch. And below, she felt a knot begin to grow, unwind and burn as her panties began to grow wet.

She knew she should stop. She shouldn’t push it.

“Was I there?” Hannah heard pass her lips. Why did she ask a question she didn’t want answered?

He nodded.


She felt her mouth begin to water. She remembered how he felt inside it, muscle memory recalling the shape of his crown as it slide across her tongue. She remembered his taste.

“Did we… do… anything?”

It was as easy as that. If he said no, it’s not like any boundary has been crossed. Unlike herself.

Please say no. Please say no.

Scottie turned to her, taking in his sister barely above, who only moments ago was beneath him, begging to be fucked.

He wondered if this Hannah looked the same way naked as the other. Did she feel the same if he touched her? Or, if she touched him? Just as quickly as the thought struck him, he tried to banish it. This was the real Hannah. His Hannah. His… The thought lingered.

Here was his sister, standing over him as he sat without an inch of clothing on. She must be aware of how her breathing had deepened. How her lips just barely parted to catch her labored breath. Those lips which he now knew how they felt against his own. How they moved against his skin. And how they parted when taking his cock into her mouth.

He felt himself starting to grow hard but somehow welcomed it.

“Scottie,” he heard her say again. “Did we?”

There was a sense of desperation in her voice. Or maybe hesitation? Or both?

He looked up to her face but found she wasn’t focused on him. Or rather, all of her attention was on his erection, feebly being hidden by his hands. Scottie could see that smoldering look behind her eyes start to grow once more. Yet, he knew now that he was mistaken, for it wasn’t anger that fueled the fire in her eyes. It was lust.

“… yes,” was all he said.

His words seemed to hang in the air, both siblings knowing what was implied. But between the two, Hannah’s frustrations were kept only to her. While her brother satiated his needs, his sister had been left wanting.

In a sudden move, she pushed his shoulder hard making him fall back onto the bed, arms swinging wide, abandoning modesty for stability. Hannah’s eyes darted down, locking onto his cock, her brother’s cock, in the open and oh, how it throbbed.

He was as hard as she was wet, and his cock looked harder than steel.

Scottie bounced back on the bed, landing firm and raising up on his elbows in time to see Hannah moving toward him. She moved with determination, removing her bra, shorts and panties without ceremony.

“Hannah, what are you-“

“Shut up,” she said as she crawled up onto the bed fully naked and straddling his hips.

She grabbed his erect dick and rubbed it against her soaking lips, smearing their juices together and coating his cock head in their natural lubricant. Without giving him a chance to say anything further, she lodged him between her lips, feeling the ring of her vagina open and pushed her hips down, squeezing his cock fully inside her in one solid drop.

“Oh fuck!” they said in unison as she sank down his length, resting only when her buttocks fit in the seat of his lap.

“God, you’re deep,” she said as she pulled her feet up, repositioning herself into a squat.

With her back straight, she pushed up, rising off her brother only to come crashing back down like a human piston. Her arms went back, maintaining balance and trying to push aside the burn in her thighs, hamstrings, and ass as she raised and lowered herself over and over again, squeezing her eyes shut as the pleasure washed over her.

“Oh my god, Hannah,” her brother groaned. This wasn’t some alternate version of his sister. This was the actual Hannah. “We shouldn’t… oh fuck!” he cried as she squeezed him tighter.

“Shut up, Scottie,” she said as she picked up the pace, placing a hand on his stomach for balance. His abs were firmer than she expected to her pleasant surprise.

“I’m sorry, Hannah. Oh my god, you feel so good!”

“Stop saying my name,” she groaned. “Don’t make this weird.”

“I can’t… ugh… I can’t help it!” He started thrusting up into her. “We’re actually fucking. I’m fucking my sister!”

“Don’t… make… it… weird!” she said, leaning forward and bouncing with each word, hands on his chest.

He grabbed her hips as she came down, holding her in place. His groin pressed hard against her clit, causing her to gasp, squeal, then grind against him.

“Oh you little pervert,” she moaned, rocking her hips against him, trying to wiggle his length deeper inside her. She already felt so full, could he go any further?

Scottie looked at his writhing sister, face twisted in blissful agony. He pulled back his hips and hammered up, then again, and again, pushing further and further into her with a slap-slap-slap.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck! I’m gonna cum, Scottie! I’m gonna cum on your cock. I’m gonna come on my brother’s cock!” she said as her eyes started to grow wide. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Scottie… I’m cumming!” she cried as her body tensed, then shook and her eyes rolled back, mouth open.

Her legs slammed together, causing his cock to slip out as she convulsed in wave after wave of her climax. Her brother held her tight, feeling her spasm against him as her orgasm rocked through her body.

She fell forward, head landing on her brother’s chest. Scottie held her there, feeling her wait, her breasts pressing against him, nipples digging into his stomach just as his cock did to hers.

“Oh, fuck!” her voice quivered as a smaller aftershock rocked through her.

Hannah looked up at her brother.

“Jesus Christ, Scottie. You fucked me so good I got tears,” she laughed, wiping the corner of her eyes.

Scottie chuckled as she slid to his side, still wrapped and plastered against him. He ran his fingers over the small of her back while she raked her fingers through his thin tuft of chest hair, then leaned into him, nuzzling her nose against his skin.

“I want to tell you something but you’re going to think I’m a freak,” she whispered.

“Oh come on, Hannah,” he said. “I already think you’re a freak.”

He only laughed for a moment as Hannah was quick to grab him by the literal balls and squeeze.

“Shit! I’m sorry! I’m sorry,” he said.

“You fucking better be,” she relaxed, laying her head back on his stomach. She released his testicles and slowly brought her hand to his cock, letting her fingertips trace each vein, still shimmering and wet with her lubricant.

“What’s up?” he asked.

She took a deep breath. “That was kind of a fantasy of mine…”


She nodded, watching her hand slowly stroke him.

“Yeah. I used to watch you during swim practice last year. I liked how you filled those tiny little suits, and, it kinda did it for me.”

“Holy shit, Hannah,” he said, staring up at the ceiling, trying to keep his breath under control.

“Then today, when I suddenly went to that place, you were there. And once I realized it was a thing with the remote, well, I may have seduced Bizarro Scottie just to test out how I felt.”

Scottie’s cock twitched. Hannah smiled and squeezed.

“What… What did you do with me?” Scottie asked.

Hannah lifted her head, looking at her brother. Her eyes danced with mischief.

“We kissed,” she said. “Well, more like made out. When I told him I like my nipples sucked on, he pushed my top up and…” Scottie watched as her nipples began to harden again. “Then, I may have sucked you off. Him! Sucked him off.”

Scottie’s grin widened. “You didn’t.”

She just shrugged. “I might have. I even asked him to cum on my tits.”

Scottie laughed.

“What?” she said.

Her brother tried to wave it off.

“Nothing, nothing,” he said. “It’s just, Porno You said the same thing to me.”

“What!” Hannah mocked outrage. “She can be such a slut!”

They both laughed.

“Speaking of cum,” she leaned in closer to him. “Don’t want you to think I’ve forgotten about your friend here,” she purred as she slowly pumped her hand, expertly milking his dick. “How close are you?” The way she looked up at him; breasts pressing against his chest, mound against his thigh, the way she bit her lip in anticipation. No one could hold back against that pure imagery of sex.

“Super close,” he said, bringing a smile to her face.

“I’m still super sensitive down there,” she said. “Would you mind filling your big sister’s mouth with your cum?”

His eyes went wide. “It would be my honor.”

She rolled her eyes and slapped his chest. “You’re so fucking weird, you dork.”

Scottie chuckled to himself once more as he watched her slide down on her knees between his legs with her perfect ass in the air. She held her hand against the base of his cock, forcing it completely upright and nudged it with her nose, tracing the ridge of the crown.

“Can I tell you something else? Something few guys know?”

Scottie put a pillow behind his head, enraptured by the show as she looked up at him. his dick brushing against her lips.

“I kinda have this kink,” she said, raising her eyebrows. “I don’t know why, but I kinda get off on the taste of my pussy on a nice, hard dick.” She extended her tongue and ran it up the length of his shaft from root to tip. “And the fact it’s on yours is driving me fucking bananas.”

“Now who’s making it weird,” he laughed then stopped suddenly when she took him fully into her mouth. “Ohhhhhhh damn,” he said.

Scottie was beside himself in bliss, watching his sister bob up and down on his cock as she worshiped it, deliberately focusing on his pleasure as she lived out her fantasy. All of it was even more exemplified by the knowledge that she was getting off on sucking her own flavor off of him.

He shook his head in wonder at her, how her ass was raised up like she was in heat. How her tits brushed back and forth against his legs. How she would pinch a nipple and moan into his member. How she slurped and licked and kissed his cock. This side of his sister he never knew.

“Fuck, Hannah! You’re incredible.”

“Mm-hmmm,” she said, mouth full of her brother. Hearing her own name moaned on his lips increased the flood to her pussy. Without a thought, she lowered her hand to her sore and aching mound rubbing it gently as she bobbed her head.

Her own groan caught Scotties attention as he watched her play with herself. Then a thought hit him.

Both realities had focused on him, focused on his needs. He needed to return the favor.

“Get up here,” he said. “Let me do that for you.”

She pulled off her brother, and a small trail of saliva dripped from her lip which she wiped away.

“What?” she asked.

“Get your ass up here,” he said again.

“Scottie, I thought you were close.”

“I am,” he said. “But I want to make you cum first.”

“I already-“

“Hannah, get our sweet ass up here so I can lick that pussy.”

So commanding, so sure; who was this Scottie? She smiled, rose, and swiveled her body around, pivoting over his groin.

“Be gentle,” she said as she lifted her leg to pass over his head, fully exposing her vagina and ass to his view. She settled herself lower, his head fully straddled, and she leaned back down, taking him back into her mouth.

Scottie, in turn, savored the moment. He ran both his hands over her thighs, feeling the sudden ridge of her cheeks rise and swell. He cupped both, squeezing, massaging the globes of her ass in unison. Each swell would open and stretch the cleft of her groin, that sweet, soft spot of the inner thigh and pelvis just outside her labia. He dug his thumbs in on both sides, softly stretching her open, watching her pink lips part, covered in dew.

Her aroma was intoxicating.

Hannah grew even wetter, knowing she was on full display. So open and vulnerable, and she loved it. Yet, with all this stimulation, sibling rivalry kicked in. She’d be damned if he got her off first. She swirled her tongue and sucked, then drove him deep down her throat.

“Fuck!” Scottie moaned as the pleasure overtook him. If that’s how she wants to play…

He pulled her ass to his face and plunged his tongue inside her, tasting her on his tongue for the first time. Her muffled moans encouraged him, driving him as he used his mouth to survey her responses.

Together, bodies entwined in a taboo Yin and Yang, they both sucked and licked, blew and kissed each other in ways known only to the most intimate. Hannah moaned as Scottie groaned. Both savored the taste washing over their tongues, both wondering how the other sibling became so skilled at their task.

Hannah watched as her brother’s balls tightened. Scottie felt it too.

“I’m gonna cum!” he warned her, but she only picked up her pace. “Hannah! I’m gonna’-” was all he managed as his cock pulsed, firing a rope of semen deep into his sister’s hungry mouth, his flavor coating her senses as she tried desperately to swallow in time to his ejaculations.

Scottie lurched his head forward and groaned deeply, sucking on her clit as his climax took over. It was too much for Hannah as she too came suddenly and fiercely against her brother’s mouth. They rocked together, thrusting their sexes into their partner’s mouths as they shook with diminishing convulsions until slowly, they were panting, sister atop brother.

With a heavy sigh, Hannah slipped to the side, rolling off Scottie. Her head near his feet and his near hers.

“Phew,” she said, staring up at the ceiling. “That was… way to go us!” she joked as she raised her hand for a high-five. Scottie weakly slapped it.

Catching his breath. “Hannah,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard before.”

“Oh really?” she said. “Not even with Porno-Me?” Her voice was mocking, all of which was lost on Scottie.

“Hell no,” he said, all smiles. “You have her beat…”

They both lay there, their fingers barely touching until Hannah opened hers slightly. They held hands, neither speaking, only breathing and staring up at the ceiling.

After minutes that felt like hours, Hannah broke the silence.

“How are you feeling about… all this?”

Scottie took a deep breath. “I don’t know… You?”


“Is it weird that I don’t feel how I feel I should feel?”

Hannah chuckled. “I think I follow you… but what?”

“What we just did… It was real. That wasn’t in the other place but here… so doesn’t that make it-“

“Incest,” Hannah said.

Hearing the word aloud felt heavy. Deep. Forbidden.

“… Yeah.”

“Does it bother you?” Hannah asked, sitting up on her elbows. “… Committing incest with your sister?”

There it was again. Real and taboo. Why did it make his cock twitch? Why did it make her wet?

Scottie sat up on his elbows, facing her.

“That’s where I feel mixed up,” he said. “I feel like should be repulsed, but… I don’t.”

“Same,” she said.

They stared at each other, more exposed than they’d ever been, but unable to look away from each other’s eyes.

“Are we fucked up?” Scottie asked.

“Oh yeah,” Hannah smiled. “But isn’t everyone in some way?”

“I guess,” he replied, letting his eyes travel down her ravished body.

“So, if we’re both fucked up, you down for another…” he said arching his eyebrows.

Hannah laughed.

“Down you horn dog.” She slapped him with one of his own pillows. “I’m so sensitive down there that I may short circuit,” she said spreading her legs and gently patting her swollen and glistening vagina. “You really did a number on me.”

Scottie just watched, amazed that he just had sex with such a beautiful woman.

“Damn you’re sexy,” he said.

Her grin couldn’t get any wider. “Thank you, Loverboy. Compliments like that will get you a reward,” she said as she leaned forward and kissed him sensually on the lips.

For a moment, in between savoring the soft feel of her lips on his, Scottie’s mind instantly reflected to her alternate version of his sister saying the same thing. He thought better than to say anything.

Hannah was the first to break the kiss.

“Alright,” she said. “I need to pee, drink some water, and shower. And you, my dear sister fucker, you absolutely should crack a window. This room reeks of sex.”

Scottie nodded, then his eyes went wide.

“Oh fuck!” he said. “What time is it?! Mom and Dad should be here any-“

Hannah put a hand on his chest.

“Relax,” she said. “It’s barely noon.”

Scottie looked out through the window seeing the sun still high in the sky.

“What? How?” he said. “I was in that place for hours.”

Hannah shrugged. “Same thing happened to me. Time moves differently there than here.”

She stood and picked up her clothes. As she turned to leave, she stopped. Hannah walked back to her brother and kissed him. It was brief, tender, and sweet.

“Thanks, little brother,” she said and left with Scottie watching her naked ass shimmy out of the room with every step.

* * *

Chapter 6: When Days Go By.

As the hours passed, their parents eventually returned from the open house with Thai take-out for the family. During dinner, Dale complained non-stop about the volatile market while Angela kept nodding and agreeing from behind her glass of wine. As for Scottie and Hannah, their shared secret led to unavoidable awkward moments, most of which caused Scottie to blush and chastise his sister with a glare. For Hannah, she just reveled in the opportunity to make him squirm.

Eventually, all members of the Miller household went to sleep, each sibling to their own room, exhausted from the day’s events. But they both shared the same thought before slumber overtook them.

How does the little black box work?

It wasn’t until the following afternoon that they were able to experiment again.

First, they sought to figure out the time differential between the other places and their world. They decided to both start a timer on their phone, then one would use the remote while the other stayed in their reality, then compare. Easy enough.

Hannah won the coin toss and volunteered to go. Scottie handed her the controller, they synchronized timers, and counted down.

“Three. Two. One.”

Hannah flickered out and was gone.

Scottie found himself pacing for the next few minutes. Then bounced a ball off the wall for a bit. Then strummed a little on his guitar.

He just started learning to juggle when she returned, flickering back into existence.

Just as he was about to say something when she interrupted him.

“Pants. Off. Now!” she demanded, then turned, dropped to all fours on the carpet and pulled her skirt over her naked ass.

Scottie found himself questioning if she left wearing the same outfit, but that concern instantly left his brain as he pushed inside her warm, tight tunnel.

Needless to say, they forgot to stop their timers.

Scottie volunteered to go next. When he returned, his dick was so hard he felt like he could punch a hole through the wall. Thankfully, Hannah was already naked and on his bed with her legs spread.

She pointed to her vagina. He nodded like a bobblehead. Their moaning was heard from the street.

Once more, they failed to compare times. This issue of theirs persisted venture after venture until two weeks later, they finally chose a different channel and were able to keep it in their pants long enough to come up with a result. They determined that no matter how long someone spends in the other place, only twenty-two minutes pass in their reality.

“Why twenty-two minutes?” Hannah asked.

Scottie shrugged. “Maybe it has something to do with the average length of a sitcom?”

As time progressed, so did their tests.

Eventually, they found that by joining hands, they could both travel at the same time, opening the door to many other possibilities. They spent an entire week living out the adventure films of their childhood. The next week, they were on the panel of judges for a cooking game show. They defeated an alien invasion. Solved unsolvable mysteries. They even accidentally stumbled into a haunted asylum, vowing afterward to never do Horror again.

They were young lovers, and as such, barely able to keep their hands off each other. These channels they could jump to, provided this taboo couple the perfect safe haven for naughty time. No risk of being caught in the real world, and if their actions were discovered while in the other genres, they would be forgotten the moment they returned home. Most of the time it was Scottie interjecting taboo sex scenes into their escapades, though Hannah often instigated sex when feeling particularly feisty; something Scottie took advantage of as often as possible. It was not uncommon for them to visit the home remodeling channel and put the newly renovated bedrooms to the test, sometimes even during the big reveals. That one in particular really got Hannah going.

This was how their summer transpired. While their parents had completed the renovations to the Westbrooke estate, finally putting it on the market, Scottie and Hannah ducked out at every possible opportunity to venture into alternate genres of reality.

Finally, it was the week before Fall semester started that the last bit fell into place.

They were in the Classics; all black and white and vintage. And as such, felt it only fitting to be in the Hotel Monte Vista in Casablanca, Morocco.

Their motel room was the spitting image of colonial luxury in the 1940’s. The room found a strange balance between opulent and basic. The walls were mostly bare with the exception of tasseled sconces, an extended ornate screen, and the silhouetted shadow of ferns. A large queen-sized bed sat in the center of the room, with a matching dresser, vanity, and table. The crackling sound of jazz music from a record player drifted in from the partially opened window, completing the scene.

Scottie entered from the adjoining bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist and skin still wet as Hannah sat at the vanity, topless and wearing sheer lingerie panties. She held her hair up atop her head, exposing her slender neck which showcased a brilliantly bejeweled necklace. While her eyes sparkled like diamonds, her gaze kept returning to her brother’s reflection.

Letting her hair down, she reached for a half-empty dirty martini beside her. She tilted the glass up to her lips, draining it, leaving a single olive to roll around wet and alone.

“Scottie,” she said locking eyes with her brother in the mirror. “Has it occurred to you that any fantasy you want to live out is possible?”

“The thought has crossed my mind,” he said as he removed the towel and reached for the bathrobe on the bed. Hannah felt a rush run through her seeing his exposed package.

“Well, it has me thinking,” she said. “If you could sleep with anyone, no consequences at all, who would it be?”

Scottie smiled and walked up behind her. “Oh that’s easy,” he said while hugging her from behind. “Probably Betty Rubble,” he joked (though he was half serious). “That’s why it’s best we don’t go back to the Cartoon world,” he said as he kissed her neck.

She rolled her eyes.

“Scottie, I’m being serious.”

“And so am I,” he said. “Something about that blue skirt. Yaba-Daba.”

“You’re such a dweeb,” she said with a laugh. “You could fuck anyone. Rock star, Movie Star, Famous whatever…”

“Alright, little miss judgey. Who would it be for you?” he probed.

Hannah’s face blushed. “I don’t think I can tell you after your answer.”

Scottie reached his hands around her waist and kissed her neck again.

“Come on,” he said. “With all we’ve been through, do you seriously believe I would think less of you?”

She looked up at him over her shoulder. “Alright,” she said taking a deep breath, looking him deep in his eyes. “I would fuck Dad.”

“… What did you say?” he whispered.

“I think you heard me,” she replied unblinking.

“You… want to have sex with… Dad?”

Hannah nodded but said nothing.

“… Is this because of us?” Scottie asked.

“No,” she said.

“But… you want to have sex with our father…”

“I do,” she said.

As Scottie looked at her, he could see her nipples harden as her chest rose and fell with deeper and deeper breaths. He knew she was thinking about it now, and the idea was turning her on something fierce.

“You’re serious, aren’t you…?” he said as he felt his heartbeat quicken.

“I am,” she said.

Scottie stood up, Hannah still watching him. He sat back on the bed facing the vanity as his sister rotated on its small bench to face him.

“What brought this on?” he asked.

“I was just thinking… I’ve never kissed a man with a beard,” she said. “I was just wondering what it felt like to have a mustache brush my face when our lips touched. Or to feel it on my clit as I rode his face.” Scottie watched her nipples suddenly harden. “Then I remembered… Dad has a beard… And then that got me thinking about how wrong it would be. But what you and I do is also wrong, but it doesn’t feel that way…”

She paused for a moment, looking at her brother.

“Does this surprise you?” she asked.

“Yes… No… I’m not really sure,” he said. “When you said any fantasy, I don’t know why, but sleeping with my own family was not at the top of my mind.”

“Okay,” she said. “But we’re family.”

“True,” he said. There was no denying that. “But our parents… Isn’t that even more of a taboo?”

“Maybe,” she said. “But it does make it more exciting, doesn’t it.” She pressed her legs together, thighs rubbing as her loins heated in anticipation. Hannah was wet enough to glisten.

He never could put a finger on how she did it, but he was amazed at the aura of sensuality she exuded when sexual tensions were on the rise.

“Why are you asking me? If you wanted, you very easily use the remote and jump over to that channel without me.”

“I know,” she said. “And I almost did a couple days back.”

“Really?” Scottie asked.

She nodded, the very tip of her tongue licking her lips.

“I was in the kitchen, cleaning the dishes from my lunch when I looked out the window over the sink. There he was, working away in the backyard hauling giant bags of soil for the vegetable garden.”

Hannah started running her hands up and down her thighs slowly.

“He was wearing his yard work clothes. You know, those torn-up jeans and his black T-shirt for that big dad rock band from the 80’s. The one he should have thrown out years ago but loves too much.”

Her eyes glossed over as she parted her legs.

“He was filling it just right. His muscles popping, skin slightly dirty with a light sheen of sweat. Then, you should have seen how excited he got when he found an actual tomato on that stupid little plant. There was just something about that little moment where I saw him being kinda goofy and kinda hot.”

“So, what stopped you?” Scottie asked.

Hannah picked up her martini and took a big sip, draining the glass.

“Mom came outside,” she said.

She stood and set her glass down, but not before picking up a single green olive and popping it in her mouth.

“… and, it made me realize something,” she said and strutted over to her brother.

“What’s that?”

“Well…” she said, facing as she straddled his lap, settling her weight into him completely. Her panty-clad vagina rubbed against his bulge. She wrapped her arms around his neck. “… I realized this was something we should do… together?”

Scottie raised an eyebrow.

“You, me, and Dad?” he asked.

“Maybe,” she said, leaning down and brushing her nose against his lips, his chin, his jaw.

“Me and Dad… ” she said as she brought her lips to his ear, her bare chest pressing into his. “… and you and Mom.”

Scottie tensed upon hearing her proposition.

“You really are a dirty girl,” he said with a laugh.

She pulled back smiling. “Who me?” she said coyly.

Scottie brought his hands to her ass and pushed his erection up against his sister. She gasped then groaned with a toothy grin.

“Yeah, you,” he said. “What makes you think Mom’s my type?”

Hannah slowly started to rock against him, rotating her hips in slow, sensual movements.

“Well, it was just a hunch before. But based on that pistol you’re packing down there, I think I have a pretty solid case.”

Scottie groaned, flexing up into her again as she raked her fingernails through the hair on his head.

“You think so, do you?” he said.

She bit her lip and nodded.

“Besides,” she said, parting his robe to wrap her fingers around the head of his cock. “I’ve never been in an orgy before. Might as well have my first with my family.”

Hannah pulled off his robe, pushing it over his shoulders, then held his cock and moved closer while grabbing the gusset of her panties with the other hand. She pulled them to the side, positioning him right at the mouth of her dripping pussy.

They both groaned in unison as she sank down his shaft.

Slowly, Hannah started to ride her brother, rocking her hips up and down, rotating against him when he felt her own ass fit into his thighs. Scottie wrapped his hands around her, pulling her into a tight embrace. With one hand between her shoulders and the other on the back of her head, he kissed her, hard. Though he was the first to open his mouth, she was the first to use her tongue.

Their hips danced together, pulling and pushing in perfect synchronization. Their hands squeezed and groped, mauled and pinched. Scottie pulled her hair and bit her neck. Hannah raked her nails against his back swirling her tongue around his.

It was passionate and desperate, both breathing into each other with eyes shut, focusing on the overwhelming pleasure mounting within them.

“Your hard cock feels so good in my pussy, Daddy,” Hannah whispered in his ear.

“Oh fuck, Hannah,” Scottie groaned, grabbing her breast, and catching the nipple in the web of his hand.

Their pace increased. More frantic, animalistic.

Hannah moaned and grunted “Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh!” in rising octaves as she bounced in his lap. Scottie sucked on her tits, twirling her nipples in his mouth as his hands squeezed and kneaded her tight, round ass.

Scottie stood, Hannah letting out a squeal of surprise as he carried her to the chest of drawers, still lodged within her to the hilt. He set her down at the edge, her eyes wild and loving it and he thrust his hips into her.

“You fuck me so good,” she said as she leaned back against the wall, shaking the furniture with the concussion of each thrust.

Vintage photos in vintage frames tumbled and clattered. The dresser hammered against the plaster wall behind, cracking and flaking in a growing spiderweb as their voices grew louder.

“You like my tight pussy, Daddy?” She said as she spread her legs wider, grabbing his hips and pulling him into her. “You like fucking your baby girl’s wet, little pussy?”

Scottie pushed into her hard.

“Fuck, I love it,” Scottie said. “Daddy loves it so much.”

Hannah growled in pleasure.

“Oh my god!” she said, reaching down and holding her legs wide for him. “I want to feel you cum, Daddy. I want you to cum in me so bad!”

“Oh, Baby,” he said, thrusting harder, faster. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Fuck yes! Do it!” she said, hand dashing to her pussy and rubbing her clit while he pounded against her mound. “Cum in me, Daddy!”




“Yes! Yes!! YES!!!”

Scottie fired off inside her, shooting his cum deep into her womb. Hannah felt the heat explode within her as he convulsed in pleasure. She screamed in ecstasy as her nerves ignited as she too came, pussy clamping down and milking the semen from his pulsing cock.

They held each other, panting and sweaty, slowly allowing their senses to return to earth.

Scottie looked at her and smiled, leaning in to gently kiss his sister. It was short but spoke volumes.

“Mmmm,” Hannah said as he pulled away. “I do love those lips.”

“And I love yours,” Scottie said with another peck, then slowly withdrew his cock from her. “Both sets,” he joked.

Hannah smirked at him, playfully as she reached down, running a finger through her lower lips, scooping up a trail of his cum. “Yeah, they’re not too shabby,” she said winking at him as she sucked their juices off her finger.

Scottie picked up the discarded robe and turned to Hannah while putting it on.

“So… Was that all play? Or were you serious? About the whole parent thing?”

Hannah shrugged.

“Not too sure, but it certainly was fun,” she said.

A hesitant knock was heard at the door. Brother and sister looked in that direction, still panting.

Hannah slipped off the furniture, panties still wedged to the side of her red and swollen sex.

“I got it,” she said with a wink and walked to the door in only her misaligned panties. Scottie had just thrown his robe back on when she unlatched the lock and swung the door open.

There stood a bellhop in a finely pressed uniform, complete with fez. Hannah reveled in his expression going from professional to pure shock in the blink of an eye.

“Yes?” she said with innocent doe eyes, one hand on the door, the other on its frame.

“Um, p-p-pardon me,” He stammered. “Th-th-there have been a… a… nipples… There have been a number of noise complaints…” One didn’t need to see color to know how red his cheeks were.

“Oh, dear me,” Hannah feigned, laying it on thick. “I’m so terribly sorry. I can get quite noisy when I’m randy, and I’ve been ever so randy today. Wouldn’t you say so, Humphrey?” Hannah looked back at her brother with a playful expression.

Scottie nodded.

The bellhop gulped, audibly.

“W-w-well if you would be so kind as to…”

“Yes, of course!” she said, placing a hand on her breast as a string of cum dripped from her exposed vagina. “We will certainly try to be mindful of the other guests.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” he said, bowing, suddenly aware of his own erection. He just started to scurry off when Hannah stopped him.

“Oh, Bellhop…” she said.

He turned, still slightly leaning over to hide his excited state.

“… Would you be so kind as to fetch us some ice and extra towels? I plan on having my brother plug up my asshole with his girthy tool and I have a feeling I won’t be sitting right all night.”

“… Oh dear,” said the poor man as he swooned, then fainted, falling with a thud in the hallway.

Laughing, Hannah shut the door, turning back to her brother who watched her incredulously.

“I have so many questions for you,” he said laughing.

She giggled, posing at the door like a pinup model.

“And I would love to answer them, but first, I’m going to take a nice, long bath,” Hannah said as walked to the bathroom, hips swaying seductively.

At the bathroom door, she stopped and slipped her panties over her hips and down her thighs until gravity let them drop the rest of the way. Gracefully, she stepped out of them, one foot at a time. Then, placing one hand on the doorframe, she looked back at Scottie over her shoulder. Mischief danced in her eyes.

Though his cock had softened, still dripping cum, her look could start a fire in ashes.

“Does my baby girl want me to join her?” he asked.

“No,” Hannah said softly, then reached down with her other hand a pulled the cheek of her ass up, opening her hungry vagina to his gaze.

“But Mommy does,” she said.

Scottie nearly tripped over himself chasing after her into the bathroom.

* * *

Chapter 7: You Take the Good, You Take the Bad.

Fall semester had begun, and with it, free time became truly limited. Even with the time differentials between the channels within the black box and what they called Standard (their reality), the physical strain was still real. After falling asleep in Anthropology, Scottie almost completely refrained from joining Hannah channel surfing. But it wasn’t entirely Scottie who had the change in schedule as Hannah, too, had new priorities.

As the semester dragged on, Hannah had taken up a position as an administrative assistant at a legal firm. The offer had come from one of the firm’s partners who just so happened to also be a client of Dale and Angela. Though it was a starting job, Hannah gave it her all, even though it meant the occasional late night in the office.

It was quite a shift for the two, having such an incredibly naughty summer, to now grinding through this wheel of civilization, but it did have breaks. Every now and again, Scottie pulled himself away from his studies, or Hannah would get an afternoon off and together they would Channel Surf. Their adventures were still filled with so much debauchery it could make Caligula blush. They were like explorers seeking new ways and means to pleasure, tease, and thrill their counterparts. But eventually, even that began to slump. This brings us now to late November.

It was that time of year again. Right when the holidays start to kick off in full with retailers switching over to Christmas tunes and discounts galore. The end of the year was in sight, and for the Millers, this meant attending the 47th Annual Real Estate Awards Gala.

Normally, children were discouraged from attending, but Scottie and Hannah were given exceptions as Angela had been nominated for Agent of the Year for the third year in a row, leaving empty-handed each time. This year, she was determined it would be hers.

As for Scottie and Hannah, unlike the earlier years watching adults drink and dance and eventually make fools of themselves, this year felt different. Perhaps it was the change in their relationship and the intimate secret they shared. Or maybe the simple fact that after months of toiling over school and work, it was nice to be out and unwind, to be with loved ones and family. Regardless, it had been ages since the whole family was out on the town. And the Millers, they’ve never looked better.

Dale and Scottie came dressed to impress with finely fitted suits that were sharp, clean, and pressed. Dale had insisted on buying one for his son as a rite of passage when he graduated high school. At first, Scottie protested until he caught the seamstress stealing glances his way during a fitting. Truth be told, it was the first night he had a chance to wear it, and he was excited to do so. Though, as good as they looked in their blazers and ties, they were like coal next to diamonds when it came to the women of the household.

Over the summer, Hannah had unknowingly gained a level of sexual confidence that drifted off her like a lustful aura. She pretended not to hear the whispers and inquiries as she passed, filling a sinfully suggestive black cocktail dress that looked like it was straight out of film noir (because it was). Yet, she was not naive enough to suspect all these lecherous glances and hopeful looks were just for her, as she was her mother’s daughter after all.

Angela knew this was her night, and damnit, she would make sure there was no doubt in everyone’s mind as well. She wore an elegant, gold, mermaid dress that showed each curve of her body, the roll of her hip, her ass, and bust. High heels clicking confidently with each step attracted eyes as she strode past. For anyone daring to stare, they could confirm she was without a bra as her bare back greeted one’s gaze; it was exposed from her neck to shoulders, and down to the small of her back before disappearing beneath the hemline above her ass. Little was left to the imagination, yet it did cause many to wonder what lay beneath the fabric. Certainly, she must be wearing underwear, but wouldn’t we see a hemline? Perhaps a thong?

She wasn’t a tall woman by many standards, but tonight she towered over everyone.

The Millers had been seated at a small, six-person table just off the dance floor, the other two seats being reserved by an adorable elderly couple, Claudette and Bernie Howard. Scottie pegged them to be somewhere in their mid to late 90’s, both hard of hearing and all smiles. The Millers would later find that the Howards were honorary retirees and would have a new office named after them soon after the start of the new year.

The event was in full swing; dinner had already been served, guests were chatting, and the awards were rumored to be announced at any moment. Angela and Dale were making complimentary rounds while Scottie danced with Claudette to what she kept calling a “Foxtrot”. Hannah watched, leaning back in her chair as she slowly ate a strawberry covered in chocolate.

He was such a dweeb, and she loved it. She never knew someone who got her so excited just by being close to him. His voice could send shivers down her spine. His scent, his musk, made her nipples oh so hard. And when he looked at her, she could feel her pussy drip. Was this what it was like to fall for someone? Was he falling for her? Or were they just living out some deeply rooted excitement? Could it be both?

Scottie looked up at her and their eyes met. He laughed and she waved while biting into the fruit and tasting the sweet and tart flavors that washed over her palette. A moment later, the crowd swallowed them up in the slow-moving churn of a dance. Hannah took a deep breath and wiped a small dribble of juice that escaped her lip. She sucked it into her mouth when her eyes settled on her father.

Unconsciously, her tongue licked her lips as she watched him.

Across the dance floor, Scottie moved with his partner in the sea of dancers, drawing on a week’s worth of dance lessons that were mandatory for freshmen over four years ago. Claudette kept complimenting him, but he knew she was only being polite. As the song ended with a new number fading in. A slow, electronic beat with a synthesized melody filled the air. Couples were already starting to slowly sway to the music when he felt a little tap on his shoulder. Scottie turned to see his mother standing next to him.

“You mind if I cut in?” she asked Scottie’s partner.

“Of course, my dear,” Claudette replied, patting Angela’s hand as she shuffled away.

Angela rested her arms behind her son’s neck, leaving him to place both his hands on her hips as she slowly started to move them back and forth in time with the music. In many ways, Scottie felt like he was back at prom, only this time dancing with a chaperone.

“It’s been a crazy year, hasn’t it?” Angela asked looking at her son, eyes shimmering as she marveled at the man who stood before her.

Scottie nodded. “I can’t even begin to tell you how much.”

Angela smiled, adjusting her arms ever so slightly. To Scottie, she felt electric. Something about how she moved in his hands, how her arms draped over his shoulders, sent his pulse racing and his moral compass playing catch-up. His eyes kept traveling over her, devouring her bare neck, her collar, her jawline, and the slight curve of her lips, it was all intoxicating. He smelled the notes of coconut from her skin, and her perfume was floral and sweet, but was that artificial? He never knew her to ever have any bottles so perhaps that was just natural. He knew he shouldn’t, but he inhaled deeply.

She looked up at him as they swayed. “I know we haven’t been as available, and we all seem like there’s always a lot going on… but please know your father and I can see how hard you have been working, and we both are incredibly proud.”

“Thanks, Mom,” he said smiling. His beating heart was melting.

“I just…” she paused. “I hope you are getting time for you in there somewhere. I can’t really recall seeing you do much more this semester than study when all summer you and Hannah were almost inseparable. It was amazing to see you two working so well together when just a few years ago you were at each other’s throats.”

Scottie chuckled. It was true.

“Look,” she said, holding him by the shoulders. “We are impressed with how hard you have thrown yourself into schooling, but please remember you are only young once. Don’t get yourself stuck in a rut where work and school rule your life because you would be surprised what you miss out on and… well sometimes it may take a while for it to come back.”

He nodded though he tried to connect the dots that weren’t quite there yet.

She squeezed his shoulders. “You’re growing into an incredible man. You’re attractive, caring, and…” Angela sighed, “… I’m just worried. I’m being silly right now,” she said, turning and wiping a tear from her eyes, “Okay, jeez Angela, get it together.” She laughed, suddenly appearing self-conscious.

Scottie stopped dancing and reached out and pulled her into a hug. It wasn’t sexual. No ulterior motive, but here was his mother who needed support.

Feeling the warmth and comfort of his embrace, Angela reached her arms around and held him tight, resting her head on his shoulder. Neither said a word, they both closed their eyes and felt the moment. And as the seconds passed, more was indeed felt.

With her body pressed so tightly to his, her soft form nestled so perfectly in his arms, what he had pushed to the back of his mind began to rear its head again, reminding him of his heated state. He felt his senses try to memorize her feel, encode it into his memory. The way her breasts billowed and pushed against his chest. How the curve of her back felt as his hands wrapped beneath her shoulders. Her thighs pressed against his own. And his eyes traveled down her back until he saw the roundness of her backside perfectly filling her dress.

In a sudden panic, he realized his hard-on was pressing against her.

Scottie pulled back, forcing a tight smile to his face to hopefully hide his embarrassment. Did she know? Could she feel it? Of course, she could! She was a grown woman! A damn fine one at that! She knows what an erection is and has likely caused a great many in her time. Of course, she would be able to recognize when her own son was pushing one against her.

When Scottie dared to look up to her face, all he saw was a warm look of love from one of the most attractive women he’s ever seen. This sudden lust caught him off guard. This was new. This was…

Suddenly, there was a bump from the side as another dancing duo collided with them. Scottie turned his head but could only stare at the woman. A tall, extremely curvy body with a dress designed to highlight each and every feature. Her neckline plunged low, but her rack had been hoisted high. Her perfectly blonde hair stylized as if she just walked out of a magazine.

“Oh excuse us-Oh Angela! I didn’t recognize you!” she said. Her expression was large and exaggerated.

“Hello Sam,” Angela said, smiling with tight lips.

“You look exquisite!” Sam said.

“Thank you. So do you, as always” Angela replied. Scottie barely was able to notice the slightest roll of her eyes.

“Oh this is nothing,” she said, brushing off the forced compliment. “Are you excited? I imagine you must be,” Sam continued. “I could hardly sleep at all last night knowing I would be in consideration with you again for the third year in a row! I mean, I do know that it was a tough year for everyone, you in particular, but my goodness! Here we are again!” Her voice carried into a shrill laugh, catching the attention of a few other dancers who passed by.

“I’m fine, Sam. I wish you luck,” Angela said.

Sam shrugged.

“Well, I’m not sure I’ll need it but do know that I will be sending all my thoughts and well wishes your way.”

Scottie felt Angela’s fingers dig into his shoulder as she smiled.

“Have fun you two,” Sam continued as she and her silent partner danced away.

“Who was that?” Scottie asked as soon as she was out of earshot.

Angela watched her disappear into the crowd.

“Samantha Baxter,” she said.

“… Competition?”

“… Yup,” Angela replied.

“Was she the one you lost to the last couple times?” he asked.

Angela nodded. “That’s her, all right. Top Agent. She takes ‘Always Be Closing’ to heart for everything except her legs.”

Scottie coughed, caught off guard by his mother’s remark.

“Sorry,” she said covering her mouth. “That was incredibly inappropriate of me.”

He just laughed.

“Mom, you’re fine.”

“I know, but…”

“Mom, who cares? She’s obviously trying to get attention and rile you up.”

“… Yeah,” Angela said. “And it’s working.”

“Then you got to figure out why that is.”

“I know…” she said, resting her head on his shoulder as they slowly swayed.

Scottie held her close.

“You get a load of those tits?” she asked without looking up.

“Of course. I don’t think there is a soul here who hasn’t,” he replied without missing a beat.

Angela chuckled.

“You know, Mom,” Scottie said, “As far as I’m concerned, she’s got nothing on you.”

Angela looked up at her son and smiled.

“Thank you, Scottie,” she said.

The song came to an end and a new one began, seamlessly matching the beat. The DJ’s voice came over the loudspeakers encouraging everyone to find a new partner. Scottie and Angela stayed together.

As the dancing came to a close, everyone was ushered off the floor so the award ceremony could begin. Wine and champagne were provided to every table, with the Miller’s having an extra bottle of water for Scottie and Hannah.

One by one, the categories were announced and the awards we handed to the winners. It was a constant state of names, cheers, applauses, and speeches. All the while Angela kept causally glancing at Samantha Baxter, seated just next to the dance floor and looking back at her smugly.

It took all of twenty minutes to get to the final category: Agent of the Year. The names were listed with polite claps and encouraging smiles for each nominee. Angela sat tall, waiting with her breath held as the host opened an envelope to read the winner.

“Congratulations… Samantha Baxter!”

Cheers and clapping erupted from the crowd as Samantha stood, feigning surprise and approached the podium. She mouthed “Thank you” to everyone as she waved, blowing kisses and giving hugs on her way. She walked up the steps, took the award from the host while giving him a kiss on the cheek, then finally approached the mic.

Scottie didn’t hear a word she said. No one at their table did. It was just the white noise of some distant commotion as Scottie and Hannah just stared at their mother as she sat stoic, calm, and collected. When the crowd began clapping again, some rising from their seats as the acceptance speech concluded, Angela’s lips parted as she slowly released her breath.

Dale looked around the table then raised his hand signaling a waiter.

“We’re going to need two more wine glasses and another bottle of red,” he said.

Scottie and Hannah looked at their father with a confused expression.

“It’s only a loss if we let it feel that way,” he said. “I don’t know about all of you, but I would like to end this night on a high note.”

“Dale…” Angela started. “They’re not old enough for alcohol.”

“No one’s checking IDs, and none of us drove here. Besides, we both know what goes on at college parties…”

The waiter returned, handing out the glasses. Everyone sat with a glass filled with red wine as Dale lifted his.

“Here’s to my beautiful family, my amazingly sexy and brilliant wife, and the best damn kids anyone could ever ask for.” He raised his glass higher. “Fuck Samantha!” he said.

“Fuck Samantha!” they all cheered with even Claudette and Bernie joining in. Angela cracked a smile.

In the face of defeat, the Millers celebrated. Libations were shared, stories filled with laughter and love. Scottie discussed his hopes for next semester. He was interested in computer programing, something Dale took great interest in as they were considering changing up their website. Hannah expressed interest in going back to school and considered going into law for patents. Angela watched her family, her face almost hurting from smiling so much. Even Dale’s dad jokes were funny tonight.

Bernie and Claudette left somewhere in the third bottle, right when the dancing started up again. It was around that time that Scottie noticed a shift. It must have been subtle, but there was something there. Something like a charge in the air, an aura, an energy that seemed to linger and permeate the mood. It probably was just him and how he looked at his sister when she caught his eye. The way she placed her napkin on the table and then slid her finger into its folds suggestively while winking at her brother.

Perhaps it was how her nipples pushed against the fabric of her dress, hidden from everyone’s view unless you looked, which Scottie did. But did his father as well? Did his mother?

Or even still, could it have been that little jolt of passion that shot through them each when the conversation paused, or when they sipped their wine or even sighed. There was something in the air, and it had Scottie hard, harder than he had felt in a long time. When he looked at Hannah, he knew she felt it too.

“Can you all excuse me for a second,” he said as he rose to leave.

The water was cold and exhilarating as he splashed it across his face.

Scottie stood at the sink in the hotel restroom. The beats of the muted music thumped through the wall as he looked at his reflection in the mirror. Droplets of water cascaded down his chin.

“Deep breaths, Scottie,” he said. “Keep it in check. You’re in the real world.”

He took a deep breath, held it. He could feel his pulse slow as he counted to ten. Slowly, he let the air back out and embraced the calm.

Movement in the mirror caught his eye and Scottie looked up to see the door close with Hannah leaning against it on the inside.

A brief moment of panic washed over him. Is this the wrong room? His eyes quickly darted to the wall and instantly calmed, noting the urinals sitting exactly where they should be. No, he was okay. This was the men’s room.

Then why was she here?

Her heels clicked and echoed across the tile as she approached him with a look he knew all too well. He didn’t stop her when she grabbed his body and pulled him against her, their lips locking onto each other with a grunt. It wasn’t a loving kiss, but one that was deep and hungry.

Their hands grabbed and groped and squeezed each other’s flesh and muscles. Scottie grabbed her ass and pulled her against him while his sister rubbed her mound against his thigh. Her nails dug into his back, his fingertips into the meat of her buttocks. She bit his lip. He nibbled her ear.

Her fingers slid around and started to undo his belt.

“Wait,” he whispered. “Hannah, Mom and Dad-“

“Are dancing,” she said, kissing him again.

“I know but-“

“Shhh,” she said. “I’ve missed you.” She grabbed his crotch. “I’ve missed this,” she said through clenched teeth. Her hand loosed his belt and snuck down the top of his slacks.

“Oh fuck!” he said as she wrapped her hand around his shaft.

“Mmmm,” she said. “I’ve really missed this.”

“Me too,” he breathed against the nape of her neck. His hands slid over her breast, teasing the hard nub beneath the dress.

“I want you so bad,” she whispered.

“Mmm. Same.”

“Then why don’t you-” before she completed her sentence, the door burst open.

“I’m a good dancer!” mumbled the man who stumbled his way into the bathroom, his shirt partially untucked, hair disheveled, and the walking embodiment of inebriation.

“Oh, deary me,” he slurred, sighting Hannah as he swayed in place. “Sweet Angel of the Privy, where might an old lord like me find a pot to piss in?” and then he bowed.

Hannah retracted her hand from her brother’s slacks and pointed to the urinals.

The drunkard followed her gaze slowly.

“Ah! ‘Tis my day of luck!” he said. “Many thanks to you, oh sweet mistress!” He began to zig-zag and stumble to the wall.

Scottie and Hannah ran out of the room before he could say anything more.

In the hall, Scottie grabbed Hannah’s arm. He pulled her to the wall.

“You wanna get out of here?” he asked.

She bit her lip and smiled. “More than anything.”

“Go tell Mom and Dad we are taking off. I’ll go get us a Taxi.”

“You sure you don’t want to just rent a room?” she raised an eyebrow.

Scottie shook his head.

“We haven’t channel surfed in ages and what I want to do to you, I’ll need more than all night.”

Hannah’s eyes danced in wicked delight. She leaned forward and kissed him then turned and ran to the ballroom.

* * *

Chapter 8: When Instinct is Stronger Than Reason.

Ten minutes later, the siblings sat in the back of a cab as it weaved through the rain-soaked streets of the city on their way back to the suburbs. Lights flickered and flashed through the droplets of water that streaked down the sides of the windows. Inside, Scottie and Hannah said not a word to each other.

Each hand a hand firmly planted on the other’s thigh. Their breathing was deep and deliberate. The tension was thick enough for the driver to catch the hint that his attention was best left to the road. There was no place for small talk here.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, they ran up the steps to their house as the rain fell. They felt so hot, so heated that it almost wouldn’t surprise either of them if it sizzled when it struck their skin. Scottie unlocked the door with Hannah watching his every move. A moment later, they were inside. Before the door even shut they were in each other’s arms kissing like it gave them oxygen.

With lips still locked, they franticly tried to peel the clothes off the other as they backed into the house from the entryway, past the stairs, to the living room. Hannah pulled off his tie while her brother unzipped the back of her dress. Hannah kicked off her pumps and started to unbutton his shirt. Scottie slid the straps off her shoulders and pushed the dress down her body, revealing her matching set of sheer black panties and bra. Once over her hips, Hannah giggled and shimmied her hips to help the dress fall.

Scottie looked her over, totally infatuated.

“God damn, Hannah,” he said. “You’re so incredibly sexy.”

“Mmmmm,” she said, grabbing his shirt and pulling him in for a kiss. “You make me feel sexy.”

She kissed him again while she untucked his shirt, then pushed it over his shoulders, leaving him in a white, sleeveless, muscle t-shirt and slacks.

“Oh!” Hannah said, “Once sec.”

She turned quickly and ran to the entertainment center while her brother sat on the couch. Pulling open a drawer filled with cables and gadgets, she reached into the back and retrieved the remote from its safe little hiding spot they would use figuring it would raise less questions if found in an obvious place. She immediately began clicking the little arrows with her eyes locked on the LCD screen.

“Where we going?” Scottie asked as he took off his shoes and socks.

Hannah shrugged, then smiled. “I guess it doesn’t really matter, but…” she turned the remote to face her brother. The tiny screen read ADULT. “… Why not a classic?”

Scottie rose as his sister approached. They embraced, lips locked and skin pressed together. Hannah’s finger pressed the button on the remote and they felt the pulse of energy course through them as they grabbed and groped at each other.

Feeling emboldened, Scottie reached down and grabbed Hannah’s ass, lifting her up and tossing her on the couch as she squealed, dropping the remote beneath her in the process. Her brother wasted no time and dove between her legs, placing his mouth over her panty-covered mound. Hannah’s squeal turned into a moan as her eyes went wide from his assault.

His tongue pushed and prodded at the already-soaked fabric, her scent filling his nostrils and inflaming his passion. Scottie wrapped his arms around her legs, pulling his face deeper into her spread thighs as he feasted on her, always trying to get more. Feel her more. Taste her more. Make her scream and groan and writhe more. And she certainly did.

“Oh fuck! Scottie, oh yes!” she cried.

He toyed with the gusset of her panties. His tongue traced over the frilled edges, then dipped into the softness of her inner thigh, then beneath the wet fabric. Scottie pulled the rest to the side, exposing her perfect, glistening pussy. Wasting no time, he dove right back in, sucking on her lips, her vagina, and clit. She screamed in pleasure. Her back arched, hands slamming down onto the cushions in ecstasy.

Scottie was like an animal, feasting on a meal after a fast. He felt alive, body on fire and senses on high. And her taste, her nectar, he couldn’t get enough. She was like pure electricity.

“I’m gonna’ cum Scottie! Oh, fuck! Oh Shit! SHIT! I’m CUMMING!” She cried as her eyes rolled back into her head and her body shook and spasmed, her legs clamping onto his head.

Scottie pulled away slightly, watching her shudder in wave after wave of pleasure.

Finally, after what felt like minutes, she sank into the cushion and looked at her brother. Laughing, she wiped a tear from her eye.

“Holy crap, that was good. Just like that first time,” she said, then her expression distorted to confusion and pain. “Damn it, I’m on something.”

She reached beneath her and pulled out the remote, tossing it to the corner of the couch.

“Little fucker almost went up my ass.”

Scottie raised an eyebrow. “Getting kinky there, Sis.”

“No need to get jealous. That hole’s just for you, Baby Brother.”

Hannah sat up and kissed him, holding his face with both hands.

“Speaking of filling some holes…” she said raising an eyebrow. “I’m still awfully horny. You ready to take this upstairs and pound my tight, little cunt?”

“So fucking ready,” Scottie grinned.

“Goodie.” She pecked his lips once more, then stood. Her taught belly level with his face. “Go grab a bottle of wine and meet me in Mom and Dad’s room.”

“Mom and Dad’s?”

Hannah nodded and slowly walked away. “I’m feeling really nasty tonight and wanna make full use of their bed.”

“You know they will be home eventually, right?” Scottie called after her, trying desperately to tear his eyes off her gorgeous ass.

“Sure, but not for hours at least. Besides, it’s porno-land. Mom’s probably got her tongue in that Baxter lady’s cooch right now.” She looked back to her brother, knowing he was watching her. “Hurry your ass up. Oh, and grab that fancy bottle, the ’97 Amour Tabou. Mom will never know since it’s just going to reset when we go back.”

Not being one to leave a lady waiting, Scottie hurried into the kitchen. His father gifted Angela a wine fridge a couple of years back which they always kept chock full of reds and whites. He knelt down and opened the fridge, trying not to feel the daunting pressure of this needle in a haystack he had been tasked to find. He pulled out bottle after bottle until finding the prize of Angela’s collection.

“Got it,” he said as he tore the foil cap off the bottle. He stood and snagged two glasses from the cabinet and set them down on the counter. All he had to do was open the bottle.

“Wine opener… Where the fuck’s the wine opener?” he said, spinning around in the kitchen. He rummaged through all the drawers, opening then closing, growing more frustrated by the minute. Finally, tucked away in the bottom cabinet, next to cooking utensils one would only find in TV adverts, he pulled out an electric device with a small opening and a corkscrew.

“How the hell do you…” he said to himself, turning it around and finding no on-off button. Shrugging, he shoved the neck of the bottle into the hole and heard the gadget come to life with a whirring sound. Success!… Then he heard a faint snap.

Pulling back the opener, he saw that the cork had only partially been removed before the tiny metal screw snapped off inside it.

“You got to be fucking kidding me,” he said. “Dad, you and your cheap-ass toys…” He set down the opener and looked around, desperate to not be defeated by the simple quest.

He eyed the cork. The screw broke off inside, and the cork was still half in, but that also meant half out. Scottie bit the cork with his teeth and yanked. It was tight, but he felt it give, then with a pop, the tiny stopper was free.

Grinning in triumph, he turned to leave then stopped dead in his tracks.

“Mom?” he mumbled, mouth still full of the wine stopper.

Leaning against the doorway to the kitchen stood Angela. Still in her golden dress and high heels.

Her eyes narrowed.

“Is that my good bottle?”

Scottie looked at his hands, then back up to Angela.

He spit out the cork.

“Is it?” he said.

Angela sighed, then waved her hand in resignation.

“Fuck it, pour me a glass will you?” she said as she sauntered into the living room and sank into the loveseat.

Scottie set down the glasses, then poured one for his mother. He walked into the living room, handing it to her as she rubbed her neck with her eyes closed.

“Here you go,” he said as he handed her the glass.

“Thank you, Baby,” she said as she opened her eyes and took the glass.

His gaze suddenly darted to the floor next to her where Hannah’s dress sat in a bundle with his shirt right on top. Quickly taking a knee in front of her, he grabbed her foot.

“Here,” he said, taking her pumps off, “Your feet must be killing you with all that dancing.” Cautiously, quietly, he pushed the pile of clothes under the couch with his other hand.

“They are, but you don’t have to-“

“I insist,” he said as he began to massage and knead her soles.

“Ohhh, that does feel nice,” Angela said, settling back into the seat. She took a big, heavy sip from her glass. “Mmmmm thank you, sweetie.”

Scottie’s hands expertly squeezed and massaged. Fingers were sliding and pushing into the muscle, wrapping around her ankle, heel, and toes. He knew he needed to break away. His thoughts switched back to Hannah who waited for him upstairs… in his parents’ room.

“I thought you were still at the gala,” he said.

“Ugh,” Angela said in a groan of frustration. “We ended up leaving right after you.” Her finger traced the rim of the glass as she watched her son tend to her.

“Really? Last I saw you were both out dancing.” He switched to the other foot, thumbs pressing into the arch of the sole.

Her eyes began to feel heavy. “Mmmmmm,” Angela said, closing her eyes, basking in the care she was receiving. “We were, but your father may have had a little too much to drink. He ended up spilling wine on his shirt, and you know how he is about stains in public.”

Scottie looked around. “Where is Dad?”

“Mmmm,” Angela said, drifting off.

“Mom,” Scottie said, setting her foot down. “Mom, where is Dad?”

She jostled, pushing sleep to the side but didn’t open her eyes. “Upstairs to change.”

Holy fucking shit balls.

Scottie rose and started to head upstairs. He had to get to Hannah but he knew it was too late.

“Are you done?” his mother asked from the loveseat, voice heavy with sleep.

“I’ll be back, Mom! I promise,” he said as he rushed upstairs.

“M’Kay,” she said before she settled back down and let sleep take over.

Scottie was like a lemur jumping up the stairs effortlessly as he raced to his parents’ room. He could already hear the voices as he approached, knowing he was too late. He slowed, trying to mask his footsteps which he feared already had alerted them to his presence.

At the end of the darkened hall, their door stood partially open. Slowly, Scottie tip-toed on bare feet until he could hear the voices clearly. His father’s deep timbre was unmistakable.

“… you shouldn’t be in here. Your mother is right downstairs and if she sees you in here like this…”

Scottie peeked through the parted doorway finding his father, topless, with his shirt in hand. His back was to the door as he stood over his daughter sitting in her sheer black underwear on the bed.

“Dad, I-” Hannah tried to say. She seemed somewhat smaller, somehow.

“Don’t. You need to go to your own room and put something on.”

Hannah looked up at her father.


“No. Don’t ‘Daddy’ me. Whatever you do in your own room is your business, but it is absolutely unacceptable to do that on your mother’s and my bed.”

Oh shit. It was worse than Scottie thought.

She had been waiting for him, ready to kick off a night of pure unadulterated debauchery. Dale caught her, most likely in the heat of an intimate, personal moment. Scottie knew well what their father probably saw, it was a vision that often filled his own fantasies, yet her brother at least had the privilege to live them out to their fullest. But this was his sister, not his daughter. He could only imagine what was going through his father’s head, to come home and see his daughter nearly naked and stretched across his bed, writhing, wet, and willing.

But then again, this wasn’t their reality. That would mean this wasn’t exactly Dale’s daughter. Or, more importantly, this wasn’t exactly their father, was it?

As that single thought crossed Scottie’s mind, she spotted him in the shadows of the doorway. The fire in her eye informed Scottie she had realized the same.

Her demeanor shift was subtle. Suddenly she was no longer the kid with their hand in the cookie jar, but more of the hunter on the prowl for prey.

Scottie shook his head, knowing full well what she was intending. It wouldn’t be real but it still felt so wrong. Yet, he felt his own blood heating and his cock growing hard, hoping it would come to fruition.

Hannah looked up at her father with an empowered but truly forbidden confidence.

“What Daddy?” she said, drawing emphasis on his name. “What is it that you think I do in my room?”

Her father paused, then shook his head. Hannah continued.

“What do you think I do when I’m alone in my room, Daddy?” She asked, standing and taking a step toward him.

Dale took a half-step back.

“Hannah… Whatever this is, you have to quit it, now.”

Her eyes flashed to Scottie for a fraction of a second, then locked back on her father.

“And what do you think this is?” She took another step forward again. Her hands ran up and down her thighs ever so slowly.

“Hannah, I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing, but I think you had a little too much tonight. We all were drinking, it was my idea, and I see now that it was wrong. It doesn’t make it okay to seduce your own father.”

She stepped forward again.

“Is that what I’m doing? I’m seducing you?”

“Hannah-” Dale went to step back again, but she was too close.

Like a viper, her hand sprung out and quickly grabbed his belt, holding him in place.

“No, Daddy,” she said as she inched closer still. “You stay right there.”

“Hannah…” Dale said, looking down at his daughter who stared up at him. A father stunned to see the look of lust in his own daughter’s eyes. “Scottie and your mother-“

“Are all the way downstairs…” she said as she kept her eyes locked on his, all while her hands deftly unbuckled his belt.

“They might-“

“They won’t.” Hannah lowered herself to her knees before him, never breaking eye contact as her face drew level with his groin.

With all of his protesting, Hannah knew she had him curled around her finger. She ran her hand over the fly, feeling his cock, her father’s cock, as hard as steel beneath. She moaned in approval.

“You… shouldn’t touch me like that. This is wrong,” he said.

She squeezed, her father groaning in response.

“I know.” She popped the button on the fly. “It’s wrong for a girl to be on her knees in front of her father like I am.”

Her fingers gripped the zipper and lowered it.

“… It’s wrong for a girl to get wet thinking about her father’s cock, like I am…”

She snaked her fingers around to the hem of his pants, one on each side of his waist.

“… It’s wrong for a girl to want to taste her father’s cum, like I do.”

“Hannah…” Dale said breathlessly but stood motionless as his daughter lowered his slacks and underwear.

“Jeez, Dad!” she said with a wide mouth grin as her father’s rock-hard erection swung out to greet her.

Leaving his pants at his ankles, she grabbed the base of his cock and pointed it straight toward her mischief-filled eyes. The way his daughter held him, how her smile was somehow both giddy and lustful, he would never know. She looked up at him as she crept forward, opening her mouth and waiting for him to say… anything.

Dale opened his mouth but no words came out. That was all she needed. Hannah leaned forward and inhaled his member into her mouth.

“Oh, God!” Dale said as she slowly rocked her head back and forth. His daughter was tasting his cock and moaning in pleasure. So sinful, so wicked and wrong but damnit they felt alive. Both Hannah and Dale had become overcome with unbridled lust as if tapping into a primal need, a fantasy long pushed into the depths of their consciousness.

“Hannah, oh fuck,” Dale gasped.

She pulled off, her hand still stroking him as a line of saliva dripped down her lip, then her chin.

“I can’t believe you taste so good,” she said, then lifted his dick and ran her tongue from base to crown.

“You… shouldn’t be… doing this.” His composure was long gone.

Hannah shook her head.

“Uh-uh,” she said. “And you shouldn’t be letting me,” she sucked him again, his hand resting on her head as he struggled to maintain balance.

“Oh my god, Hannah. Oh, fuck!”

He was putty in her hands and she fucking loved it.

She felt so dirty yet empowered. Hearing him moan and groan as she sucked. She was making her father feel this way, feel things only her mother had made him feel. Just that thought lit her fire, sending her into overdrive.

She pulled off once more, holding his wet cock against her cheek. Her father looked down, seeing his precious daughter squirming as she knelt on their tightly knitted, wool rug. The corners of her lips curled in a coy smile as she slowly kissed the length of his throbbing cock. And that look in her eyes, that playful hunger, it could make any man melt.

“You know, I’ve been thinking about this a lot.”

“Yeah?” he barely spoke.

“Mm-hmmmm,” she hummed as she slurped him back into her mouth, then pulled back off. “I’ve thought about doing all kinds of nasty, dirty things. Have you ever thought that, Daddy?” Hannah asked as she slowly pumped his cock.


She smiled again, with those big, brown eyes of hers.

“I just wondered if you ever thought of me doing sexy things.”

“I-I don’t really know…”

She arched an eyebrow.

“Oh? So you never thought of me on my knees tasting your pre-cum?” Dale watched as Hannah swirled her tongue around the crown of his cock once more.

“Oh my fucking god!” he grunted.

“Mmmmm.” Hannah smiled, then stood, releasing his wet shaft. “Then I guess you never thought about these?” she said as she cupped her breasts through the black laced bra. “Never once thought about what they must look like. What they feel like…”

She reached to the front of her chest, pushing her breasts together as her fingers pinched at the elastic hooks between her cleavage.

“Would you like to know, Daddy?”

Dale stood speechless. Hannah pushed.

“Would you like to see your baby girl’s tits?”

Slowly, subtly, her father nodded his head.

It took every sheer ounce of her willpower to not burst into joy. He wanted her. She fucking knew it.

With a simple flick of her fingers, her bra was undone. Her hands pulled the cups away, freeing her bare breasts to her father’s lecherous stare. Hannah felt like her nipples had never been harder as she tossed the useless bra to the floor.

“Touch me, Dad,” she said, pleading as her own composure began to falter.

Just like that, Dale’s walls came crashing down.

He leaped forward; one hand grabbed onto her tit while his lips latched onto the other. Hannah moaned in surprise and held his head as her father lapped and sucked on her nipple.

Their lust was unleashed. Bodies pressed together as this newfound passion erupted between father and daughter. Hannah grabbed her father’s cock as it pressed into her thigh. She stroked him as he mauled her breasts, his free hand digging deep into the flesh of her ass. And from the shadows of the open door, Scottie watched.

He knew he should have left. He easily could have. Or, at the very least he could close the door and leave this scene of sin behind… but he couldn’t. He couldn’t take his eyes off this portrayal of incest. This act of depravity before him. He knew he needed to leave. But… He couldn’t. He longed to see this. It was wrong but exciting. Scandalous, but intoxicating. And though he and Hannah both had dove headlong into the taboo, this was new, and he had never been more aroused.

His focus was so rapt to this coupling that he never heard his mother until her breath was on his neck.

“You didn’t come back.”

“Mom!” Scottie said with a start, but couldn’t move, finding her arm suddenly wrapped around his chest. Angela stood behind her son, molding her body into his back.

“Shhhhh,” she said just barely beyond his vision. “I want to see this.”

In the room, Hannah began to back away while still kissing her father, her body luring him to follow. When she reached the bed, she sat back on its edge and spread her legs. Angela and Scottie watched as Dale hesitated for only a moment, then slid his hand down his daughter’s stomach, past her navel, then under the edge of her black panties. Her inner thighs shimmered. She was absolutely dripping.

They could see the slight bulge from his hand as it slid beneath the fabric, but they knew he found home when Hannah gasped.

“You’re touching me, Daddy! You’re touching my pussy! Please put a finger in,” she moaned, then cried out as his fingers slipped inside, hooked up, and went deep, his palm resting and rubbing against her clit.

“He really is good with his hands,” Angela purred to her son.

Scottie could feel her holding him tight. Her hand held firm to his chest while the other rested on his shoulder. He could feel the swell of her breasts press into his back as she ground her pelvis against his backside. Her movements were slow, but deep and deliberate.

Hannah cried and whimpered as her senses were overwhelmed by the finger fucking her father was giving her. Dale picked up the pace, his fingers plunging over and over into her wet pussy, completely drenching the useless garment that still restricted his hand.

“You’re fingers feel so good! Oh my god, Daddy, it’s so fucking good! Ah!” She cried out before her moans were silenced by her father’s lips. They kissed hard, tongues wrestling as Dale continued to frig her cunt.

Their skin was flushed, movements growing desperate. Then Hannah suddenly pushed him away.

“Oh my god, Dad. I need your dick in me now. Please fuck me,” she cried as she laid back and frantically tried to pull off her panties. Dale matched her intensity as he kicked his slacks all the way off and removed his socks, leaving them both equally naked.

Mother and Son watched as Hannah scooted herself closer to her father and spread her thighs for him. Dale reached down as Hannah hooked a leg behind his ass and drew his groin closer to hers.

Propping herself up on an elbow, she looked up at him.

“I want you so bad. Please just fuck me. Fuck me, Daddy.”

Dale looked down at her; his daughter writhing, moaning, urging him to mate with her. She was the pure epitome of temptation. And yet, he paused.

It was that hesitation that spurred Angela into action, reading signs on her husband that only a wife could tell.

Without saying a word, she took Scottie’s hand and entered the bedroom, leading her son like a horse to water. Dale’s head instantly turned to his wife, his eyes filled with shock as he and Hannah froze in place.

“Angela, I-” Dale said but his words were cut off as she kissed him, hard and with furious passion.

Angela released her son’s hand and she brought it up to Dale’s cheek, cradling it as their tongues danced together. Scottie could hardly wrap his head around this vision of his mother kissing her husband who stood naked between their daughter’s spread legs.

She pulled back, giving him one last peck on the lips as she stared deep into his eyes. Her hand snaked down his chest, down the trail of hair at his navel, to the base of his shaft that was still wet with his own precum and Hannah’s saliva.

Dale felt his wife grab his cock and pull him to Hannah’s vagina.

“It’s okay,” she whispered as his head nestled into their daughter’s lips. “I know you want to.” Angela placed a hand on the small of his back and pushed, urging his hips forward.

“Oh my god,” Hannah cried as her father’s penis slid halfway inside her. She pushed her hand up to his chest, fingers digging into his chest hair and feeling the muscles beneath. It made her quiver, groan, and gush as she adjusted to his girth.

He retracted, letting the ridge of his crown stay just within her lips, then he pushed forward again. Then again, and again, driving slowly but surely deeper inside his daughter until his groin bottomed out against her clit.

Scottie watched as Angela kissed Dale’s shoulder as he fell into a steady rhythm as Hannah hooked her arm in the recess of her knee, pinning a leg against her chest. She bit her own knee, grunting with each thrust from her father pounding against her pelvis.

Seeing her work was done, Angela grabbed her husband’s ass.

“Have fun,” she said before kissing his cheek.

Dale looked over his shoulder to her and grinned.

“You too.”

That got Scottie’s attention.

Angela turned her focus on her son. Scottie could see her chest rising and falling with deep breaths, all while her skin, smooth and flawless as it was, had the slightest hint of blush on her cheeks. With an unblinking stare, she smiled at him, but less like a parent who was filled with pride. Nothing like the look he had seen on her face when he had received his diploma, scored his first home run or nailed a final exam. This was a smile of anticipation, of torturous delayed excitement. A smile one has when they are hungry and see a feast before them. Or, more accurately, a fantasy soon to be realized.

Scottie couldn’t take his eyes off his mother. Just behind her, he could glimpse the constant motion and moans of his father and sister’s unholy coupling, but his mother’s presence demanded his attention. Her confidence had returned tenfold, and with it, this unyielding beauty.

For the second time that night, she towered over everyone else.

“Take those off,” she said pointing to Scottie’s slacks.

It was like a reflex; you always do what your mother says. His hands were moving on their own as he quickly unbuckled his belt, fly, and pushed his pants down. As he stepped out of the legs, he saw Angela look at him, or his crotch really, with a smile that was anything but motherly. He didn’t need to look down to know he was sporting the mother of all erections, almost literally.

Slowly, Angela reached behind her back with both hands, one to pinch the fabric, and the other to pull the hidden zipper down with a teasingly slow pace. Once it reached the bottom, she slipped her straps off her shoulder, first the left, then the right, never breaking eye contact with her audience. With nothing left to hold it up, Scottie watched his mother push the dress down until gravity took over and let it slip gracefully to the floor.

She stood before him wearing only a thong, one leg slightly bent and hands on her hips. He was speechless. He had seen her in a bathing suit more times than he could count, but it wasn’t until this moment that he truly saw her. Her breasts were similar to Hannah’s, though slightly larger and rounder, capped with solid pink nipples. Her stomach, thighs, and legs were firm and smooth, with the shapes and curves in just the right places. This was the body of a woman, a goddess. And based on the look in his mother’s eyes, she knew how to use it.

It was that look, that expression that changed everything for him. He had seen it many times before on Hannah’s face. That mix of lust and love with a twist of a challenge. Angela, like her daughter, liked to play, tease, and fuck. And that was it. Like a light turning on, regret and shame were gone. Hannah was diving into her fantasy, and he’d be damned if he was to let this slide.

Game on.

“Mom, you look… incredible!” Scottie said, unabashedly standing with his hard-on tenting his boxers.

“Thank you, baby,” she said, then hooked a thumb on the side of her underwear, “Call me old fashioned, but I’m going to let you do the honors of taking off my panties. But first, let’s get this out of the way.”

She walked right up in front of him, her chest pressing into her son’s as her hands found the edge of his tank top. Winking at him, she pulled it up and over his head.

“There we go,” she said. “I love skin-to-skin contact.” Angela giggled as she rubbed her nipples against her son’s bare chest. “Oh, this is new,” she said as she lightly combed her fingers through a small, fair patch of hair between his pecs. “I kinda like it. My boy’s all grown up and turned into a man.”

Scottie groaned at her touch.

“Oh, you like Mommy’s titties rubbing against you?” She continued.

Scottie laughed and slipped his hands to her bare waist, pulling her in tighter so her panty-clad mound rubbed against his hard dick.

“I fucking love it,” he said.

“Tsk-tsk,” she frowned, though in obvious jest. “Cursing like that in front of your mother.”

“I’m about to be doing a whole lot more in front of my mother soon.”

Angela’s eyes lit up. Scottie felt her quiver beneath his hands.

“I should ask,” Scottie continued. “Should I be calling you ‘Mom’ right now?”

“Scott, in a matter of minutes I will be cumming all over your cock. You can call me whatever you like as far as I’m concerned.”

Scottie grinned.

“I kinda like calling you Mom.”

Angela grinned.

“Actually, me too.”

“It makes me so hard.”

“It makes me so fucking wet.”

Angela grabbed her son by the back of the head and kissed him, and he welcomed it. Their mouths opened, tongues dancing together as their hands explored each other’s bodies. Their moans and gasps joined the chorus originating from Hannah and Dale who found it difficult not to watch this new development.

Mother and son kissed like high school sweethearts, fueled by a burning passion erupting from each other. Scottie nibbled on her ear, hearing her gasp and tremble as she raked her nails into the muscles on his back. She bit his lower lip as he grabbed her breast, tweaking a nipple between two fingers.

In a desperate move, she grabbed his boxers and pushed them down, his hard cock swinging free. Scottie groaned as Angela grabbed it, feeling the weight of her son’s engorged member for the first time.

“Oh, Scottie…”she purred, mesmerized by this rigid tool in her palm. Her panties flooded with her juices at the thought of where this dick, her son’s dick, might reach inside her.

Looking up at her son, she leaned forward and kissed him again, stroking him with her free hand against her belly.

“Oh, Mom,” Scottie groaned into her mouth as his hands found the cheeks of her ass and grabbed on. His hands were large, and her flesh was full. He palmed each fleshy cheek and kneaded the muscles, encouraged by how she moaned and pressed her chest into him.

With a sudden gasp, Angela pulled back and stared into her son’s lustful eyes. Scottie had never seen this look of wanton lust so amplified, so raw and primal, and he hoped it would never be the last.

“Mom,” he said, “I want you so bad.”

Angela shivered and bit her lip. Her hand still slowly stroking her son’s cock. The head now shining with the same sheen as her palm as she lubricated the shaft with his precum. She tightened her grip and pulled, leading her son back to the bed.

“Okay you two, scoot over,” she said to Dale and Hannah.

It was surreal how nonchalant she was, as if it was such a normal thing to ask your husband and daughter to move so a mother could fuck her son. But they did just that.

Giggling and looking at her brother as if to say, “How awesome is this?” Hannah moved her tush over and let out a satisfied groan a moment later as her father slipped back inside.

Angela hopped up next to her daughter. “Bet you’re glad we went for the king-size bed,” she said to Dale.

Dale laughed as he thrust. “Okay… you win… But the queen was on discount.”

“True, but we have so much more room for-“

“Oh my god! Will you two please have this conversation when he’s not inside me!” Hannah cut in.

Angela giggled and laid back while Scottie crawled up her legs. She watched him reach up the side of her thighs, feeling the tingle of his fingers just barely graze her skin. When they found the edge of the fabric, they pulled and Angela pointed her toes up and lifted her ass off the bed to let them slide off her long legs. She was completely naked with both legs in the air pressed together and toes pointed like a ballerina. Slowly, she lowered both and watched her son’s expression as they parted before his eyes, revealing herself to him in the most carnal way imaginable.

Scottie stared at her intimately, transfixed. Her smooth pink lips parted as if waiting for a kiss. They glistened, wet with anticipation and desire. Her vulva puffed ever so slightly with a small, trimmed tuft of pubic hair sitting on top. To think he was born from another version of this very place. How similar was this to reality? Did she look the same? Did she smell, taste, and feel the same? Scottie felt his mouth begin to water as he longed to find out.

He felt his mother’s fingers run through his hair as he stared at her sex. Looking up from between her parted thighs, their eyes met. He could see her looking at him with love, lust, and desperation. To hell with foreplay.

Angela’s heartbeat impatiently as he rose up from between her legs, arms held out on each side of her torso allowing him support his own weight, hovering above her. They both felt his erection slide up her inner thigh, rubbing against her sopping-wet vulva. The ridge of the crown sawing back and forth from clit to her pubic hair. Angela shuddered with pleasure as she spread her legs wider, feeling her bare thighs rub against her daughter’s beside her.

“Put it in me, Scott,” Angela pleaded. “Fuck Mama with that big dick.”

Always eager to please his Mama, Scottie reached down and rubbed his cockhead between her lips. Oh, how they kissed him, parting like a flower in bloom. They both gasped at the contact, feeling the need to go deeper. Angela flexed her hips up to try and get him inside, but her son pulled back, smiling at the tease.

She lifted again, desperately trying to satiate this agony, but once more he pulled back, then slapped her pussy with his cock.

“Oh my fucking god, Scott! Fuck me now! Please!”

He lined up again, and pushed just the head inside, feeling her hug the crown. Then his eyes landed on Hannah. She was watching him, skin flushed and awash with pleasure. Her eyes were wild and filled with bewilderment as she looked back and forth between Scottie’s face and where his groin connected to their mother’s.

Biting her lip, she mouthed to him. “Do it.”

With a slow but continuous push, Scottie’s hips lowered, sliding his bare cock into the tight wetness of his mother’s pussy.

“Oh, Fuuuuuuuuck!” Angela cried out as her son moaned in pleasure. She locked her legs around him and grabbed onto Hannah’s thigh tight with her hand. Angela’s eyes went wide as she began to shake and shudder as an orgasm ripped through her body.

“Mom, did you just cum?” Hannah asked laughing.

She nodded with tears in her eyes. “You bet I did.”

“But he just put it inside-AH!” their daughter laughed, only to cry out in surprise as her father went deep, hard, in a quick thrust.

“Don’t… mock your mother,” Dale panted. “She cums real easily when she’s super horny.”

“Really Mom?” Scottie asked as he flexed his dick. The sexy sounds she made caused him to grow harder as his dick marinated in her wet pussy.

She locked her legs tighter. “I do, Baby. Fuck! I do but gimme’ a second. I’m a little sensitive right now.”

“No problem, Mom,” he said as he settled inside, fully sheathed to the hilt. He was blown away but how she felt. So warm, tight, and as wet and wild as her daughter, but still different in a way he couldn’t describe. Maybe it was the added taboo. And sure, sex with his sister was forbidden, but this level was so far into the world of immoral that he now understood Oedipus.

Ever so softly, Angela began to raise and lower her hips, barely letting his length move within her. At first, it was so subtle that it was mere centimeters. But even with those modest movements, Angela felt herself flood and come alive again as she could feel each and every unique feature of her son’s cock. The gentle curve to the length. The way the veins swelled and tickled her lips as they passed over each bump and swell. How the head nuzzled against her, inside her, stretching and filling her in a way she never had before.

Little by little, the movements grew. Within moments, she was slowly, unmistakably fucking the whole length.

“Holy shit. I can’t believe we are all actually having sex,” Hannah said as she pinched her nipples.

This triggered a brief but nervous chuckle from the group as each member’s eyes fluttered back and forth to the action on the parental bed. Here lay both mother and daughter, on their backs with their legs spread, moaning as they fucked their familial lover. The sounds of grunts and moans and slapping skin echoed through the room and house.

Maybe it was just their angle, but with each thrust, Angela and Hannah gradually began to inch closer and closer. Angela’s hand returned to Hannah’s thigh, gripping the soft flesh tightly as Hannah did the same for her mother. Their whole sides then touched. When Hannah turned her head, Angela’s lips found those of her daughter’s as they shared their first kiss in years.

Dale and Scottie’s eyes went wide.

“This is so fucking hot!” Scottie said, feeling his mother clamp down on him as they watched the ladies tongue-wrestle.

For Dale, watching his wife make out with their daughter while her tight cunt squeezed and pulled at him was the final push over the hill.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum! I’m going to fucking cum!” Dale announced.

He pulled out of Hannah just as the first stream erupted from his cock. It flew through the air and landed on Hannah’s neck, causing her to squeal in surprise and delight.

“Dad! Holy shit!” she laughed as she pushed herself up, not wanting to miss this show for the world.

He kept pumping his fist against his cock, still wet from her pussy, as rope after rope splattered across her chest and stomach, then swollen vagina.

“AH! Jeez that was a ton, Dad!” she said as she scooped it up from her pussy. “Mom not putting out or something?”

Angela laughed and slapped her daughter’s thigh.

“You little brat. I put out plenty. He just has a lot.”

Hannah sucked her fingers clean with her eyes on her father.

“Hope you know I’m not done yet, Daddy-o,” she said as she eyed his wilted member. “But let me get cleaned up first. Momma?”

Angela nodded and pushed Scottie back. Hannah repositioned herself on the bed as her mother crawled on all fours over her daughter’s body. As Angela’s tongue scooped up a dollop of cum from Hannah’s breast, she wiggled her own upturned ass to her son knowing very well what he was watching. Scottie got the message.

He stepped behind his mother and slid his dick between her cheeks, feeling the pillowy swell before dipping the head down, squeezing into her wet folds. Within no time, they were fucking doggy-style. Hannah groaned and held her mother’s head to her breast as she lapped at her daughter’s teats in a reversal of roles; mother nursing from daughter. And though it was at first intended to lap up her father’s cum, when that task was resolved, Angela didn’t stop. She continued to lick and nibble on her daughter’s exposed flesh, devouring every soft and sinful inch as her palate was awash with the taste of sweat and cum. Each giggle, moan, and whimper only fueled their mother as Hannah held her own breast to her mother’s lips, while her other hand was a blur, rapidly fingering herself. Her eyes then settled on her father as she licked her lips.

As if reading his daughter’s mind, or just feeling left out, Dale approached Hannah and dipped his dick toward her mouth. She immediately opened and inhaled his cock, relishing the mixed flavors of their juices. When his tool returned to its full hardness, she didn’t stop but continued to lick and kiss and suck, much like her mother was doing to her chest.

Dale watched the scene before him. His daughter giving him a blowjob reminded him of how Angela used to do it when they were in college. While this pleasure was overtaking him, his own wife squeezed and licked Hannah’s impressive chest, pinching, sucking, and licking the nipples. Behind her, Scottie gripped his mother’s hips and thrust over and over. What was even hotter was how when Scottie slowed, Angela picked up the pace, pushing her own ass back over and over, fucking herself on her son’s dick. Scottie’s grin reminded Dale of the view he must be enjoying as he watched her perfect heart-shaped ass bounce against him.

In a strange way, it filled Dale with pride that his son brought his wife this much pleasure.

“Hey, Slugger,” Dale said. “She loves it if you hold your thumb against her ass.”

“Thanks?” he said, and though he was momentarily taken aback, curiosity won out as Scottie slid a hand over her ass cheeks to the cleft between, already slick and wet from the lovemaking. Cautiously, he dipped his thumb down and pressed it against her tiny rosebud.

“Oh you fucker,” Angela shuddered as her body trembled and her tiny hole puckered. Scottie rubbed it around the little circle then threw caution to the wind as he pressed the digit inside.

Angela grunted, then turned back to look at her son over her shoulder. His expression was priceless. It was like he was given a new toy on Christmas.

“Did you just put your thumb in my ass?” she asked incredulously.

Scottie nodded.

Her eyes narrowed as a devilish grin spread across her face. “You dirty boy. AH!” she said as he picked up the pace, pushing inside her over and over.

Scottie looked up at his father and nodded to Hannah.

“She likes to have her nipples pinched.”

Dale nodded, then his expression dropped.

“Wait, how do you-“

“I fucking KNEW it!” Angela cried as Hannah burst out laughing.

“Dad, lay down,” Hannah said as she grabbed his arm and pulled him down to the bed. Once down, she straddled him and grabbed her father’s hands, placing both on her breasts.

“You too, Slugger,” Angela said, throwing on some mocking emphasis to his nickname. “Time for the ladies to ride you, gentlemen.”

Within moments, both Mother and Daughter slid their partners inside as they rode; woman on top.

“Oh fuck, Mom, you feel so fucking good,” Scottie groaned as he reached up and rubbed her breasts.

“Mmmm, so do you.” Angela flexed her hips, rotating them as she sat with him fully inside, their pubic mounds touching as she ground against him. “I can’t get enough of your dick, baby.”

“Ah! Daddy! Oh, yes! Right there. Keep fucking me there,” Hannah said as she sat atop her father, hands and fingers entwined together as he fired his hips up into her like a jackhammer. “Ah, YESSSS!”

“You’re so fucking tight, Hannah! Oh my god!”

The women rode their men, bouncing and rocking. The room filled with vulgarities that would make a stripper blush.

“You fill Mommy’s pussy so good!”

“You like your son’s cock inside you? Don’t you?”

“Yes! I fucking love my son’s hard fucking dick fucking me!”

“Oh Daddy, You like my tight little pussy? Do you?”

“You are so fucking tight, baby girl. Ah! Holy fuck you feel good.”

“Yes, Daddy. Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“Suck my titties, Scottie. Suck Mommy’s titties while I ride your fucking cock.”

“Pinch mine, Daddy. So good, oh my god!”

“Oh, Mom! I’m getting close!”

“Oh, baby. That’s so fucking good! You gonna cum for me? I want your cum so bad.”

“Fuck, Mom!”

“Can you cum inside me? Please, Scottie, I want your cum so bad. Cum in Mommy’s pussy, baby. I want to feel you cum deep inside my pussy.”

“Oh shit, Daddy! I’m gonna’ cum too! I’m gonna’ cum on your cock, Daddy!”



“I’m cumming!”

Like a gunshot, it was an eruption of pleasure cascading through the family. Scottie flexed his hips as he came inside Angela, her womb filling with his searing seed. She immediately cried out and convulsed with a mind-shattering orgasm, falling down onto her lover as their lips locked and let the waves of passion overtake them. Hannah cried out, her vision going white as her pussy clamped down on her father, milking his cock as he came deep inside her.

They lay like that for several minutes, a naked pile of sweaty limbs and sexes, gradually catching their breath as the world seemed to settle back around them.

Angela pulled back and looked at her son with a gentle sparkle in her eyes. She leaned down and kissed his lips then rubbed her nose against his like they used to do when he was five.

Dale gently rubbed Hannah’s back as she lay against his chest, having found comfort in her father’s embrace.

The minutes dragged on, but no one budged as they enjoyed the bliss.

Finally, Dale spoke.

“I guess now is a bad time to mention we sold the Westbrooke house.”

The family chuckled, then laughed. Angela slapped Dale’s shoulder and turned her attention to their kids.

“Alright you two, that’s your cue to move on…” Angela said rolling off her son. His deflated cock slid out of her with ease.

Scottie opened his mouth to speak but was cut off.

“We can talk about… all this, tomorrow,” Angela said. “But this is our bed so unless you pay the mortgage, out.”

Hannah lifted her head and kissed her father, saying thank you and slipping out of bed. Scottie stood, finding it somehow awkward to be naked in his parents’ room after what they just did.

He reached for the clothes piled on the ground.

“Just leave it,” Angela said as she scooted up close to her husband. “I’ll do laundry tomorrow.”

Scottie nodded and turned as Dale whispered something to Angela.

“Oh, Scottie,” he heard his mom say. “Come here real quick.”

He walked back to the bed and stood beside his mother’s side. She lifted herself up and turned to him, or more accurately, his loins. In a fluid motion, she sucked his penis back into her mouth and bobbed her head. Scottie laughed and groaned as he felt his mother’s tongue swirl around the crown of his cock. The feeling, the sensations where incredible, and life quickly returned to his member.

Just as he reached full mast, she backed off.

“There we go,” she said as she wiped her chin. “You were leaking, and you know how I hate a mess.” She suddenly licked her lips. “Mmmm, we taste good.”

He stood there, cock hard and ready to go as Angela leaned back to Dale, snuggling up beside him.

“Ummm,” Scottie said.

Angela raised an eyebrow.

“Go give that to your sister,” she said with a wink, then turned to kiss her husband.

Naked and horny, Scottie left the room. Just before he left their threshold, he could barely catch Angela whispering to Dale.

“I told you so…”

After what they had just experienced, the living room felt lonely as Scottie entered. Hannah had rushed off to the bathroom leaving him to stand naked and alone. The room was quiet, but not nearly as cold as would be expected at this hour. Then again, his raging hard-on and heated blood that pumped through him might have something to do with it.

“Jeez, was that not enough for you?” Hannah said as she entered the room as naked as she left their parents. She had a tall glass of water, still half full.


She pointed to his hard cock.

“Figured that would be down for at least a week after the pounding you gave Mom’s box up there.”

“Yeah, well…” he didn’t tell her what his mom had said when they left. It didn’t matter anyway. Pretty soon they would be back in their world.

“Did you get our clothes?” Hannah asked.

Scottie shook his head.

“Mom said she’d get them.”

“No worries, we can always surf to another channel and get new ones. Better hope OUR Mom and Dad aren’t back yet, or they will find us streaking through the house naked.”

Scottie agreed.

“Hey where did you toss the remote?” he asked.

Hannah pointed to the couch as she downed the rest of her water.

“I tossed it over there I think. Right after it tried to go up my butt…”

Scottie picked up the remote and flipped it over as Hannah continued.

“… Speaking of up the butt, did you really put your thumb in Porno-Mom’s Ass?” she said, laughing. “Holy shit. I bet you could put your dick in there too if you really pushed it.”

Scottie kept staring at the remote.

“Hey, Scottie. Everything okay there?” she asked as she set the glass down.

Scottie turned to her.

“Where… Where did you send us again?”

“Porno-Land. Remember?”

Scottie nodded.

“Uh-huh. I do.”

“Why? Is it broken?”

“… I don’t think so…”

“Then what’s wrong? You’re kinda weirding me out here.”

Scottie looked up at her and handed her the remote.

“I remember you selecting ADULT, and then taking us here. But now, it says we are back home. As in we are in OUR reality.”

“… No… that can’t be right.”

“I don’t get it either didn’t work the first time, or somehow, we came back,” Scottie said as he handed her the controller. The LCD read STANDARD.

“Scottie that’s not… oh fuck…” the blood drained from her face.

“What?” Scottie said, more than asked.

“The remote. I sat on the remote, remember? When you were going down on me after we got back, I sat on the remote and it must have sent us back.”

“Hannah! You butt-dialed us back home!”

“I didn’t mean to! You were the one who got so aggressive and I was… kinda into it.”

“Oh fuck!”


Scottie looked at her.

“Hannah,” he whispered. “If we were already back, then we just had sex with our real parents… in our real reality…”

Hannah’s expression dropped.

“Oh fuck,” she said.

They just stood there, naked, staring at each other as the weight of the realization settled into them. Everything that had just transpired, every dirty little thing they had done with their immediate family was real.

Scottie tried to breathe but couldn’t. He tried again but failed. His pulse rapidly started to increase as his legs began to go weak. Thankfully, Hannah was right there and grabbed him, wrapping her arms around his body and holding him as he began to hyperventilate.

“It’s okay… It’s okay,” she said as she held her brother and felt his heartbeat through his body.

“I… need to sit down.”

“Sure,” she said, easing him into the couch, then sat beside him, one leg tucked under the other to face her brother. She kept a hand on his chest, not saying a word but just letting him know she was there.

Slowly, his breathing slowed. He turned his eyes to hers.

“Hey,” she said.

“Hey… Sorry ’bout that. Didn’t mean to freak out.”

“Scottie… I just fucked Dad. You just fucked Mom. Like, for real. I think freaking out is absolutely understandable.”

Scottie nodded.

“Then why are you so composed?”

She took a deep breath, “… because I think it’s going to be fine.”

“How can you say that?”

“Well, for one, Mom and Dad seem like they were kinda into it,” she said. “Not to mention, you and I have been fucking for months, and we are better than fine. Hell, I think we are a shining example of a brother and sister.”

Scottie laughed.

“I think some might argue that one.”

“Well, who cares about them,” she said. “Scottie, I don’t know what the future holds for us, or this family, but, I am an adult and I choose who I have sex with. If I didn’t want to have some sort of relationship with my father, I wouldn’t have tried to seduce Porno-Dad, or real Dad as it turns out.”

She leaned in close to him.

“The same thing goes for you, Dad, and Mom.”

Scottie looked at her as she smiled at him. They had come so far since she was yelling at him over some boxes.

“You know from where I was sitting, well laying, it looked like you were having a great time up there,” Hannah laughed.

“It was pretty wild, wasn’t it.”

Hannah nudged him. “Fuck yeah it was. And holy shit! Mom’s got a killer body.”

“I noticed,” he laughed, as his cock twitched to the memory of his mother bouncing atop his lap. He could still smell her on his skin.

“Did Dad live up to your fantasies?” he asked.

Hannah felt her nipples harden and press into her brother’s arm.

“Mmm-hmmmm,” she moaned.

Scottie looked at his sister, feeling the tension in the room beginning to rise again. He grabbed her arm and pulled her up, leading her to straddle his lap. Hannah willingly followed, swinging her leg up and over him. She waited as he held his cock upward, then settled down on his length, moaning in pleasure as it stretched her vaginal walls once again.

“You know,” she said between pants, “We should probably tell them about the black box. I’m sure family movie night will take a whole new turn.”

“You’d like that?” Scottie asked as he lifted her ass up and down in his lap, helping her to ride him.

Hannah nodded as she bit her lip.

“I have a few other fantasies I’d like to play out. And I think our familial foursome has some wild adventures ahead.”

Scottie only grew harder as Hannah picked up her tempo. Their panting increased, basking in the pure pleasure from their joined loins. And as their moans drifted upstairs, they were joined by those of their parents, coupled again and writhing in their own marital bliss. It was here when husband was with wife and their children mated on the couch downstairs that the first signs of dawn started to show in the night’s sky.

As they all lay, spent, exhausted and wondering what was next, one-by-one, the Millers were overcome by sleep. The last to succumb was Scottie who lay downstairs on the couch with Hannah’s naked form stretched across his own like a weighted blanket.

He smiled.

This was going to be a good day.

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