Sensual massage to my neighbor

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I am rahul, age 32 and belong to Delhi. I recently shifted to Navi Mumbai. My company asked me to train and monitor the performances of our Branch in India. Apart from my Profession I learn the art of Massage with passion. It is now my part-time job on weekends to treat my wife with my magical fingers on her. I enjoy massaging her more than anything this gives the satisfaction to her by my work, and keeps her happy & healthy. I don’t do Massage to anyone.

Till now it was within close door with my wife only but this got changed on one day and l am narrating my experience which happened with next door neighbor in Navi Mumbai. this network gives a good chance to share and know real good experiences of people with privacy and here I come with my experience. Story may be bit lengthy as it describes things which took place during interaction with my neighbor Namrata.

Before I hit on story let me describe Namrata, she is widow and late in thirties. She got 2 daughters and both are school going and Namrata use to teach in reputed school of Navi Mumbai. She is Bengali and her skin texture is silky beauty with black as underground colour revealing her dazzling skin texture in light chocolate colour with vibrant feature of chicks and face, her figure is awesome 36D-34-36 and maintained well.

My wife is beautician and she runs business from same building where we stay, it’s easy for her to run business and whenever there is requirement she can come up and do household things and she has customer who prefer her to come home and give private make-over for their body and for which she charges double than her normal charges. It all started when Namrata booked my wife for her make-up and then we started chit-chatting here n there.

It all started on one day of September during Ganesh Festival when one day there was doorbell early in morning everyone was sleeping at my home and then I opened door to see who is there, it was my neighbor Namrata standing on door, she asked me about Ruchi(wife), I told her she is sleeping on that she asked me if I can wake her up as she wanted to talk and decide on certain things related to makeup, I woke her up and Ruchi came out from bedroom in shorts and her skin was sparkling than Namrata asked her how come her skin is shining (later-on told by ruchi to me), she told Namrata as it was Saturday yesterday and my hubby is good massager so he gave me massage of 2 hours due to which I was in sound sleep and now completely rejuvenated with fresh energy. She started inquiring more n more about massage therapy.

After that there was nothing much for someday but things started building between me and Namrata, whenever and wherever she meets me, she use to greet with some enthustic energy and use to talk for longer and one fine day she told me that she saw the magic of my fingers on my wife’s body and would like to enjoy same therapy. I told her I don’t do it for everyone and it’s not good as we are neighbor and we should not get into this, instead you get some professional massager from outside for which I will provide all required contacts.

But she was reluctant about my magical fingers, after lots of persuasion I said will tell you when I can come to your home, she said thanks and bid bye for the day.

I started working out on plan, when and how it can be done. Then I called her next day on her intercom and told that on coming Saturday I can come at around 3pm to give her sensual massage which she is looking for and I told her my charges.

On Saturday @ 3pm I rang her door bell and there she was standing on door. She welcomed me and asked me to sit on sofa and got me glass of water. Asked me if I would like to have cup of coffee for which I said I am fine until unless she is comfortable with whatever she can offer me, to which she replied I am very comfortable to offer anything you want. On her reply I corrected my statement I didn’t mean everything, was talking about food and beverages. She was smart just turned another page I will be offering only food it’s you who has to eat and finish it with love. I was thinking what does she mean by that and in the mean time she got me cup of coffee and for her as well.

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