My Muslim Tenant

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Hey guy’s hope you enjoyed my last story Getting sexually attached to my ex girlfriend mother if not click on the link:- Getting sexually attached to my ex girlfriend’s mother

Punekar feel free to dm n also all the readers feed back on my stories will be appreciated 💯


So Back to the story as I have been in Pune b4 IK the underdevelopment areas have the cheaper flat rates.
I got a 2 bhk flat near the highway as I was leaving alone I was getting bored so though of getting entertainment 😉. Market is near by from my flat, I had plan to get a sexy maid so I can get the plasure of watching her while cleaning also giving her the plasure of head massage 💆🏼‍♀️ to my bad luck I couldn’t find any maid willing to work for a bachelorette as they know how we are 😬

As I was passing through our security gate I saw one Muslim couple the husband looked 45 he was asking the security if their is any flat available for rent in the society he had a big metal trunk in his hand, security was told them we had one flat but now is owned by him “pointed towards me” the husband saw me and came towards me his face looked like he is a new to the place he said “ bhai dekho hum subhase rent elite room dhundre hai mai IT company mai naya nakori ki laga hu hume pehle company quarter alot huva tha pr vo jaga meri biwi ko pasand ni ayrhi isliye 2-3 tind hotels pe usko booking krake mai job krne jata hu pr aise accha nahi lagta “
(he works in IT company they where allotted the quarter by the company but his wife wasn’t happy with the arrangement, so they left he kept her at the hotel room n used to go for the job but that doesn’t look good )

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I saw a chance over here will get free food n the flat will also be cleaned. I was quite so he added “ dekho bhai meri biwi accha khana banati hai or ap to akele hi rehte ho hum rent share krlenge or apke pass 2bhk hai “
(My wife makes delicious food as you have 2bhk also we can share the rent )

So the things got set between us I agreed and told me will make agreement for now you get your stuff n tomorrow will look abt the agreement. Until now I was thinking abt the tummy but when I saw his wife she was in burka couldn’t fig out anything abt her looks actually 😐 . It felt bit ouch 😅 fine at lest I was getting proper food. So that night couple got set in another bed room I could hear them talking, he was giving her warning don’t talk him means me n all kind of stuff she didn’t said a word I was fine with the thing coz I didn’t had any intentions for her rather then food 😬

But as we Indian say admiki niyat 😬 few day’s passed her husband and I used to go for office I used to come home late 21.30-22.00 he was new in company so he didn’t got much of load so he was home by 20.00. Day’s passed we got more close and know each other now he was okay if she talked to me but she always used to be in the room I actually never got to see her face not even her skin color 😅

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