Mom raped by police officers

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Hi my name is Harry. When i was in class 12 my mom name is kavita she has a figure of 40-36-42 so i happend that my mother was a Enterpener and dad was also buisnesman because of loss in buisness she started selling drugs one day he was caught by police and so we use to go to meet dad after same days in jail . But to my sunrise dad was getting VIP treatment thers like a politician in jail. So i tried to find out rson behind it.

One day i followed mom and say he was going to the jail and she did not to meet dad but went to cabein of officers and then i say there were 6 police officers

Mom-gud morning sir
1 police offer- oh bitch just get naked as soon as possible otherwise i will tear urs clothes
2 police officer- came near mom and hugged him and starting pulling his boobs like a animal
Mom- with a fear on his face asking till how much time i have to dis plz tell me
3 police officer- now u are bitch of us for lifetym
Mom- started crying
3 police officer- abey randi yeah bnd kr rona km shuru kr
4,5.6 police officer- just came removed moms clothes and one started Fucking his pussy hole other ass hole and one in mouth
Mom- awwweeeee oooooo eeeee and crying aslo in pain
2 police officer- bite on her nipples so hardly that mom was Noaning in pain and blood came out from nipples
1police officer- they bring a big big stick and appplied some oil on it and then put it in moms ass she moaned like a hell
3 police offer put his dich in his mouth cummed inside in her mouth

Other one who was about to cum on his pussy to his dick out cummed on allover his face and said swallow it u bitch
One was pulling his breast he was torturing his nipple like she was a real bitch after they cummed in her all parts then they tied her against the wall face towards wall

Then they 6 have 6 different sticks with which they were hitting her continuously and ass was fully then they targeted her boobs
This whoe incidenr happend for more than 3 hrs and then they said run away daughter of a bitch
Mom- u rapist dont say Anything to my mother plz sir

All they got angry it was winter also they made her sit on ice for continuous 30 min and then a dog of police was horny who was trained by them to fuck and torture female criminals they locked mom with that dog
Dog first bitted her nipples then drilled every hole like a horny dog does to a bitch
Police officer have shouted it from begging and me also from. Starting

To be continue

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