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The Gupta household wore a festive atmosphere. It was not any festival but the Initiation Ceremony of the new daughter in law into the family.

The guptas were a different family. None of the rules that applied to other families were followed here- especially when it came to sex. They were one big incestuous family where anyone could have sex with anyone else. They did not play by the rules that governed society but created their own rules. At any time a member of the household could be found having sex in the open. The mother fucked her two sons, the father fucked the elder daughter in law, the youngest son fucked his bhabhi. They were always horny and fucking.

The guptas consisted of Vikram, the father, his wife sheetal, their elder son Anup, his wife payal and their younger son sundeep. The younger son had got married recently to a bombshell named sapna and she was about to be initiated into the family.

The Guptas had a tradition in their family that spanned three generations. Whenever a male member married, his wife was sexually broken into the family in a small function. And traditionally that honour of fucking the new member went to the eldest male of the family. When Vikram had gotten married, his wife was first fucked by his father. The tradition continued when payal came into the family and she gave up her cherry to Vikram.

Now to the story:

Sheetal came bustling into her room muttering ” Where is this girl payal? It is time for the ceremony to begin and sapna has to be bathed and dressed. Trust this girl to vanish when she is needed”. Her eyes immediately went to the bed where payal was busy sucking Vikram’s cock. It was a big cock by anybody’s standards but payal was an expert cocksucker. She had the entire length of the shaft down her throat but did not gag.
Sheetal snorted. “You are becoming an cock and ass crazy slut payal”, she said.

Payal grinned. “Yes, mom. I saw how much you hated it last night when I was licking your ass and you were sucking Sundeep’s cock”.

Sheetal snorted and said ” Get Sapna ready for the ceremony. Bathe her with your own hands and see to it that she looks fresh.”

Payal left the room without completing the BJ which irritated Vikrak. But Sheetal took over from where Payal had left and soon brought Gupta to a climax.

When Payal entered Sundeep’s room, he was kissing Sapna and trying to take her tonsils out. Sapna was responding with enthusiasm. She was slightly scared about the initiation ceremony and was trying to take her mind off it.

“Run away Sundeep”, Payal said.”I have to get Sapna ready for the initiation. Your mother is free. Go fuck her if you are horny”.

As Sundeep left the room, Payal let her eyes roam on Sapna. She liked what she saw. Her instincts told her that Sapna will be a valued addition to the family and will fit in seamlessly. She also noticed that Sapna had voluptuous breasts and an hour glass figure.

“Come on Sapna, time to get you ready. We have to bathe first.”

“Bhabhi, I will take a bath, you attend to other work,” said Sapna as she picked up a towel from the closet.

“It is my job to bathe you”,said Payal. This is a tradition. The new bahu is always bathed by another female in the family.”. She went to Sapna and tugged at the pallu of her saree. Sapna raised both hands in mock surrender. As the pallu came off, her boobs were in full view.

“This girl is hot”, thought Payal. She then proceeded to undress Sapna.
A naked Sapna sent shivers down Payal’s spine. “If it were not for the ceremony, I would have raped you here”, she said.

On seeing a perplexed reaction from sapna, Payal clarified-“The women of this family are expected to be bi-sexual. They have to fuck the men and the women. It has been that way for generations. You too have to get used to it. Now let’s not waste time”.

She herded a naked Sapna into the bathroom and soon became named herself. She asked Sapna to spread her legs and inspected her pussy thoroughly.

Sapna’s pussy had a thick matt of hair. Payal looked around and found Sundep’s razor. She took it and went to Sapna and started applying soap to her pussy.

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