Part ONE

• My Sister and her husband went away for their wedding anniversary. She said they asked their daughter – my niece – Daisy who she would like to babysit her for two days and that Daisy, without hesitating, had said “Why, Uncle Dave of course!”
• Fantastic luck – I mean I’ve got the real hots for Daisy!  She’s 12 years old – nearly thirteen – going on 18 – and has this fantastic body – long legs, round bubbly bottom, no tits, fine long-fingered hands (a pianist?) a SO expressive face, prominent collar bones, shoulder blades and hip bones, flat tummy and  wide crotch. Oh, and the sweetest rosebud lips! There – I’m stiff just describing her!
•  Well, after the happy anniversary couple left, Daisy & I went shopping, held hands(!) and did a jigsaw puzzle together – it was blissful and I enjoyed enormously the opportunity that being alone together gave me to look at her properly. I don’t  think my eyes left her!
• Over supper we talked about the times that things happened at home (Breakfast, School, Lunch, Supper, TV, Bedtime etc) we kissed goodnight and went to bed.  I wanked myself to sleep, hoping Daisy was going to come into bed with me, imagining all the possible scenarios: “Cant sleep”, “I miss Mum&Dad” etc but she didn’t.
• In the morning  I got up, ran myself a bath and  lay back in it, drowsily thinking of what we might do together today, what  would she be wearing . . . . . .
• Daisy tapping on the bathroom door woke me from my daydream
“Uncle, I’ve made you a cup of tea,  just like you like in the morning. Would you like me to bring it in for you?”
“Oh wow, thankyou, yeah, that would be perfect!” I leaned out of the bath,  released the latch and opened the door for her. She came in as I settled back into the water.

“Shall I put it on the corner here?”
“Thankyou Daisy, that’s great”
As she put the mug down on the side, I saw her glance down at my cock lying to one side, fast asleep.
• Daisy was in a sleeveless short nightie, her hem halfway up her slim, down-covered thighs: the material was thin enough to fold into the crease of her bum!
“Is that your ‘PENCIL’? Uncle” She was looking intently at it now.
I lifted him with fingers and thumb and jacked up my ass up so he was clear of the water.
“Do you mean ‘Penis’ ?” I replied looking up at her and smiling,  as close to ‘offering’ my cock to her as I could.
“Yeah, that’s right – the girls at school say ‘COCK’ though”
“Well, yes, this is my cock, except I call him Fred” I pulled his foreskin back to show his  sleepy head “Hello Daisy, very pleased to make your acquaintance” I mimicked an educated voice then rolled it back over again.
“Hello Mr Fred, I’m pleased to meet you too!” she kneeled beside the bath, chin on the side “Howcome we’ve never met before?”
• Fred proudly displayed his head again and replied “Little girls aren’t supposed to know
about me”

I purposely pulled his foreskin back hard, making his head swell a little, ducked him under the water and  back up again, moving him closer to her side of the bath.

“Oh Fred, but you look just the sort of thing I’d like to know lots more about”
She moved up to whisper in my ear (I assume so that Fred might not hear)
“Uncle, I hope you don’t mind me saying but he’s not as impressive as the girls at school make cocks out to be”
“Real things never are as good as the imagination paints” was the only thing I could think to say to cover up my pang of humiliation.  “But I like him. And remember, he’s not awake yet! I think he can still impress – never trust first impessions”
“But why do you say girls shouldn’t know about cocks, Uncle? – it seems to me they should – like HUMAN RIGHTS?”
• “I didn’t mean that precisely – I think THEY (whoever THEY are) would agree you (being a girl) SHOULD know about such things.   THEY say cocks shouldn’t PLAY with little girls”

I pulled him up straight for her – like he was listening to us talking about him – and I must say he looked halfways decent. “But I can’t answer that for you Daisy because – well, because just about all my cock’s been thinking of is about playing with you, so I’m hardly the one to say he shouldn’t, am I? – that’s just what THEY say”

“Well , I think that’s plain stupid! I think playing together is a great way of getting
to know someone and to learn about things, so wouldn’t that be  a GOOD reason
for Fred to play with me?”

She leaned her head right over him – I thought she was going to kiss him!
“You’d like me to play with you, wouldn’t you Mr Fred?”
• “Well, yes Miss Daisy, but you see, like the man says, I’m not supposed to play with little girls”
“Aaaw, but that’s mean – can’t he play with me Uncle? I WANT to play with him!”
“And he wants to too Daisy, and you could have great fun together”
“So Uncle, why not? Isn’t he so cute? Does anyone else have to know?”

Daisy reached out over the bath rim to touch him
“Well, if you DID play together, it would have to be a secret, like not telling ANYONE!”
“Oh YES, but that would be REALLY fun too, Uncle, a secret friend! WOW. Can we play NOW?”
I took her hand that was hovering close to my cock in mine and, holding her fingers, I put my cock in her hand.
“There, now you’ve met. Fred-this is Daisy, Daisy – this is Fred. Be happy together”

Instinctively Daisy’s hand closed round Fred and I felt his first thrill as he sensed her touch! He swelled immediately.

“Oooh Uncle, he’s alive!”
• “He’s very much alive and he wants to play with you! He loves little girls more than anything else in the world!”
“Yes really, shall we see how big you can make him get? Remember everything he does he does for you, you’re his puppet master, you make him dance – not me”
“Ooooh yes!, how do we make him grow uncle?” She’s rubbing him with short tentative, gentle strokes allready and he’s grown quite stiff and for me, feels SO good!
“Well there’s lots of ways for you to play together and lots to learn about getting the most out of playing together – some may alarm you a little till you get used to the idea – but just doing what you’re doing now is a great start! – see how big and bold he is now he’s got you to show off to”
I flex my groin to push my cock up into her hand several times to speed his stiffness and reinforce her idea that he’s alive and a part of her own actions

“He likes me Uncle, see how he’s enjoying it!”
“That’s right – he loves you to bits, just like I do! Now make his head pop out  – there – and push him under the water to wet him, then he can pop in and out for you easily, like a puppet!

Mmmmm, that’s great – a bit faster and hold him tight! Oh Daisy that’s GREAT!”
She looked at me and laughed happily then pummelled him and dipped him in the water then popped him and covered him and popped him again so now he was RIGHT up and jerking merrily for her, and she was staring entranced at his SIZE and rigidityand STRENGTH and PURPLE GLOSSY head and still she pumped him up and down – fast then slow – leaning him forward and pulling him back, feeling him communicating with her through his throbs and kicks and stretches and jerks. Her fingertips exploring the new sensations his anatomy offered her.

“Oh Uncle I’m SO HAPPY playing with you, and I LOVE Fantastic MrFred!”
“Well, give me your other hand, Daisy, there’s something else you need to discover”
I lead her hand away from the bath rim, lifted my far leg up onto the side of the bath and placed her little hand over my balls. She closed her hand, cupping them

“Oooh Uncle, what’s these?” She peered over the side of the bath to see what this new thing was she had had deposited in her hand.
“Thats Fred’s Factory. and it would be easier if I explained what that means after we’ve finished playing. Meanwhile, when you play with me there – they’re called my ‘Balls’ – it all helps Fred grow and perform for you, mmmmm you’ve got lovely little hands and they make my balls feel really good”
“So your balls don’t grow like Fred grows?” she’s fondling them beautifully – feeling each in turn, enjoying their playfulness inside their sack and her hand but she’s caressing my cock purposefully too. I’m in Heaven!

Daisy ducks him under again and laughs lustily as he rises for her, throwing water up onto her face and over the front of her nightie

MORE to follow . . . . .

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