An erotic encounter with best friend

Hi friends, this is Suv. I have recently moved to Toronto, Canada and this is my first story. I have read many stories and happy to share my own experience with you all. I am a very good looking guy from India who is working here now in Canada and this story is about me and my best friend Rohini.
Rohini is a beautiful married woman in her 30’s, she is the most beautiful woman I have meet, I bet you will find it hard to ignore her if are with her. Coming to the story. We planned to meet up after a long time over drinks in a nearby pub. I went to the pub and waited for her, she came in about 30 mins in white top and blue denims. She was looking amazing, the top was a perfect fit and highlighted her beautiful curves even more. She came and we hugged each other tight as we meet after long. We went inside and got our couch and ordered drinks. After sometime we began talking about our personal lives, as we are very good friends we easily talked about sexual topics. She was a little sad as her husband has to work day and night and that affects their sexual life. To cheer her up, I told her your husband has no idea what he has and is wasting, I had jerked off so many times thinking of you- you’re so beautiful and a seductive woman. Hearing this she gave me a wink and with the next drink she came and sat right close to me. We were literally cuddling each other over the low light and high on alcohol that I didn’t even realize that I was crushing her breasts.
I said Sorry but she said you shouldn’t be.
I asked why? She mildly replied may be I want you to crush my breasts.
It gave me some courage, and I put my hand across her, this gave me easy access to her boobs. I pressed them gently and wildly at times, she smiled came even more close to me and moaned slightly.
I then put my hand beneath her dress and moved my hand all over her back, her belly, naval upto her bra’s. She was hot as hell in that chilled AC room. I know woman love these foreplay and she was no different. She was now literally sitting over me and came closer to my ears and whispered, you dick is rock hard baby, it needs my mouth or my pussy to relax. It was too hot to handle to go home without fucking each other. So we booked a nearby hotel and got a cab.
On getting to our room it was crazy. We were drunk but were craving for each other’s body. We started smooching and I pulled off her top and spanked her ass. She also opened my zip and pulled out my shirt. I never imagined her so wild; she literally bit me all over my chest. It was my turn now. I pushed her on the bed and went on top of her, kissed her neck and upper breast region like crazy. She took my hands and guided them to her breasts and said I want you to crush my breasts till I cry in pain. I kissed and licked her and pressed her breasts like an animal, and then it was the turn of her pink nipples. I liked and sucked them and chew her nipples till she actually begged me to stop, it was bright red because of the hard chew. Slowly I moved down and slide my hand under the jeans to reach her love hole. She was soo wet down there and now started to moan with the fingering. I went down pulled her jeans and her panty. There she was the seductress I always wanted to fuck completely nude in front of my eyes. I moved to her clit and she held my head and guided me to it. I started licking her pussy at first and slowly started chewing it as well. I love eating pussies, she was moaning like anything now, she was trembling at times. She said her husband never eats her pussy and she loves it now. She came in my mouth and was trembling in ecstasy. She now pulled me up and started kissing me. Now it was her turn, she opened my jeans and my underwear, she was happy to see my dick and took my 8.5″ shaft in her mouth and gave me a blowjob I would remember forever. I was now time to fill her pussy and fuck her hard, we went in missionary and fucked for sometime till I was about to cum, she quickly took my dick in her mouth and I came in her mouth which she licked and drunk it all.
We then went from the back, she said she loves it the most as the sound it generates from her ass being banged turns her on. We fucked for sometime from the back, it was an amazing view to see her round ass being crushed by my hip on each thrust. After sometime she came on top of me. I loved this sight and still remember it clearly, her perfectly rounded firm breast bouncing in front of me I just couldn’t stop from trying to bite them. We both cumed again and then finally lied down beside her.
It was the most amazing fuck I had till date; we took some rest and then went to the washroom to clean our selves. We fucked each other there as well on the tub, will narrate that in the next story may be.

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