Daddy’s Price For Silence

A couple of months ago my daughter and walked in on her younger brother while he was jerking himself off to some porn on his phone. She started screaming bloody murder and we continue to hear about it for about the next week. She went on and on about how her eyes needed to be

Family Secret, Secret Bliss

“Lizzie!” I greeted excitedly, as the door opened, and my sister appeared at the threshold. It had been almost two years, since the move to Colorado, that we had seen my sister. And there she was, just as beautiful as ever! “Well you look like you’re ready to snuggle down in front of a nice

Sometimes I wish you were little girl again

My dad has always gone pretty easy on me, but when we did fight, it could get pretty ugly. Tonight was one of those times. He had come down on me, pretty hard and after arguing with him, and doing quite a bit of screaming, finally things seemed to be settling down. When I found

“I had the whole night planned out!”

The doorbell rang, “I’ll get it! “ I hollered out! “Can you tip the pizza guy?!” Dad yelled from where he was sitting on the couch watching the baseball game. I had the whole night planned out! We very rarely had the house all to ourselves, but my step mom would be out all night

I Can’t Sleep, Daddy

“I can’t sleep, Daddy,” she said, as I felt the covers of the bed shifting, and pulling with each tug as Anne moved in next to me and began making herself comfortable. It hadn’t uncommon for her to sneak in and spend the night in bed with me, but as she got older it happened

I Hope That We Both Have Girls

I can’t say that I’m really surprised when Danielle handed me divorce papers. Our lives were completely turned upside down ever since that night, when she woke up to find me dumping my load into our 16-year-old daughter. Lindsey had come immediately to my defense. Trying to explain, that it was something that she wanted,

Welcome Home

My mother had always been such a bitch, and now after a little Dakker was born things have gotten much worse. It’s really no wonder daddy left her. Hindsight is always 20/20, and now I see that I should’ve believed him. It’s true that I’ve made some choices that I regret, but it certainly shouldn’t

Thick as Thieves

Thick as thieves. That’s the only way you could really describe the two of them. Cindy and Zoe were best friends. The two of them had been running around since the seventh grade and now they were entering their junior year of high school. They were 16 years old and had the whole world ahead