Watched mom and dad

Hi i am a boy from Karachi. I am 16 years old. I am a virgin and always horny. I belong to desi family and have 3 rooms in the house. I used to think my parents didnt have sex as they used to fight all day and slept in different rooms.

Until one day, i was sleeping with my dad and i woke up in the middle of the night. my and my dad were sleeping in the same room as we ususally did and mom sleeped in other room. Im the night my i woked up and saw my mom was coming on the bed. She went in the same blanket as my dad they talk 1 or 2 sentence then i could hear them kissing like chajshajqua. Then they talked then they kissed again i couldnt see but i could hear and my heart was beating fast. Then i guess my father urged to have sex. My mom was like “nahi **** please nahi. Acha chalein bahir ja kr” “no **** please no ok lets do it but outside of room” fair to say i was horny as hell then they went to the kitchen but i was still in bed…after a while my mom came to check whilw i was still sleeping or not luckily i was acting right. Then my father came and laid in bed and then i slept i got horny af. Then frequently are used to work in their room when they were making out. I used to get only seeing them and they used to get far away from each other when they saw me Enter the room.

Nowadays my mom used to sleep with my dad and little brother. So I really wanted to voice have them sex. One day in the morning my mum and my brother went to the Dad from and my dad was sleeping so I knew that if in 10 to 15 minutes I went into the room and dad and mumbling together that man that they were about to have sex or make out. So after 15 minutes I went into the room and I saw that mum and dad were laying together. It seems that they were making out as as soon as I entered the room They got really awkward. I realise that today was the day and they were about to have sex. Hey Gora the room I took my phone and charger and I open the secret camera app. The after 5 Re-enter the room after like 5 minute and then again they were like making out and it was really awkward. So i Put my phone on charge in their room with the camera towards them and I left the room. So now the scene is that mum and dad are laying together and my brother is on their side and there under a blanket and now I leave the room.


I really Enter the room after like 1 hour and 30 minutes and they were asleep so I took my phone and went out. Opened mu phone so there was a 17 minute video never like f*** of man it was like one and half hour in only 17% of it is recorded.

In the video I saw that as I went out my dad was sneezing and my mum was a ling in such a way that her ass was towards dad. They both were under a blanket. So after a minute I see that from under the blanket my dad start sucking and f****** my mum there were both were in shalwar kameez and clothed. This they are doing under the blanket and laying down. This was my wildest dream coming true I saw my parents having sex. Then it was so passionate.

My dad Insisting on something but my mum was refusing. They continued to fuck in the same position. I couldn’t see much accept their movement and as they were under the blanket mummy was moaning once or twice. That was completely under the blanket and my dad was enjoying alot fucking my mom. Then dad sat and he remove the blanket a bit I think he probably wanted to reposition himself and Re insert his cock in my mom. My wildest fantasy came true I saw my mums white Milky ass that anyone would want to fuck even me. Then my dad put that his dick again and there was f****** so passionately. Then after update of file my dad that again insisted mormon something she refused and pulled him towards and now they were lying down facing each other. Thevar still under the blanket and now mum sorta clinged on to my dad and they were fucking facing each other. This position my mum was enjoying to because in the other position I saw that her face for Emotionless and she wasnt moaning passionately. I loved the moans. Then video ended.

Well i finally sae them having sex it was a great experience and i jerked off 5 or 6 times that day. I really want to see them naked sex. I wish i was my brother as he was lying just beside them sleeping. I still fantasize and can’t believe i saw my mom milky white ass. I try to record them again.