Son gives his mother what his father wouldn’t

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Rebecca, , and

A ends up giving his mother what his wouldn't.

My name is Danny. I'm 20 years old and living at home with my Mum. I know most guys my age have moved out, I have only worked for 2 years, and work is a 10 minute walk from home.

My parent's Alan and Rebecca, divorced when I was 12 years old. At the time I didn't know what caused the divorce. I heard them arguing one evening, as my room was at the back of the house I didn't hear what the argument was about. When I was around they tried to keep things normal, even at my young age I knew something was wrong. One evening my parents sat me down and told me they were getting a divorce, both of them seemed upset.

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“Why? Can't you sort things out?” I remember asking.

“Sometimes it's not that simple Danny.” My told me. “We both still love you no matter what happens between us.” Mum sat and agreed with Dad.

Dad worked as a technical specialist for an insurance company, he studied plans for power stations and oil refineries. Mum works for a media company in advertising. Until I was old enough to be on my own at home, Mum worked from home in the afternoon so she was there when i got home from school. I thought it was nice of her boss to allow her to do that, years later I found out why he was being nice.

Dad moved out of the house a few days later. That upset me as I got along really well with my Dad, we supported the same football team. Besides that we had similar interests, mainly custom cars. We used to go to shows where guys had taken old cars and customised them, stuff like the eliminator car that ZZ Top had.

Dad moved into a small house, I used to stay with him on weekends. I later found out that the house we all lived in was Mum's. She got it left to her in a will, some great aunt or whatever. I didn't know at the time but Dad would probably have moved out anyway, in most divorces the Mum gets custody of the children.

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At the time of the divorce my parents were both 32 years old. Dad didn't have a girlfriend for at least two years. I don't know when and if Mum dated, she never went out at night. I suppose she could have gone on dates when I was with my Dad. Whatever the reason for their divorce, they never badmouthed each other. If it was something concerning me, like school, they spoke on the phone and never argued. In some ways it made it harder for me to understand at my young age, i thought if they got divorced then they must hate each other. Whenever I asked why the split up I just got the standard answer that most kids get, they had differences they couldn't resolve.

Despite living apart my parents always supported me, parents evening at school and stuff like that, they always attended. Although cars were an interest of mine, I never wanted to work on them for a living. When I left school I wanted to work with computers, mainly network stuff.

When it was close to my 18th , Mum and Dad spent a fair amount of time on the phone to each other. Mum asked me one evening about a birthday party.

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