Sexual education with mom

My name is Alan and I live with my mother Angela and three younger siblings. My mother divorced my father some years ago. Other than the times that I was angry at her for spanking me, she is a great mom. She is a really good cook and she has a good sense of humor. She taught me and my siblings good morals and tried to make sure that we had fun activities to do when she had time with them.

One day, when I was ten, I brought home a permission slip from school regarding a sexual education class. When my mother saw the permission slip, she said, “This isn’t something you need to learn at school, . . . this is something that would be better learned at home with me.” I said I thought my father should sign the permission slip, but my mother told me “that it didn’t matter. That she was still my parent. And that she would teach me about the sexual education that I needed to know.”


That night, after my three younger siblings had been put to bed, my mother sat me down on the love seat in the living room of our home. My mother told me “that this was something that everybody ends up learning as you . . . grow into an adult” and she removed her clothing. She spread her legs and then began to spread her labia open and started to point out her vagina and what that would be used for in sex and reproduction. And that’s where the baby comes from. And, you know, that’s kind of where the action is when you are having sex.
She asked me if I wanted to touch her. And then she went ahead and took her top off and showed me her breasts and talked about how they were involved in what’s called foreplay and . . . during intercourse. And how that they were where the baby breast feeds. And that was the role they would play as far as actually having a child and feeding it.

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The night after, when I was coming out of the shower, I was walking into the room that my mother slept in because I had some drawers there where I kept my t-shirts and underwear and shorts and stuff. Kind of like pajama clothes and a few shirts and everything. And I had my towel on. And I was getting my pajamas out. And she came into the room and proceeded to tell me that I was going to be starting puberty soon. And I was starting to put my t-shirt on and was going to – I was like, okay, well, you know, that’s, I guess, good information to know. And before I could put my shorts on, she took my towel off and started to handle my genitals and show me that my testicles would get bigger and my penis would get bigger. And that I would start to grow pubic hair around that area. And started to stroke my penis to the point that I reached an erection.
After I reached an erection, my mother told me “that’s what you have to do with a penis before it’s ready for sex.”

My mother continued to stroke my penis, and I told her that I wasn’t really comfortable with that. My mother told me “that’s part of growing up . . . . You get comfortable with sexual contact.”

Two weeks later, I was again coming out of the shower. And my mother pretty much did the same thing but continued stroking me a lot longer on my penis with an erection. And explaining that that’s a natural part of sex is the foreplay. And, you know, to get your partner aroused and everything. And, you know, that that’s something you get more comfortable with the more you do it. That was the first time that she actually made me climax, which at the time was completely new to me. I had never experienced that before. The only time that I really was using my genitals was to go to the bathroom. I had never experienced that.

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And it felt kind of like an electric sensation shooting through my penis. And it kind of really freaked me out because I didn’t know what it was. And she explained that that’s a climax. That’s what happens. That is the point of sex is to offer your partner pleasure and everything.
And after that happened, you know, my erection went down. And I put my clothes back on and went into the bathroom and tried to look at myself to make sure that, you know, nothing was wrong. Because I didn’t know if I had done something wrong and broken myself or something. And I kind of cleaned myself up.

Three or four months after that, when I was eleven, there was a time where I took my clothes into the bathroom, so that after showering, I could get dressed in the bathroom. While I was in the shower, my mother came into the bathroom and removed my clothes from the room. So, when I came into the bedroom to get some more pajamas or to find the ones that weren’t in the bathroom, my mother proceeded to start to fondle my genitals again to the point where I got an erection. And said that – at this point, she was going to teach me about oral sex. And started to put my penis in her mouth. And sucked and stroked me to the point of climax.

I ejaculated onto the carpet and then went back into the bathroom and cleaned myelf.
The day after my mother performed oral sex on me in my mother’s bedroom. I started to climax again and kind of turned my head and was kind of expecting what was going to happen. And I looked over at – when I opened my eyes, I was looking towards the dresser and saw this C.D. case of Neil Diamond’s Greatest Hits. And was kind of trying to pull it together and everything. And went ahead and climaxed. And that was kind of that round for that night.

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The oral sex kind of became the norm after my mother did that the first time. I was twelve when one day, after my mother had already performed oral sex on me, she said that I was ready to learn some more about sex. And had me get up on the bed with her. And she was lying back with her t-shirt pulled up with her lower body exposed. And my mother took my wrist and started to rub her vagina. And told me that you use these two fingers, the middle two or the index and the middle finger, to put that into the vagina and go back and forth to create friction.

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