Goddess Parvati Fucks Her Young Ganesha

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Author’s Note : The characters in this story bear no relation to any individual alive or dead. If religious content disturbs you, please stop reading.

All characters are adults over the age of 18.

Parvati woke up to the most wonderful feeling in the world. A warm, ticklish feeling near her genitals. One of the benefits of sleeping with only a thin shawl around her body (apart from the fact that it made her masturbation sessions a lot more convenient) was that it allowed her vulva and the hot sticky regions in between her thighs more air circulation to keep the entrance to her birthing passage fresh and sweet. But this was something different. Almost like a mouse was sniffing at her privates. She looked down and saw, to her pleasant surprise, that it was her son Ganesha with his elephant trunk blowing gently on her vaginal lips. When he saw that she had awoken, he smiled and pressed his wet trunk tip to the opening of her pretty pink pussy. The ticklish feeling aroused her immediately, compounded by the fact that her pure vulva had only opened once to give birth, and it was her now fully grown son who was licking her sex with abandon. She squealed like a little girl and closed her eyes in ecstasy. The Goddess Parvati spread her perfect slim white legs wide apart like a common whore and thrust her swelling pink vagina towards her son’s eager mouth, wanting him to taste her dirty sex.

Ganesha obliged, closing his eyes, moaning and rubbing his trunk against his mother’s clitoris, drool dropping from his mouth as he used two of his hands to vulgarly rub Parvati’s tender smooth thighs. His third hand vigorously jerked his tiny little penis which was far behind his mental development. Even though fully formed and an adult, Ganesha’s body was still small in size and his package was as small as a little boy’s, which was a result of his unique birth. Undaunted, he was using his fourth hand to repeatedly rub his tiny testicles, occasionally giving them a gentle slap to drive his libido higher and higher from the sensual pain.

Parvati’s toes curled up as Ganesha got more involved in his attentions to her vagina. He spread her flexible thighs even farther apart so that her legs were almost in a straight line and her pussy lips were stretched apart, bringing the entirety of her reddened genitals to sight. Her beautiful pinkish sex hole showed signs of recent maltreatment from her night’s brutal fisting session she had resorted to for getting her orgasm fix. It was healing fast, though, and her son’s glistening spit coating her sex organs made her fragile pussy shine in the early morning light. The Goddess moaned lecherously and grabbed Ganesha by his tusks, pulling his elephant head right into her filthy vagina. His tongue ravaged her sweaty sex, his hands working furiously at rubbing his own genitals as his mother’s eyes rolled up in her head as she felt her orgasm coming on. The feeling of her son’s trunk and spit rubbing her vulva was driving her mad with lust.

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