Filthy mom and daughter part 2

This story may offend a few people.

Ruhi and Shanaya shifted to the village with nothing. No phones, gadgets or any city things. They threw the clothes they came in and spent their first day completely naked. On their way there Ruhi had taught Shanaya every adult thing. Shanaya knew how to abuse, seduce and fuck. They got themselves clothes of the villagers and got a land to farm and a hut to live. Ruhi had no money to buy anything. They both were going to use sex for taking anything they wanted. Both of them started in their first day. While roaming naked they saw a few tents and hard nipples. Both of them flirted a lot with the villagers. The next day Ruhi needed a cow and a horse. She went to the owner and asked for them. When he asked for money Ruhi put her hand on his palm and rubbed it while using her other hand to seductively play with her hair. The villager was not used to this. It just felt nice and new. He had an instant boner, Ruhi winked at him and dropped his dhoti(indian attire). He just wanted to cum so he turned Ruhi around and lifted her saree. Without any lubrication or warning he thrust his whole cock. Ruhi was slightly impressed but the man had cum in less than 10 minutes.


Meanwhile, Shanaya had gone to befriend the village kids. She subtly kissed a few of them and kept raising her ghaghra to wipe her sweat, it showed her pussy clearly. She noticed tents in the boys underwear. She wanted some action but the kids were clueless of what to do. Shanaya saw Ruhi walking home with the animals. She ran to her and they both rushed home. As soon as they entered the hut they kissed passionately. They had spit all over their faces. They both stripped and fingered each other violently. Shanaya erupt in moans. Ruhi covered her mouth with her tits and slapped her pussy. Shanaya bit Ruhi’s nipple and she spurt out milk into Shanaya’s mouth. The feeling was making Shanaya lustier and hornier. She squirted on Ruhi’s hand. Ruhi spread Shanaya’s squirt on her pussy. Shanaya pinned Ruhi to the ground and kissed her all over while she rubbed her toes against Ruhi’s pussy. Ruhi looked out and saw the horse having an erection. She looked at the magnificent size. Shanaya and Ruhi went to the horse.

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Shanaya went to the horse’s mouth and patted him slowly. She kissed him on the head and brought them down slowly to his nose and then his lips. She kissed and licked his mouth, swapping spit with him and cleaning his teeth with her tongue. The naughtiness had her horny again. Ruhi stared at her slutty daughter and fingered her pussy. Shanaya approached his cock which was massive. She jerked it off a bit and sucked the head. Ruhi joined her and both of them wet the horse’s cock. Shanaya applied her knowledge of blowjobs and sucked the cock. She deepthroated the horse and Ruhi sucked the balls. Shanaya just needed it so she turned around and rammed the cock in her ass. She didnt know the pain it would bring. She yelled at the top of her lungs. She could feel the cock in her stomach. She kept rocking the cock. It slid from her stomach to intestines and back into her stomach. Ruhi enjoyed the view and pushed it deeper. Shanaya could barely manage words as it kept coming up into her throat. It was almost in her mouth. Ruhi went behind and squeezed the balls hard. The horse got even harder, signalling his climax, Ruhi smiled and squeezed harder.

The horse neighed and leaked his load. It shot from Shanaya’s throat and oozed into her mouth. She took the whole load in her mouth and held it there. They had to get the cock out. Ruhi suddenly spanked the horse and he ran backwards, pulling the cock out with force. Shanaya couldnt bear the pain, she fell on the floor holding her stomach. It took her a few minutes to recover. What they both didnt realise was that they were outside and villagers were watching all this as they got attracted by Shanaya’s scream. Shanaya felt drained and needed a break before fucking again so she played with the cum and fingered herself. They were putting up a show for the villagers. Ruhi then thought of trying something new. She went to the cow and again kissed her. The cow spit was thick, and hard to swallow. Ruhi fisted the cow. The cow’s pussy felt weird, and wide. Ruhi went deeper and the cow mooed. She pulled out. She was free as a bird so Ruhi then fisted the cow’s ass. It was slimy and warm. The cow let out a loud moo and Ruhi could feel the pressure. The cow pooped cow dung all over Ruhi’s arm and body. The filthyness triggered her pussy and Ruhi squirted all over.

Ruhi called Shanaya, who drank all the cum again and both of them played in the cow dung and spread it all over their bodies. A bit of it slipped in Shanaya’s mouth. Shanaya liked it and swallowed it. Ruhi copied. She found it slimy and more swallowable. Mom and daughter had a meal with the dung and licked each other clean. Shanaya was exhausted.

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The villagers walked away and from the next day kids were forcing and raping their mothers to do the same with them. Many women were raped by their girls and boys and brutally fucked. The village was on a sex rampage. Every kid was having sex instead of playing and raped their mothers every night. They went to the extent of tying up their dads. The kids considered Ruhi and Shanaya sex goddesses. Ruhi and Shanaya fucked every woman and kid. After a year of sex. Shanaya got bored and wanted the city back.

Part 3 coming

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