Family Storytime Part 1

I have been having sex with my daughter almost daily since a month before her birthday (was meant to be her b/day prezzie, but no-one could wait!).

She’s now 23 with a gorgeous 8 year old daughter and 2 y/o son. It is quite possible my granddaughter is actually my daughter but we can’t be sure as her b-day involved myself, 6 of my close friends and our 2 biker neighbours and all of us repeatedly filled her with hot spurting loads while her mother greedily slurped up anything losing out of her 3 holes. I won’t lie, pounding into her tight little snatch as she gasped over and over “Yes Daddy, thankyou Daddy, I love you so much, nothing is as good as you inside me, Daddy!” She changed this faster as she headed another climax.


Before this I had always used protection or pulled out and hosed her fantastic DD tits. But this time, the 1st of many that evening, she locked eyes with me then said firmly “Cum in me Daddy I want to have your children!” The seriousness of her tone and left no doubt, she was serious. My brain weighed up the consequences and possibilities- we were financially stable and she had had a few boyfriends already (it was like the powers that be custom built her body and mind as a perfect seductress and fuck machine, so her getting pregnant that young wouldn’t have surprised anyone that knew or even just saw her, to be honest. “Ok, darlin’. I’ll cum inside you, but just to make sure we aren’t 100% certain it’s mine, everyone here will cum in you, ok?” She nodded, her huge breasts bouncing along with the gesture.

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“Yes, Daddy. But to me it’ll always be yours. I love you so much” I heard a gasping, “Oh god, it’s so hot how messed up this family is, it’s making me cum so hard!” K, my partner and mother to both my kids, was being fucked by our 19 y/O son Freddie, while his best buddy Max pumped deep into Fred’s asshole. It was a trick they’d perfected, Max plunging 8″ deep into my boy’s butt on his back swing then pulling almost out on Freddie’s plunge, then doubling the pounding force as they and my wife all came together. They’d been doing that trick for years now, nearly a decade.

When Fred was almost 10 we began to let him watch us fuck and tho we had agreed not get intimate with him yet for a few more years at least (aside from mine n his “secret” shower times), he had climbed onto his mother literally seconds after I had finished! And he was a natural! I had asked how he was so good and he admitted Max’s Dad,while babysitting them while they were only 8 had drunkenly asked them both to touch his naughty bits and was surprised when Fred immediately began deep-throating him! (He didn’t know that Fred’s insistent curiosity had started him swallowing my loads in the shower from around 6/7ish or so and had been sticking various things up his own ass from even before then! So he was doubly astounded when he was asked to put his big thick thing in this boy’s tight young hole! That 1st time he fucked his mother he looked at me and said Dad, fuck my asshole while I do this please!

Watching my 10 y/O son already gifted with a sizable member then ask his own Dad to violate him, it was sinfully dizzying! I mounted him almost in a dreamstate, barely believing the depravities we were doing. His sister, 13 at the time had been watching us openly fuck for about 6 years but everyone had agreed that she didn’t feel ready yet. She still sat and watched, named n furiously rubbing her clit, but she always said she would know the day when she would jump into our perverted lifestyle (Side note- she chose to lose her V-card partway into her 15th year, by stripping naked and walking into a party our biker neighbours were having. Despite being some hardcore criminals they still had honour of sorts and while she was fucked by God knows how many people that night, none rode her bareback. They sent her home, covered head to toe in semen with a tape under her arm that documented her debauched 1st night of lust. I still regularly watch it to get off if nobody else is home. Anyway, this gives you an idea how it is with my lovely family.

Next chapter I’ll describe what happened after me n my lil princess both read the awesome story about incest strip poker we read on this site together!

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