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For quite some time about my daughter’s access to her school friends. She was fine there and was popular, but as where we lived was fairly isolated after school and at weekends and holidays without being given a lift somewhere she was often alone.
I spoke with her and although she said she was fine it seemed she was hoping to see mates more often . At coming on 17 she was tall for her age with light blonde hair a pleasing smile and green eyes that lit up when she smiled. She was fairly athletic with long legs, a developing chest like her mother’s and lightly tanned. Although she was keen on boys she didn’t have a regular boyfriend ans when her mother asked her she said she hadn’t met anyone who she wanted to be with other than in a group of friends.

On occasion I would drop her off at a friends house or the swimming pool or other places to meet up , but with the understanding that either I or her mum would pick her up. This she accepted and dint seem concerned as some of them stayed out much later.
Most of the time she would wear short jeans and a top and as far as one could tell a bra too. Occasionally high heels which accentuated her height and legs but normally just flat trainers or similar. The exception being that when she came in to say goodnight before bed she wore a nightgown which clearly showed that she wasn’t wearing a bra.
Her mother and younger sister went on Saturdays to a shopping mall and would spend most of the morning and afternoon there having lunch and window shopping. We had not been getting on very well for some time and I used to either take Lucy to her grandparents if she wanted or to the pool whilst I occasionally met friends for a pint at lunch time.

In this particular sat Lucy said she wanted to say home in bed as she didn’t feel well. Her mother and sister having left I was in the bathroom taking a shower. The water was splashing on me and feeling horny my cock was actually quite hard – a nice sensation when the shower hit it. So I began to stroke my cock. Soap from my shampoo was in my eyes which were shut tight as I stroked.
To my astonishment as I came out of the shower Lucy was stood in the bathroom in her nightgown and I saw as I cleared my eyes with a towel that she had not only seen me stroking my cock but could see it still standing up. Her nipples were clearly visible through her nightdress and I was transfixed to the spot trying to think of any excuse to cover my total embarrassment.


As I’d thrown the towel to the floor I went to turn away from Lucy – a pointless gesture as she would sill be able to see my hard cock from the mirrors. I stuttered how sorry I was as I thought she was either asleep or unwell and in bed. She said it was ok. but strangely kept looking at my hard on and then back at my face.I have, I knew form mates, a slightly larger than average cock, being just over 7″ and quite wide, when fully erect. With Lucy now staring at it as hard as I could instead of subsiding it was actually beginning to twitch and become even harder and more upright.
I told her that I was sorry and pleaded that she wouldn’t tell Mum, or anyone else.. She said she had no intention of telling her but incredibly asked if she might touch it just for a moment. I was staggered and said no way and what was he thinking of.
In the meantime my cock was still twitching, and I noticed he vee in Lucy’s nightdress for the first tome as the cloth clung between her thighs. This was becoming unbearable. She moved slightly closer and just said all her friends had seen and held a cock but apart from diagrams and a couple of text pictures she hadn’t seen a lot and certainly not held one, and as she said having seen a proper one now it seemed silly not to just learn a bit more in safety and no one would ever know.

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Without thinking properly I nodded and then held her hand and guided it to my cock promising myself that would be it and then nothing else would be done or said,but as soon as Lucy’s hand touched me the twitching started again. She immediately drew her hand back and looked at me and asked if that was normal. I said sometimes and then honestly explained that as normal male I needed sex and hadn’t for a while that was why I had got hard in the shower and why it was reacting so obviously and that I could cum very quickly if I wasn’t careful.
She just nodded and asked hadn’t I been having sex with Mum. I admitted that we were going through a rough patch and hadn’t actually been doing it for a while.

All the while her nipples had been standing up even more underneath her nightgown and my cock was standing up. This time she reached forward and when my cock twitched once more she encircled her fingers and didn’t move away. To my surprise she pushed back on my foreskin and the end appeared which she looked at. Moving her hand back and forth two or three times she said that is what she saw me doing in the shower and knew for what her friends had told her that’s wanking. I should have stopped her at that point but then she did it two or three times more and squeezed.

I could not believe he sensation and actually moved my hips to enjoy the sensation as she moved my foreskin back and forth such that I nearly spurted there and then. Alternatively squeezing and moving her hand she asked me was hat the proper way. I simply told her that it was very good. I still don’t know what made me ask but I looked at her and said would she like me to try and help her too.
At first I’m sure she didn’t know what I meant then slowly she realised and said so that it really would be a secret between us like a bond. I nodded felt her hand squeeze my cock once more and without any hesitation put my hand in the vee of her night gown. Clearly she was wearing panties yet I could easily feel the outline of her pussy and as soon as I touched it she jumped back let go of my cock and made a little noise on her throat. I pulled back and asked if she wanted to stop but she shook her head firmly took my hand and placed it back between her thighs, Immediately she held my cock again and moved her hand back and forth. I told her that I might cum very quickly and she said she wanted to see it.
But I told her if she slowed down I could maybe get her to cum too., and asked her if anyone had actually touched her pussy, She said she had in bed and sometimes she felt like she had cum as it felt so good,
I suggested that we go to her bed get more comfortable and I could try and help her as she made me cum. When we got there I just lifted her nightgown off and she stood there with just her white panties on and she looked simply staggering. lithe, tanned and her nipples actually pointing up. I took her hand put it back on my cock and then started kissing her nipples.

I had been very lucky earlier in life having been with many women but can honestly say that few, if any, responded in the way Lucy did when her nipples were gently sucked into my mouth. Even though standing her leg muscles tightened, she moaned loudly and her hips moved as if she was being taken. Without removing my mouth I quickly pushed her panties down her thighs and pushed my hand to open them further. She squeezed my cock and looking down I could see a light covering of blondish fuzz above her pussy and the tan lines on her breasts and bottom.
U led her to the bed and lowered her gently onto it with her legs still on the floor, as she reached between my legs and sill pushed my foreskin back and forth I very shot right across her belly as I could see the crinkles of her pussy lips quite clearly. Kneeling her hand left me and I pushed her gently back down onto the bed and opened her legs further. Although I knew she had not done it before she seemed to know instinctively and then opened her thighs wide.

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A light covering above but no hairs around her pussy which was only slightly parted but her breath was coming in short bursts. Slowly and gently I opened her and her inner lips were visible inside of the outer lips, even as she lay there. Her clit was aroused but not totally up and stood inside the little hood which was like the inner lips quite pink and a little moist. Using my fingers to open her she moaned again as I traced all around her lips and then up and down the slit and over her clit. She bucked a lot and eased off before doing it again and again. She was getting very wet and the lips were now opening of their own accord. With one hand on her breast I let a single finger slip inside. Her legs opened automatically and she just said “Oh Dad”

My cock was still rigid and I slipped another finger in gently and slowly fingered Lucy. She ride my fingers as each time I pushed in she pushed back. The carefully I pressed two fingertips onto her G spot and lowered my mouth onto her clit. Within 20 sec.s she seemed to just explode. Her hips left the bed she screamed and her back arched with her leg muscles taut she pushed her pussy onto my mouth and came and came. Her pussy juices were streaming an she didn’t stop. I could feel her pussy inside as my two fingers pushed until she sank on to the bed and shook.
I did the only thing that came to mind other than ramming my cock straight in and that was to lie on the bed next to her, stroke and actually kiss her on the mouth, She responded and clung to me my cock between us pressing against her belly.

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I just told her she was always my special one and that I really wanted her. Somehow she seemed to realise what to do and held my cock for a moment before looking at me an sliding it between her thighs. She was now very hot and we there and although she was really very tight took me between her lips. I rested there and it was her pushing that actually made the head slide in. Slowly she took more and more and sad that it was wonderful and didn’t hurt.
My excitement coupled to an element of fear mean’t that her pushing was making me cum very quickly. I knew that Lucy was taking the pill to regulate heavy periods since 13 and probably within 3 minutes of being in her, her tight and very wet pussy had me at the edge. I actually told her how much I loved her and then shook as spasm after spasm went through me and my hot spunk entered my daughter for the first time.
That Saturday still lingers in my mind as we made love maybe three more times in that day and do so regularly now.

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