Cummed in mom

I am a 16 year old boy from karachi. I am very horny always. So many guests were in our house. I had to sleep on a mattress with my mom. I had taken advantage of my mom a few times before and had taken advantage of her boobs as well ofcourse without her knowing. So now i had same plans.

As the lights went off and my mom slept. I was right beside her. I was in tshirr shorts while mom was in shalwar kameez. I tried to make cuddle impression so i put my leg and hand on her. Then i started pressing her boobs. Which was so much fun. Then after a while she laid upside down. I put my leg on her ass. It was best feeling to feel her ass. I was having fun. And my hardened dick was also touching her body. I was having alot of fun. Then i told her to have her upper body and face towards me so we can cuddle. She did so and my face was literally in her boobs with my cock touching her legs and vaginal areai was feeling very horny. I was moving my tounge and lips all over her boobs. Then she changed her position in which her back and ass was towards me. I figured now i could take full advantage of her ass.


Then i moved closer to her and put my hand on her stuck on her like yk cuddle impressopn. I also put my dick in her but crack. Obvio with clothes on. So now i was moving forward backwards it was like we were having sex. Her ass was so big and meaty. My hand was on her stomach and i was moving backwards and forwards with my cock touching her ass and i started to come and coincidentally mom changed her position. I didnt move so now what happened was like mom was literally lying on me. My cock was in same position with ass. It was best feeling in world all while i was cumming.


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