Close Calls in Incest

This story is less about graphic sex and more about some thight sex situations. I am a Chinese man of 22 who belongs to a rural area but now lives in a city. Chinese are Neanimorphic which means looking younger than one’s age. It is said that Each boy, when in puberty dreams of having sex with his mother. But to realise such a dream is rare. I am one of the few lucky one and this is my story.

My interest in my mother started from an early age, when I saw her change in my presence a few times. My parents had three children but I was their only son. One sister was older than me and one younger. I was a shy boy who was attached to his mother. I kept sleeping in my parent’s bed until I was 10. People in the countryside don’t care much about a 10-year-old sleeping with his parents. I used to touch my mother’s body but she took it as normal. Then I was asked to sleep separately by father. By the age of 16, I was sent to a city for more education. Finding a girlfriend in city was not difficult but I focused more on my study. My life was both normal and boring.


After about two years my family’s economic condition improved. My elder sister got married. It became convenient for me to afford a room, and my father bought me a computer. Finding no girl interested in me, I fell in love with porn sites. I started Watching porn and shooting cum many times. One day I read an incestuous story about a mother and her son. I didn’t expect this short story to excite me, but it did, in fact, bring me an unprecedented climax. I am fascinated about incest. But at first I still didn’t dare to think of my mother as a sex object.

Slowly I remembered the image of her naked body and felt an immense pleasure. Then came the summer break and I went my home. No longer an innocent teenager, my eyes started looking at the sensitive parts of my mother’s body. Mom still didn’t know, thinking of me as a baby in her arms. But I was a sly child, having terrible perverted thoughts. Even though she was in her 40s, her curves were still beautiful and feminine. Due to farming work, her body was still very toned, Despite the fact that her mature body was covered by her clothes, the flame of lust in me began to flare up again.

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One hot summer afternoon my father left the house for farm, my sister was sleeping in the front room. I went into my parents bedroom and saw my mom awake. I asked her to to play cards with me. We sat down on her bed with the bet that looser will give a kiss instead of money. A fan in the room was whirring, and she was wearing a transparent gown. Occasionally the fan blew away her gown to give me a glimpse of a body part. It was very erotic. The game continued and Whenever any of us won a kiss was given on cheek or forehead. Once I kissed her cheek, I told her that if I won again I will kiss her on mouth.

“No, you can kiss me on the cheek,” she replied.

Luckily I won, and while kissing her cheek, I brushed my lips against her soft pouting lips. Mom looked at me in surprise. I didn’t care.

“Are you mad? why you kissed me on lips?”

“I really like you a lot.”

“A lot in what sense?”

“Come close and I will show you”

Innocently she looked at me. I put my arms behind her head and pulled her closer to me. I didn’t want to miss the chance to be that close to her, so my mouth brushed her mouth again. She panted and her breasts brushed my chest.

“Hold on son I am your mother, not girlfriend.”

She tried to push me back. I was feeling very horney by now. As she pushed me away and adjust her dress, I realized that she was afraid of letting this disgusting act known to others. Knowing that she din’t want others to know about this, I pulled her into my arms, grabbed her hands and pressed them back. Regardless of consequences my lust made me mad. Blood rushed to my head, and my cock was erect. I pulled her nightgown up to her waist and pulled her panties down.

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“If you keep struggling like that, my sister will hear it.” I said and she stopped struggling.

I pushed her to bed and undressed quickly. I Put her legs on my shoulders and inserted my dick in her cunt. Mother stoppoed her struggle but kept twisting her body. She had no idea that her twisting was giving me extra pleasure. I continued to hold her with one hand, and saw her big breasts swaying back and forth. All of these things suddenly struck me like lighting and I climaxed in her. As soon as I finished I left her. She returned to her normal appearance, lying there naked and not looking at me. I just put on my clothes and went out of her room. On the way I found my sister still sleeping outside. How lucky was I that she heard nothing.


I went to my room and slept. By the time I woke up, it was time for dinner. I feel a bit ashamed, afraid of something. Fortunately, everything still seemed as usual. My mother was not showing any difference, except to avoid my gaze and won’t talk to me. Usually she liked to chat with me. My father and sister didn’t realize anything out of the ordinary. I felt relieved and began to calculate secretly when there would be another chance to fuck my mother.

For a few days, mother kept avoiding me. But I was not discouraged and behaved like her good child. Slowly, our relationship returned to its original state. I don’t know how my mother accepted this fact, but I didn’t ask. The real reason, I guess, was probably living in a closed environment. My mother grew up in a remote mountain village and had never read any book. Incest indeed was a sin, and unacceptable. But for mother’s mind is probably different, she just thought that this was a secret that should not be revealed to anyone else, nothing more. She perhaps forgave me for my mistake. Even though my father didn’t treat my mother badly, they were not very close either.

After my mother forgave me, my lust started burning again. I looked for the opportunity to fuck her again. One day, my father decided to cut wheat. He sent mother and me to one field and himself went with my sister to another field. My father was very proud of this arrangement. I know why he was happy, but he didn’t know why I’m happy. The field I was asked to work was far away from home. Behind it there was a mountain and a lake. Usually no one went there. It was a very quiet place. On the way to field, I kept cracking jokes and laughing. Mom kept quiet but glanced at me with deep eyes and a mysterious smile.

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Once we reached near the field, I looked around and didn’t see anyone. I rushed to hug my mother. Instead of resisting me she gestured me to go into the middle of the wheat fields. I carefully leveled the area in the middle of the field and spread my clothes down there. My mother took off her jacket and spread it on top. The wheat is very tall so we were invisible from the outside. I hugged her to me and my tongue stuck in her mouth. To my surprise she kissed me back. My hand fumbled behind her back to remove the bra.
When it was removed I squeezed and sucked the breast like a kid. This situation was very different from the previous one.

As I sucked her nipples one by one, her breathing started to rush up, her body trembled slightly, and on her face appeared a red tint. My mother’s hand began to grope me. I touched her crotch a nd she let me do that. My mother even opened her pussy to make it easier for me to stroke. As I stroked her pussy, I found it slippery. Mom grabbed my cock and jerked it up and down. My mother then slowly leaned back on the ground, implying that I might begin to fuck her.

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