Brother fuck his little sister

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So guyZ the story start when I was 17 year and my sister is 15 year … I know about sex when I was in class 7 … I like sex and I want to do so badly … but I can’t .. so I stated looking my sister as a sex goddnes .. I start going to his room at night … feel his little breasts with my both hands …and this will continue for a month
But a bad day come when I go to his room she is in nighty
I can clearly see his boobs
I start touching as always but she caught me
Firstly I was very afraid that she is goona tell mom and dad
I apologize but she is no mood to listen
But finally I convince her that it will all fine nothing is bad in it….
day passes but

I don’t have the courage to go to his room again
After 2 months I go to his bed and kiss her
Hopefully she asleep and I never get caught ….
But when I wake up my sister says don’t do such kind of stuff …
I was in shock .. you are not asleep
She said yup
I asked her …she liked it… I was in heaven when she said yes ….
After that day we kiss and I play with his boobs … this things continues for 2 years
Things change at his 17 birthday… when she ask me a dress as a gift …
I bought a black colour cup shape bra with a pink colour nighty and I also bought some sleeping pills ….
I gave the dress at night when everyone sleep… she was very happy when she open it …
I said please try karO abhi …
She go to change the dress … at that time I mix sleeping pills in his mix fruit shake …
After she came … she looks a sex boom.. she drink her shake and we start playing with each other … after some time she felt unconscious.. I start feeling the pills are doing good job .. no one in home …I took her in my arms and take him to my bed and start sucking his vagina ..after wasting no time I put my dick in his virgin vagina … and start fucking for 10 min but I don’t cum inside .. so she can’t get pragnent… I asleep naked with my sister
She wake up little early and feel the pain in his vagina .. she know what happened to him … she cried but I console her that it’s ok .. and now we fuck each other when we alone …

Hope you all enjoy


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