Amber Waves Of Grain –part two

The interesting twist to this is that at age 20, I was still a virgin. This somewhat stunned Amber. She had the thought I had “been around the block”, but nope, nothing as of yet.We were simply talking and getting to know each other better. To be honest, while Amber was cute and outgoing, it was Marin that caught my attention. My main fantasy was having a first time sexual encounter with an older woman–not one below me of my 20 years of age. ( Amber Waves Of Grain part 1)

I told that to Amber so as to set the record straight that, to be truthful, I was not really looking for anything with her. This got her to thinking. She knows her mom has had a rough stretch of late with raising a teenage daughter as a single divorced mother. Perhaps I would be a good fuck fit for her mom!


I told Amber that while I found her to be good looking, her mom was outstanding for someone her 54 years of age and I thought it would be cool for a 20 year old to have his cherry popped by a woman 34 years his senior.
When it was time to go to bed, I would have the upstairs guest bedroom. Under no circumstances was Marin going to allow me to spend the night downstairs with her daughter. This made sense. It was a mother being protective.

The guest room was next to Marin’s room. Around midnight, I went to bed upstairs, Amber to her room downstairs. I was okay on my evening with Amber. While she does hold a crush on me, it was best for the both of us not to dive into anything “under the sheets” so to speak. I was in bed about 20 minutes when I heard someone walking just outside in the hallway. Marin got up to go to the kitchen. I thought I would step out to see for myself. I dressed in and went out to the livingroom. Drinking a glass of water to reduce her buzzed state of mind from the drinking liquior, my presence unexpectedly startled her. I smiled saying, its okay as I could not sleep.
“I can’t either” replied Amber’s mom.

Standing at the kitchen sink, Marin wore a tanktop and yellow panties. Her red hair was slightly tangled. She apologized for her late night bedtime shabby looks but I said she looked quite attractive. That really caught her off guard and gained her attention. Looking tired, I knew she needed rest but now Marin was more interested in my interest in wanting to socialize with her this late hour of night. We talked about 10 minutes on a few things. She was glad I came down for Amber’s birthday as that brought some joy to her daughter. I told her not to worry about her daughters safety with me around. I like Amber but, nothing further than that. I believe this is what Marin wanted to hear.

My comment seemed to make Marin more at ease with me here tonight. Asking if Amber was asleep, I told her we shut it down about 1/2 hour ago. Looking at me with a slight smile, Marin lightly squeezed my hand and asked if I could perform her a “favor”.

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“My upper shoulders are always bothering me. Can you rub my back if we go to my bed”?

Wow, I cannot believe this was asked. Hell yes was my instant silent thought. I verbally answered that I would and off to Marin’s room we went. She held my hand as we took the short walk to the room and closed the door behind us. Laying down on the bed on her stomach, I began running my hands around her shoulders and back. She was enjoying this. Likely it was something she really really needed. I was only glad to help. As this soft slow hand movements were provide a relaxing feeling to this 54 year old woman, soft moans began to be muttered by her. As this went on, her legs raised in the air swaying in a forward-reverse direction. Finally I thought I had nothing to lose and I place a hand inside her tanktop touching the feel of her bare breast. The first tit I touched in real life was a 54 year old woman who enjoyed the touched as well. With the table lamp giving very faint light, Marin turned over facing me. She raised her head up and said I have a very nice touch. Noticing that I was gaining a hard-on, she lightly squeezed by cock. Looking at me with a smile, she softly asked “who would you rather have here tonight? A teenager who does not know what the fuck she is suppose to do in bed or someone older who is experienced and can give it”? Well, there was no way to get around this. Marin is totally correct. She can blow my world away right here, tonight. Not looking for any strings attached and perhaps a true one night stand, Marin wanted me.

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“I could you talking downstairs through the vent”. Replied Marin. “I know my daughter was hitting on you but please don’t go there. I’m glad you are up here with me instead of down there”. Looking at Marin, I was starting to get to see this lady was indeed attractive. Our hands held while we sat on the bed facing each other. Something had to give. Marin turned on the flame. Laying back down on the bed, she invited me to kiss her. Our lips met. Soon our tongues were in each others mouths.I wet passion french kiss was on. Shocked to also learn I was a virgin, Marin was giving me an option tonight of that. “We’ll have to take care of that tonight” replied the redhead. With arms around each other, my hands began running up & down on the back of the braless tanktop. Another hand reached and squeezed a tit through the fabric.

This was enough. Marin pulled her top off and tossed it to the floor. With a smile, she pulled her panties off. Totally nude, this was awesome. She looked stacked, beautiful and hot to trot. I then undressed and I was totally naked. With my big hard-on sticking straight up, Marin could not believe it. “Oh my God, oh my God! You really pack it in for someone 20 years old. It’s big”. With me standing in front of her while she sat on the edge of the bed, Marin began stroking my cock ever so slightly. Using her spit to coat it and her hand, a few tease licks were applied. These tease licks then moved into sucks that , at first, was only the tip and upper portion until the entire shaft was taken into her mouth. Never once did she choke or gag. This woman knew the art of giving a blowjob. With her eyes closed, and a couple fingers applied to the base of my cock, we moved on the bed where I was on my back. This is her favorite position to suck and by now her head was bobbing up-down in a fast motion, with eyes closed and her hand holding the base of my cock. I could feel the pressure building deep inside me. I was going to come! She told me when I am ready, to “come in my mouth”.

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I did just that as a long squirt of white gooy stickey come filled her mouth. Much of it was drooling down her lips and onto the chin. This was so sexy to observe. She took what she could on her fingers and licked all the residue on her lips. After that intense moment, we laid back down next to each other to catch a break. She had a big smile.I had one two. We both made each other happy tonight, but there was more. Next it was stroking, playing and rubbing her large tits. Telling me they are 38DD’s, these soft jugs were a delight to see and touch. I had always wondered how the feel of a bare tit would feel to my hand. Now I know. While I sucked a nipple and played with the other, Marin was finger fucking herself. This was working into a climax that can only be fixed and ended with a massive missionary pounding fuck. She wanted it. After five minutes of this, with her body now shaking all over the bed, enough was now enough. Basically in a direct voice tone she said “put your dick in me” I did that while it was still hard. With her legs raised in the air and holding her ankles, I began a massive pound fuck and for a virgin, I was not bad (so I was told). “Feels good, keep doing it that way” as I went at a moderate pace bit now picked it up big time. Her body was now shaking like mad, hair falling over her face. Getting close to the edge, we stopped quickly and moved back to the center so Marin would not fall off. I was not letting up any at all–she did not want me to. By now there were yells and screams coming from her.The bed was slamming against the wall. With this room directly over Amber’s basement room, I know she was hearing all that was going on down below. I became concerned about that. “Don’t worry about Amber. She is fine” Actually Marin has a point as I blunt told Amber I wanted to fuck her mom.

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