Amber Waves Of Grain – Part 4

I graduated from college with a degree in American History just two weeks after that memorable visit. There were a couple times I called and talked with Marin. I made a comment that I could come back to visit Memorial day weekend. This perked her up.
Another thing was the fact that I was needing a job. ( Amber Waves Of Grain – Part 3)

Marin had connections with an employer in town that just might be able to get me hired.
We talked about this over the holiday weekend on my next visit. This was indeed different. I was actually here as Marin’s guest. In fact, Amber was so pissed off, she had permission to spend the entire weekend with her school friends. That house was alone with just Marin and myself. We did party, drink beer, she did some shots, I did one myself which made her laugh so hard (this woman is a party animal).
Of course, I was here for sex and Marin wanted to share more things in bed with me. She sucked my cock ever so slow. In addition, she slowly sucked my nuts. I could tell she was enjoying it all. I finger fucked her, she finger fucked herself and I was taught the art of the proper way to eat pussy. I really enjoyed that. She enjoys receiving it. Leon hardly ever did that for her. I fact, I am just about the only guy that does that act with her. Because of this, I am in high regards with her and she wants to keep me around.

The most impressive sex we had was when she dawned a set of brown panty hose and same colored closed toe heels and sucked me off while I ate her pussy.


As for the job offer that she set up, I got hired a month later in June by a longtime employer that would pay a good wage. This meant I had to move here and of course I moved in with Marin and Amber! The ground rules were that Amber is not to do any flirts or anything towards me and I am not to respond in a fashion that would start something Amber wanted to do. Didn’t matter anyway as Amber no longer had an interest in me.
The tricky part was the fact of where I would sleep. At first, it began in the guest room but after a couple months, I moved into Marin’s room. We slept together and almost everynight, had passion sex. This was something Amber had to get adjusted to. Marin was falling in love with me.
My moving in freaked Marin’s friend Brenda out. She did not think this was wise. The concerns caused her to begin staying away on weekends.
Marin had a slim trim body. She was built stacked. Her big 38 doubles made her a knockout in my eyes. I clearly understand why she has had several guys that have spent time with the big boobs.

Marin turned 55 in June. For her birthday I bought her a set of black hose and closed toe black heels. She loved them. Wearing hose and or heels during sex became the norm.
Our relationship continued through the next couple years. Then a big shocker came: we became married! Yes at age 22 for me and 56 for her, this is what we wanted. I found a woman who paid attention and I felt safe around. Amber had no real thought to this other than that “what year will the divorce become final”

We were married August 1990. This was just prior to Amber starting her junior year of high school. Both our families were shocked by this announcement with many concerns. For our honeymoon, we went to see the sights in Washington DC. We had a blast. This was the most vacation fun ever for Marin.

In 1992 Amber graduated from high school. She went on to college to obtain an education in child care and elementary education. Her goal was to be a grade school teacher. With me fucking her mom and then later marrying her and becoming her stepdad, Amber was in no way ever again going to have any thoughts of romance with me.

Things continued to flow after the becoming married. We did keep a low profile but that was just as well. In a way, Marin was my protector being 34 years older.
Four years into the marriage, things began to go south. Marin began an affair with a man close to her age of 60. Even at this age, she was still an attractive hottie and gave great blowjobs. Perhaps this was the reason for the affair.
It was revealed to me in what was going on here by a co-worker of mine. For several months, I kept it to myself. There was little I could do since I lived in her house. If I did not like it, then my only choice was to leave.
Marin was acting differently, account of messing around with another man. Finally this hit the fan later in the year. I dropped the issue in her lap. This caught her off guard. Her stance that due to the age gap with us, it is okay to have an open marriage. For me, I could not accept this. It was time to file and get out.

Marin was not happy. She tried to talk me out of it by letting me know that I can fuck her and come inside her a hundred times and she never will become pregnant. She also went on the thought that I am so lucky to what I have in a wife and fuckmate that while she has fooled around, I am still number one in her life and she still likes laying next to me at night in bed.
I was not buying any of this. A bad decision was made by becoming involved and then marrying the lady.
Our divorce went through quick. She did not fight any of it. Sooner for me, the better. I had to get my own place in town since my job was still here. Several months later, I obtained a job in my old hometown out in the panhandle that paid good wages. I was so glad to get out of this town and back to old familiar territory.
These two women were removed from my life. I wish no harm upon either of them. Amber became married, had two girls, found another man that had money and was willing to spend it on her. This lead her to divorce her first husband and six months later marry the guy she was having the affair with.

Marin stayed living in her home and never remarried. She later retired from her job and died in 2012 at age 78 from conditions of lung cancer associated with smoking.
About that time, I found Amber on social media. We became hooked up and started to communicate. I was living in central Oklahoma then. She was still in her old hometown. We arranged to have her drive down for a day trip and simply visit. I took her out to eat,we talked about the past, letting me know I wish I had the feelings towards her many years ago that I had for her mom.

Going back to my studio apartment, we had intercourse sex. This was something she wanted years ago when we first met. I was 43, Amber a married woman of 37 with two daughters when we did this. She was good in bed, just like her mom. In a marriage she simply cannot give up, she was in favor of being in a open relationship in which I could be her fuckmate. I went through that with her mom once and decided not to go through it with the daughter.

I wish Amber the best in life and I am glad we did connect to mend any ill feelings from the past and, for that one single time, experience what it was like to have sex with her. It was indeed gooooooood.

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