Amber Waves Of Grain – Part 3

Marin left me in the bedroom and went to light up a smoke following the intense sex she just provided me. Stepping into the mostly dark living room sitting in the easy chair was Amber. ( Amber Waves Of Grain – part 2) This startled Marin.
“What are you doing up here?”

“Oh nothing, just hanging out” came the response from the 14 year old.
“I can’t, you’re making too much noise”.

“GET OUT NOW! GO TO BED” came the yells I could clearly hear from the bedroom.


Prior to going back to the basement, Amber passed down the hall by Marin’s room as if to use the bathroom. She stuck her head in the partly opened bedroom and said in a sarcastic tone, “I hope you can a good time”. The response from her was mixed. I could tell she was not happy.
In the meantime. Marin finished her smoke and returned with a big glass of water we shared. I brought up if this was wise with what we just did with Amber clearly knowing what happened. Marin was somewhat blaming herself for all this. As a responsible parent, she should not have done this with her teenage daughter in the house. It is good to see that this was the mind thought being presented. Marin is by no means an angel. She has messed around with men her age in the house at night with Amber tucked away downstairs. This is the first time such an encounter took off the way it did with me with the intense fucking and yells, screams and the bed slamming against the wall.

We talked more. Both of us were really liking the simple plain talking and it did Marin good. This was helping ease her buzzed state of condition from earlier in the evening. It now was nearing 2:am. We both needed to get some sleep. I went to the guest room and bedded down. In my silent mind, I was hoping that I could sleep next to Marin, but with her daughter in the house and knowing I just fucked the hell out of her mom’s pussy, that was not happening.

I did not sleep much during the night. I was too worked up. Marin did sleep some but by 10:00 we were both up. Amber is a heavy late sleeper on weekends (typical for a teenager). Marin fixed some coffee. Not much of a drinker of the product, I joined Marin at the kitchen table. She knew Amber would not be up for another hour or two.

Marin said she truly enjoyed last night, that I am owesome and that she is glad I became my first fuck. She let me know not to feel bad on anything we did. This lead me into a question if we could do it again at a future time.
While she was interested in doing such, she also made it an understanding that not too attached on having sex with her. The distance we live apart from one another is one factor and the mother-daughter is another.

I stated she would look nice in a set of pantyhose and high heels. That really made her feel warm. I was impressing her.
“No other man has ever said to me on wearing heels or hose. That is so sweet of you. Yea, we’ll have to do something sometime when Amber is not around. Okay?”
“Okay” I said.

Around 11:30 Amber woke up. Coming upstairs, she did not have much to say. She poured herself a glass of orange juice and returned to the basement but not before her mom stated that there were required house chores to get done today and all with Amber’s name on them.
I went down to the basement after Amber did. It was like she wanted to have a talk with me. Compared to the other few times I have been around her, today she was totally in left field and came across as a bitch.
Amber was somewhat jealous in what happened did with her own mom. I reminded that it was her that brought up the idea of me fucking her mom to begin with.

“I was basically joking of that. I really did not think this would happen.
Amber went more into venting her displeasure towards all this.
“I have seen my mom suck a guy’s dick on the couch in the middle of the night with me sneaking up the stairs and peeking. My mom does this all the time. You are just a number that’s all. If this is what you want from her, then go ahead, get in it. At some point, she will pull the rug from under you and go onto something else. I bet she wants you to come back and the two of you have a wild fuck session when I’m gone right?”
My thought I shared is I do not feel right or good with doing anything with her mom when Amber is here. I sort of walked in this by admitting that yes I want to do it again but it is best we are alone.

“This is so weird. You come down here for my birthday, I put a move on you, it makes you scared and in the same day you wind up doing it with my 54 year old mom. That freaks me out. Just get the fuck out of here and just leave me alone”.
That made me feel down. Amber was always so kind to me and I allowed myself to become involved with something tied to these two ladies that, in truth, I should have stayed away from. It was never my intention to hurt Amber’s feelings. I felt bad.
It soon was time for me to leave. Amber stayed in the basement. I went up and in the living room had a talk with Marin concerning Amber. I let her know that I felt bad on how Amber was feeling. Marin told me not to worry, that she will have a mom-daughter talk about this later in the day.
To cheer me up, Marin lightly touched my cock and gave me a wet french kiss.”That will be something to keep on your mind as you drive back home”.

Yep it sure was. I now know my future “fuck buddy” here is Marin. We both are wanting more, but will have to figure a way to make it happen without upsetting the other family member.

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